Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heavy Future Villiany: The Cyberpunk Rocker

One of the things I'm working on is a sequel to my overwhelmingly popular and well reviewed monster book: The Nemesis Bestiary, which is illustrated purely with stock art. On the sequel I wanted to repurpose some of the art I've comissioned for other artwork into new critters for the book. For example, Amanda Webb's illustration of the Ubasti from Otherverse America will become a new magical beast called a Selenic Panther in Nemesis Bestiary II. I can't do that with alot of Otherverse America artwork since the illustrations are so setting specific. If I want to reuse a Lifer or Choicer soldier, for example, I have to get creative... as shown by this new monster.

The original illustration depicted a cybernetic Lifer terrorist, by Vic Shane.Take a look at what ELSE I did with that artwork....

Cyberpunk Rocker (CR 5)
Medium Chaotic* Monstrous Humanoid (cyborg)
*equally likely to be Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil, but CE is the hottest, because crazy is always kinda hot
XP 1,200
Init +3             Senses Darkvision 90 ft, lowlight vision, wifi/cellular/television and radio reception, Perception +7        
Languages Galactic Common, English

AC 16 Touch 10 Flatfooted 16 (+6 natural)
HP 6d10 + 12 hp (45 HP)
FORT +6 REF +7 WILL +1
Immune Cyborg Immunities (drowning, hunger, suffocation, thirst, vacuum, the sickened and nauseated conditions, death effects, ability drain, energy drain)

Spd 40 ft
Melee +9/+4 mwk dagger (1d4+3 slashing, 19-20/x2)
Ranged +9/+4 Death Falcon Rocker (2d8 sonic, 20/x2, 50 ft range increment, single shot, 6 internal cell)
            Or +14 Perform check as a full round action rather than a Ranged Attack Roll
Special Qualities Famous Monsters of Fuckywood T-Shirt, Take It All Off!, Unhealing

Str 15 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 14
Base Atk +6 CMB +8 CMD 21
Feats Catch Off Guard, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (rocker), Personal Firearms Proficiency, Skill Focus (perform), Simple Weapons Proficiency
Skills Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +7, Perform (rocker) +14, Stealth +10
Gear Death Falcon Rocker, masterwork dagger, sexy Famous Monsters of Old Fuckywood concert tee, miniskirt without underwear, Guitar God’s Gloves

Environment any urban (underground concert halls, drug dens and the occasional cyber-strip club)
Organization solitary or accompanying a rowdy bunch of galactic garage rockers, drug dealers, petty criminals and other scum
Treasure standard (including usable cyber-components scavenged from her body)

Special Abilities
            Famous Monsters of Fuckywood T-Shirt (SU)
            The Cyberpunk Rocker loves her concert tee, and has an entire closet of similar t-shirts. Each shirt bears a one word description of a famous Fuckywood monster (and the title of one of the band’s albums. Concert dates and locations are on the back. Depending on which t-shirt she’s wearing, the Cyberpunk Rocker gains one of the following benefits. This is a property of the Cyberpunk Rocker and her stalkery devotion to the band, not the shirt itself….though the Rocker would argue otherwise.

            It should be “Monster” but everybody just calls the fucker Frankenstein, including the band. The Cyberpunk Rocker gains a 25% chance to ignore critical hits or sneak attacks, as if she possessed the light fortification feature.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker can become ethereal as a swift action for up to two rounds. This ability is usable once per encounter.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker gains a 40 ft Swim speed and a +8 enchantment bonus to Swim checks.

            The Cyberpunk Rocker gains the following spell-like ability (CL 4th – Concentration +6). 1x/day – Vampiric Touch (DC 15)

The Cyberpunk Rocker gains the Scent special quality and inflicts +2 damage with her dagger.

            Take All It Off! (SU)
            As a move equivalent action, the Cyberpunk Rocker can rip off her shirt, destroying it. Doing so reveals her beautiful metal tits, providing her with the following benefits. These benefits last for the duration of the encounter.
  • +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class
  • Increase base land speed to 50 ft
  • The Cyberpunk Rocker can make one additional dagger attack per round, at her full base attack bonus.

