Monday, December 21, 2009

Otherverse America is now FREE!

Hey, as of yesterday, the Otherverse America campaign setting is a free product. This is probably the biggest, coolest free product ever released for D20 Modern, a completely realized 320 page world that is definately not like anything else in gaming.

I had decided to make it free earlier this month because I figure that after nearly a year on the market, the sales I would 'lose' by making Otherverse America free-ware are more than offset by the good will from customers... as well as downloads of related source books, if people like what they saw in the freebie.

So if you've been curious about the setting or the politics, or just the cool new advanced classes and gadgets unique to the setting, but have been holding off because $17 is alot of money to drop on a RPG PDF by an unknown... about superheroes, paganism and abortion.... indulge your curiosity. Download it, give it a read, play test it, enjoy it.

Oh, in the next year, expect lots more Otherverse America material, as well as alot of Galaxy Command stuff, not to mention some hopefully very innovative Pathfinder material.

Blessed Be, and enjoy your upcoming solstice,