Unhealing (EX)
            The Cyberpunk Rocker does not heal damage naturally, and healing spells and effects only have half the normal effect when used to benefit her.

Hot chromed out bitch, dressed in sexy fetish club gear. Full cyborg conversion never looked so good. She’s hiding those fine titanium-alloy titties behind a Famous Monsters of Fuckywood concert tee. She’ll show ‘em off when the band goes into a guitar solo (or if she starts getting really pissed off in combat). Or if she needs to get into a club and the bouncer likes mecha. Or if she’s getting free drinks or cyber-maintenance. Or if things are too quiet and she wants to start some trouble with Command law enforcement. Or if…..

            The Cyberpunk Rocker is pretty crazy, at least as far as her devotion to her favorite death metal band goes. She’s killed people and stolen starships to get to gigs in out of the way places. She’s a decent guitarist herself, wielding a Death Falcon Rocker modeled on one the band’s lead guitarist uses on stage.

When it comes times to throw down, she pulls a knife out of her boot and goes to work, hacking away maniacally, though she really prefers to unleash sonic-blast solos on her rocker. If she can’t get to her dagger or rocker, she’s got no compunctions about bashing somebody upside the head with an amp. In fact, she usually starts the fight. If somebody pisses her off (especially by insinuating that Famous Monsters’ older stuff was better) she usually settles the dispute with a beer bottle to the temple.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Update

Sorry for the lack of posts in December.

I've found a new civilian job, but the hours are a bit of a grind, and I've not had alot of time to update the blog. I'm getting decent hours, but I'm not particularly satisfied with the job. However, there's not much point to trying to find anything better during the holidays. So I plan to wait things out, and go job hunting again after the first of the year.

In the meantime, I've produced several shorter PDFs, all of which will be up on RPGNow soon.

Erobots Unmasked is a 60 pager John Picot and I collaborated on. It dramatically expands the Erobots from Heavy Future, gives them a ton of depth and culture, and some new enemies.

After that, I did a couple of Pathfinder fantasy PDFs using only stock art (or art I'd purchased earlier this year). If you like the True Halflings I did last year, you'll like the upcoming True Elves PDF, which is a 20 pager that takes Elves back to their literary roots.

I also finally did something with the excellent artwork Amanda Webb provided me, depicting several Sectaurs-styled heroes and their companion insects. The result is a 20+ page new race sourcebook entitled The Mantids. Contrary to my initial plans, I didn't have enough content to create a full, Sectaurs style campaign world, but I did have enough to produce a really kick ass race splat.

In other news, after a very long delay, I'm finally getting the last art for Closed: Monsters of the Army of God for Otherverse America. Awesome, we can finally expect to see that bad boy, which I had scheduled for the beginning of this year, at the beginning of the next. Of course, I still might add some more content to the book before its released, because in the year its' been on the shelf, my writing style and frankly system mastery of the PFRPG has improved.

Upcoming releases for the new year include The Black Tokyo Advanced Guide, which I want to be as large and impressively illustrated as Black Tokyo Unlimited, and offer tons of new options, some of which I've already spotlighted here.

The loss of my Whataburger job has hurt me financially (and to a lesser degree emotionally, I suppose,I was with those assholes 5 years) and has delayed some things. Had things ran more smoothly, I might have already been gathering art for Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide and a few other books. So expect a few more smaller PDFs, illustrated with stock art, to start out the new year. These quick, cheap PDFs will help me rebuilt the revenue base I use to illustrate my bigger, more complex works.

Anyway, I'll put up another update in a couple days,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Upcoming: Erobots and Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide

Well, I've been doing tons of writing in between looking for more regular work. Right now, I'm heavily into Expanded Races: Erobots and Black Tokyo's Advanced Guide. I put together a very rough cut of BT: Advanced Guide yesterday and it topped out at about 170 pages! I want it to be a 200 pager before I start laying it out, and I'm finishing off the magic items and monsters chapters.

Erobots is progressing rapidly to a conclusion and that's the one I really wanted to hit on today. John is a huge fan of the race and the whole concept and keeps pushing me to add more content and concepts. So ER: Erobots is not going to be a short PDF- we're shooting for about 50 pages of new Heavy Future content.

Something fun about Erobots is that like so many of my products, its built around sexual fetish- in this case, technophilia. So it will be a very kinky, somewhat niche product. John's engaging some online forums, including the very satisfyingly named FembotCentral.Com to incorporate all sorts of really fucked up and cool ideas for what Erobots are and what they can do.

It's been a fun product to write, because of just how bizarre some of the concepts are.

I think you'll enjoy it. Expect ER: Erobots within a week or so.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm Stealing That Sentence

I'm sitting in McDonalds, using their wifi, sending out online applications and checking my mail. Just doing basic business. And across the dining room, at a near by table are a gaggle of conservative old men. One turns to the other and says "We know Jesus. We don't know you."

I have no idea the context, but that's a fucking great line. I'm stealing it for Otherverse America. It's a very Lifer line of dialogue.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Preview of Black Tokyo's Advanced Players Guide: Alternate Racial Traits

Well, right now I've got two products on RPGNow's Top 15 simultaneously. That's happened once or twice before, but it's rare enough to be truly gratifying. It seems everybody- myself, my artists and my customers- all love the Heavy Future setting.

Awesome- I'm doing more work on it right now. I just sent the draft of Expanded Races: Erobots to John for comment and to get some art. That one should be out in another week or so, with more spells, weapons and gear coming soon after.

I'm also working on Black Tokyo's Advanced Player's Guide. This is already turning into a weighty sourcebook- I'm revising all the spells from Spells and Gods of the Tatakama, adding even more spells and some basic information on running Buddhist and Shinto spellcasters in a fictional context. I've added one new race to the setting, which is basically a bunch of monsters wearing a girl-suit. Last night, I put together the White Mage clerical archetype and a sorcerer bloodline specifically for skatto spellcasters. I've also added about 15,000 words worth of new adventure locations, factions and plot hooks.

One thing I want to preview is a set of alternate racial traits for the Races from the Tatakama and Races of Black Japan. Take a look, and thanks for purchasing my Heavy Future stuff in such great numbers.

Alternate Racial Traits for the Other Races of Black Japan
            The following traits replace the standard racial traits of player races found in either Races of the Tatakama (2012) or Races of Black Japan (2013).
            Bosatsu (SU)
            Available To: Kami
            Replaces: Racial Skills and modifies Kami’s Perfection
            You are a Buddhist spirit, who found enlightenment in a previous incarnation and returned from the heavens to guide and aid mortals. You receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion), Heal/Treat Injury and Sense Motive checks. One of these checks, chosen by you, becomes the focus on your Kami’s Perfection trait.
            Bosatsu Kami have the Good and Law subtypes.
Ciao Kawaii Nekomusume (EX)
Available To:
Replaces: Racial Feats
            You’re one of the pink and white furred, child-safe and less sexual cat-girls specially bred at the Ciao Kawaii Fun Park in Tama (tours of the cloning tanks available from 14:00 – 20:00 Monday through Friday for 1000 yen for adults or 300 yen for children under 8).
            You were decanted as a nanny and companion to a lucky (and very wealthy) family. You receive a +2 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against characters in the Young Adult age category or younger, and +4 racial bonus on Profession (nanny) checks.

            Combined Fleet POETICA (EX)
            Available To: POETICA
            Replaces: Racial Skills, Modifies Ability Score Mods
            You are a military model POETICA, serving the JSDF as a part of an experimental unit operating as support gunners of the nation’s new Assault Witch squads. Combined Fleet POETICA have a more rugged beauty than most of these androids, powerful integrated cannons are built into their forearms- these long barreled weapons resemble the turrets of a WWII era battleship. Most Combined Fleet POETICA dress in the standard uniform of the day for their unit- a schoolgirl outfit with an olive drab skirt and beret, accented with rank insignia and a golden lanyard for senior androids.

            Combined Fleet POETICA do not receive a racial bonus to their CHA score.

            Combined Fleet POETICA begin play with the Military starting occupation. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (tactics) checks, as they are programmed to be diehard military buffs.

            Each Combined Fleet POETICA is equipped with a pair of masterwork cannons (one set per arm). POETICA are always considered proficient with these integrated cannons. These weapons cannot be disarmed, though they can be sundered. They can be enchanted, though the POETICA must remain present for the entire process.

Ranged Weapons
Range Increment
Purchase DC
2d6 ballistic
100 ft

            Corpse Hand Goryohime (EX)
            Available To: Goryohime
            Replaces: Eased Passage Between Life and Death
            As your corpse awaited your return to life as undead, a senior Goryohime priestess surgically grafted the arms of another girl who tried and failed to become Goryohime to your ribcage. Through you, this failed Goryohime, your fallen sister, lives on.

            You gain an additional pair of arms placed just under your breasts. These additional limbs are slightly greyer and ore corpse like than your own arms, and stitched heavily with thick black thread. Your additional pair of limbs provides you with a +2 racial bonus on CMB, and a +4 racial bonus on Climb checks. You gain Multiattack as a racial bonus feat.

            Death Kami (SU)
            Available To: Kami
            Replaces: Kami’s Perfection and Racial Skills
            Death Kami are heavenly functionaries that ferry messages between the living and the dead, and ferry the souls of the recently deceased into the otherworld. Death Kami are recognized by their snow white hair, heron-like white wings and habit of dressing almost exclusively in white, silver or grey.

            Death Kami receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) and Profession (mortician) checks. A Death Kami can use Deathwatch as a spell-like ability once per day, and can cast Stabilize as a spell-like ability 3x/day. The Death Kami casts these spells as a first level cleric.

            The Death Kami can hear the last words of the dead. If any sentient creature dies within 30 ft of the Death Kami, she ‘hears’ a short message, usually 50 words or less, intended for a loved one or next of kin. The Death Kami may not understand this message, if the dying creature speaks a language she is unfamiliar with, but she can recite it flawlessly. The Death Kami is aware of the name, basic appearance and the last known location, as known by the dying creature, of the message’s recipient. If the Death Kami delivers the message to the intended recipient within one month of the creature’s death, she receives bonus XP equal to 50 x her total character level.

            Foul Breath (SU)
            Available To: Akaname
            Replaces: Bones of Shit
            You can vomit up a stream of stinking shit and pungent urine. You gain a breath weapon, usable once per day. Your breath weapon is a 30 ft line (at 12th level this increases to a 60 ft line). All targets within the line suffer 1d8 acid damage per four character levels (maximum 5d8 acid) and are considered sickened for one minute. A successful DC 15 REF Save halves the damage and negates the sickened condition.

            Idiot From Osaka (EX)
            Available To: Human
            Replaces: Highly Skilled, born in the Osaka prefecture
            The ‘idiot from Osaka’ is the Japanese pop cultural equivalent of the Southern redneck, and you, with your thick kansai-ben accent perfectly embody the stereotype. Anytime you fail an INT-keyed skill check by 5 or more points, you gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws and WIS-keyed skill checks for the next hour.
            Ironpot Oni (SP)
            Available To: Ironclub Oni
            Replaces: Ironhead Tetsubo, racial skills, racial weapon proficiency
            Many Ironclub Oni tribes are proud cannibals, known for their masterpieces of culinary murder. The proprietor of Pick the Bones, in the worst part of Chiba, is an Ironpot, a fact he’s immensely proud of.

            The Ironpot Oni is a keen hunter and expert butcher, receiving a +2 racial bonus on Survival and a +4 bonus on Profession (chef) checks. The Ironpot Oni is proud of its dangerous collection of axes and cleavers, and is proficient with all Simple and Martial weapons that inflict slashing damage.

            Once per three days, the Ironpot Oni can cast Cannibal Feast as a 10th level Druid, which can affect a corpse of up to size Large. The Ironpot Oni must succeed at a DC 23 Profession (chef) check; if the check is successful, the Ironpot can cast the spell without providing the expensive material components (100 gp/DC 10). If the check fails, the Ironpot Oni can still cast the spell, but is required to provide the expensive material components.

            Kiss Catgirl (SP)
            Available To: Nekomusume
            Replaces: Feline Nimbus
            The sight of two cat-girls kissing can warm even the coldest heart. A number of times per day equal to 3 + her CHA modifier, the Nekomusume can kiss another Nekomusume or feline Anthro as a full round action. Doing so creates a Bless effect centered on the kissing catgirls, that affect all allies who would be sexually attracted to the Nekomusume. The caster level is equal to the sum of the two cat-girls’ total character levels.

            Little Sister POETICA (EX)
            Available To: POETICA
            Replaces: Racial Skill package, modifies size
            Little Sister POETICA are designed to be perpetually childlike, innocent and cheerful. They are built to look up to their master as the coolest big brother in the world- either in a purely honorable, na├»ve way or an incestuous way for more ecchi purchasers.

            Little Sister POETICA have the Student Starting Occupation. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (pop culture) checks. When using the Aid Another action to assist their owner with an INT, WIS or CHA based skill check, the bonus provided is +3, not +2 as normal.

            Little Sister POETICA are childlike, and receive a +5 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to pass for a human child. They are Size Small and gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, a -1 size penalty to Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heavy Weapons and Dirty Galaxy: On Sale Now

I just refreshed the RPGNow website, and my two most recent Heavy Future releases popped up. At 9.99 you get Heavy Weapons, which is a HUGE collection of grungy, adults-only sci-fi and space opera spells, gear and magic items. Even if you're not playing Heavy Future, you'll probably want to pick this one up.

At 2.99 you get Dirty Galaxy, a collection of new diseases, haunts, traps and other hazards for a Heavy Future campaign.

Check them out, and expect some Black Tokyo stuff, as well as the POD version of Sentai Strike soon.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Tokyo Advanced Guide

I've built a little bit of a backlog- I have several shorter PDFs ready for release, and I'm just waiting for Mark to upload them to RPGNow.

Among them are Heavy Weapons, the magic sourcebook for Heavy Future, Dirty Galaxy, which is the traps and hazards book and a new Black Tokyo sourcebook.

I also have begun putting together an Advanced Guide type product for Black Tokyo in between Heavy Future products. One product has already spun out of this future work, a 15 page supplement called Busty Extreme. That one will be all about big tittied spellcasters. Yes, a mature and realistic portrayal of female characters in gaming.

One of the other things I started doing  was creating a bunch of new Haunts and Monsters for Black Tokyo. Here's a preview of some of the content. One of the things I wanted to include in the BT Advanced Guide is an expansion of Project GILGAMESH, which makes the faction more true to its origins as a homage to NERV. I just finished up a fairly cool Eva-style monster- I figure if Paizo can basically stat up Godzilla in Bestiary 4, I can stat up another icon of Japanese monster movies.

Take a look at the GILGAMESH Avenger and a new familiar. Give me comments on the Avenger's power level, and if you've got  a good point I'll include them in the eventual release.

GILGAMESH Avenger (CR 12)
Colossal CN Aberration
XP 19,200
Init +4 Senses Perception +6, Darkvision 90 ft, Scent
Languages Japanese, English, Russian, Celestial, Infernal
Auras Existential Terror Field 30 ft radius Cause Fear DC 17; 10 ft radius Fear DC 17  

AC 28 Touch 13 Flatfooted 25 (-8 size (suppressed by Nimble Giant), +3 DEX, +15 natural)
HP 17d8 + 136 hp (HP)
Fast Healing 10
FORT +5 REF +5 WILL +12

Spd 75 ft
Melee +15/+10/+5 talons (2d10+10 slashing, 19-20/x3) or
            +16/+11/+6 linear blade (2d12+12 slashing, 19-20/x2 plus vorpal and Bane: Totorri Horrors qualities)
Special Qualities Pounce

Str 30 Dex 18 Con 26 Int 4 Wis 16 Cha 10
Base Atk +12 CMB +30 CMD 44
Feats Bleeding Critical, Blind Fight, Critical Focus, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Run, Sickening Critical, Stand Still, Weapon Focus (talons)
Skills Acrobatics +14, Climb +14, Perception +6
Gear linear blade (+2 Vorpal Bane utility cutter)

Environment any (only deployed legally deployed in the Japanese Home Islands, but occasional black ops into Russian Federation)
Organization solitary or squad (2-5 members plus pilots)
Treasure standard, including linear blade  

Special Abilities
            Berserk (EX)
            When a GILGAMESH Avenger enters combat, there is a cumulative 1% chance each round that it goes into a berserk rage. The uncontrolled Avenger goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest living creature or smashing some object smaller than itself if no creature is within reach, then moving on to spread more destruction. The Avenger’s pilot, if any, can try to regain control which requires a DC 20 Pilot check. It take a minute of inactivity by the golem to reset the golem’s berserk chance to 0%.

            Each confirmed critical hit inflicted on the GIGLAMESH Avenger by a Tottori Horror increases the Avenger’s berserk chance by +5%.

Existential Terror Field (SU)
The GIGLAMESH Avenger radiates an aura of intense terror. A 30 ft radius around the Avenger produces a Cause Fear effect. A 10 ft radius around the Avenger radiates a more intense Fear effect. The caster level for each effect is equal to the Avenger’s Hit Dice.  

            Linear Blade (EX)
            GILGAMESH Avengers are equipped with deadly magi-tech blades which resemble enormous utility knives. These blades are +2 Vorpal Bane weapons; the weapon’s Bane Property only applies to Totorri Horrors, not to other, related creatures.

            An Avenger is allowed to draw and deploy this weapon when facing a Totorri Horror. The Linear Blade will not eject from its holster on the Avenger’s thigh armor unless a Totorri Horror is visible within 500 ft of the Avenger. A DC 38 Disable Device check can remove a locked Linear Blade from its holster, however the weapon’s Vorpal and Bane qualities are inactive.

            Nimble Giant (EX)
            Despite its massive size, the GILGAMESH Avenger moves as nimbly as a panther. It does not suffer a size penalty to Armor Class or to Stealth checks.
            Piloted Horror (EX)
            Project GILGAMESH uses Avengers as living weapons against the supernatural and extraplanar enemies of Japan. Specially trained Pilots control the great beast from a bio-cybernetic control pod barely any larger than a coffin; this control console is built into the Avenger’s torso. The Pilot crawls into the monster through a special port at the base of the monster’s spine. It requires two minutes to enter and assume control of a slumbering Avenger, or a similar period of time to remove the Pilot safely from a machine from an Avenger before the monster again enters slumber.

            When a Pilot enters the Avenger’s body, man, monster and machine merge into a dangerous gestalt. The Avenger can use the Pilot’s ranks in Pilot in place of its Base Attack Bonus and REF Saves if they are higher. The Pilot’s INT, WIS and CHA scores replace those of the Avenger, and the Avenger is directed to respond to the Pilot’s will, like a vehicle.

            When Piloted, an Avenger can use skills and class abilities possessed by its Pilot. The Pilot cannot however, cast spells or use spell-like abilities while Piloting the Avenger.

            If the Avenger is destroyed, or upon a command from the Pilot, the control pod can eject from the creature. This is a move equivalent action. The control pod appears in a square adjacent to the Avenger. If the Avenger is still alive when the Pilot ejects, it immediately goes berserk.

            GILGAMESH Avengers are spindly, bio-mechanical horrors created by Project GILGAMESH’s scientists. Gigantic, predatory monstrosities are created from the blood and marrow of the slumbering Genbu, and fitted with invulnerable titanium armor and cybernetic control arrays designed to arrest the bloodlust inherent in their foul DNA. So far, these new abominations are proving invaluable in GILGAMESH’s struggle against the other-dimensnional Horrors that have invaded the Tottori Prefecture, and against other threats. The fact that each time an Avenger is deployed into the field, the Genbu shudders in its sleep is a small concern.

            GILGAMESH Avengers are basically humanoid, but inhumanly proportioned. Like the Tottori Horrors themselves, they are spindly and lean, with blade like limbs. An Avenger’s wiry, muscular frame is sheathed beneath a set of black and crimson armor. This light, segmented body armor resembles an extremely futuristic version of plate armor, and includes a fully concealing helmet that acts more as mask and muzzle than protection for the creature beneath the Avenger’s armor. Rank insignia and kill markings are painted on the helmet’s finlike crest. 

Finally, a new familiar that should be well....familiar to fans of NGE.....a penguin.

Familiar, Penguin (CR 1/4)
Small N Animal
XP 100
Init +0 Senses Perception +1, lowlight vision  

AC 12 Touch 12 Flatfooted 11 (+1 size, +1 dodge)
HP 1d8 + 1 hp (5 HP)
FORT +3 REF +2 WILL +1
Resist Cold 2  

Spd 10 ft, Swim 30 ft
Melee -2 beak (1d4-3 piercing)

Str 5 Dex 11 Con 13 Int 1 Wis 12 Cha 3
Base Atk +0 CMB + CMD +
Feats Dodge
Skills Swim +5 (+4 racial bonus on Swim checks)

Environment cold marsh
Organization solitary or pod (several dozen) in the wild
Treasure none

Special Abilities
            Hold Breath (EX)
            Penguins can hold their breath for about 5 minutes before needing to make FORT Saves to resist suffocation or drowning.

            These fairly intelligent, trainable birds are sometimes imported to Japan by spellcasters wanting a truly distinctive familiar- especially those who watched way too much Evangelion growing up. Penguins, especially Emperor Penguins are a lot smarter than they look, and can learn an astounding variety of tricks. Those enhanced by a familiar bond are even more clever.
               A penguin familiar's master gains Cold Resistance 2.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sentai POD Art Preview

Not too much to say today. I just got back with an interview with a local magazine and ad circular called Hometown Heroes, who are looking for a layout and graphic design person. Hopefully, five years of laying out my own gaming PDFs is enough practical experience to get the job. I had a fairly good interview with one of the magazine's higher-ups today. Wish me luck.

Here is a new image, by Amanda Webb for Sentai Strike, my new POD offering. I'd commissioned three images, all inked B&W for the book, an image of a Kamen Rider style hero with a split costume, an image of a Sentai heroine battling a monster, and a rather silly-looking monster leaping at the viewer. This is the first completed image- I told Amanda to include some "Kirby krackle" on our bifurcated hero and she went absolutely wild with it, inking this guy by hand rather than digitally to give it a more intense feel. Anyway, I've always been very impressed by Amanda's inking- this and her inks for one of the Hiemdall images from Frontlines of Choice really rocked.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Dirty Galaxy

Well, Heavy Weapons should be up in a couple more days. I sent it to Mark late last week, however, he's in the process of moving, so it will probably be a little bit longer than normal before it's up. Not too long though.

Right now, I'm putting the finishing touches on the Sentai POD product. The two combined Sentai Books topped out at about 38,000 words; Sentai Strike, as I've titled the POD version is 46,000 words, give or take. This afternoon I got a few rough sketches from Amanda for the last three pieces of art I need for Sentai Strike POD. Expect that one soon.

I'm working on two additional Heavy Future books, in addition to the eventual ER: Erobots racebook: Dirty Galaxy, which focuses on traps, diseases and other non-monster type hazards, and a follow on to Heavy Weapons, which includes more spells, gear and magic items. I thought I'd preview some new Heavy Future content- a new trap, new disease, new haunt, new spell and new piece of armor. The spell, Execution Finches, is directly inspired by a scene in the movie whose poster appears at right.


New Spell: Execution Finches
School evocation Level druid 3, witch 3
Casting Time one standard action
Components V, S, M (the feather from any songbird)
Range medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Duration 1 round/ 4 levels      
Saving Throw REF half Spell Resistance No
            This spell summons a swirling, chaotic swarm of glowing spectral songbirds the color of whore-house neon. The Execution Finches exist for one round per four caster levels. On the first round, they target a single victim of the caster’s choosing, inflicting 1d6 slashing damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) with a REF Save for half damage. On the second round and all subsequent rounds of the spell, the caster can direct the Execution Finches to attack either the original target or another target within range, as a free action.

New Armor: Bio-Ooze
            Bio-Ooze is a living form of space suit used through the galaxy. Bio-Oozes are cultured by techno-botanists; gardens for bio-ooze cultivation are rancid slicks of blue algae that can stretch for hundreds of acres. In its inactive state, the ooze is stored in a small cylinder worn on a neck or belt lanyard. When the container is open, the ooze crawls over the wearer’s body and into every crevice. The bio-ooze hardens into a thick coating of slime, fungal nodules and bark, which functions as a strange, techno-organic space suit. These growths flake away and fall off when the suit returns to its inactive state, leaving only a thin slick of growth matrix to return to the container to regenerate.
            Special: Bio-Ooze in its active state functions as a Space Suit. Applying or removing Bio-Ooze is a standard action, like applying an oil. The Bio-Ooze can remain active for up to 3 hours continuously, before returning to its canister to recover for 1d6 hours. The Bio-Ooze will also return to inactive state if targeted by diminish plants or similar magic, or exposed to any contact or injury poison that affects plants.

            Special: As a completely organic suit, Druids can wear Bio-Ooze without restriction.

Equip. Bonus
Nonprof. Bonus
Max DEX Bonus
Armor Penalty
Arcane Failure
Speed (30 ft)
Purchase DC
Rest. Rating
Heavy, Tactical
30 ft
35-40 lbs
650 gp DC 16
Lic +1

New Disease: Energix Pregnancy
            Energix are common pests, well known and well loathed by spacers. These fist sized bundles of plasma are native to hyperspace, and reproduce by using humanoids traveling through hyperspace as hosts. Zipping through the abdomen of a humanoid, the Energix leaves behind a charge of exotic energy and dark matter that progresses through a pregnancy in a matter of hours, resulting in a horrible ‘birth’- an explosion deep within the victim’s womb that births several new Energix parasites.
Type: contact (Hyperspace environments only)
Save: REF DC 20 to avoid ; FORT DC 18 to overcome
1 hour
Frequency: 1/hour
Effect: 2d4 Fire damage, 1d4 Pleasure damage. If the disease goes untreated for a number of hours equal to the months of a normal pregnancy for your species (9 hours for baseline humans), the Energix Pregnancy comes to term.
            The victim suffers 5d6 points of Fire damage and 3d6 points of Pleasure damage. All creatures and objects within 30 ft suffer half damage (REF DC 15 none), and the disease ends. Dozens of new Energix parasites are created, blasting away in random directions to seek new hosts.
Cure: 3 consecutive saves

New Trap: Vore Flora (CR 4)
            Various kinds of carnivorous, acidic plant life exist throughout the galaxy. Most are deeply buried, concealing the majority of their substance beneath the topsoil or other ground cover. When the vibrations of large creatures passing nearby trigger them, Vore Flora lash out with several strong, barbed tendrils, attempting to pull their prey into the plant’s buried digestion chamber.
Type: natural hazard
DC 25 or Survival DC 20
Disable Device:
Not applicable. Use Survival DC 25 to kill or nullify the danger the plant poses.  
Trigger: proximity
6 rounds
Effects: 1d4+1 attacks +8 melee (1d8 bludgeoning plus 1d6 acid). If two or more attacks hit the same target, the Vore Flora makes a Combat Maneuver at a +12 bonus and pulls the target into its space. If this is successful, the target automatically suffers 2d8 acid damage per round. If the target is still alive after 6 rounds, or still struggling, the Vore Flora spits out or releases its prey and sinks back into the soil.

New Haunt: Disco Doom (Irresistible Dance) (CR 10)
            Long forgotten dance clubs, abandoned pleasure domes and zombie-haunted crime-stations occasionally ring with the psychic ghost of dance music from a century ago. Flashing, multicolored lights blast away thought, forcing explorers and tomb raiders to dance uncontrollably.
XP: 9,600
Alignment and Area: 40 ft x 20 ft chamber or corridor in an abandoned space station.
Caster Level: 16th
Notice: Perception DC 21 to notice faint disco music from a previous decade or century echoing through the halls or over your comms network
HP: 16
Characters who have chosen Elvis Presley the Uncrowned King as their patron deity receive a +4 circumstance bonus on WILL Saves against this trap. Elvis worshippers got no time for disco.
Trigger: When any sentient creature enters the area.
1 hour
Effect: Any target entering the area must succeed at a DC 18 WILL Save or be affected by Irresistible Dance.
Destruction: At least 500 gp worth of disco data-crystals or other storage mediums must be placed at the center of the haunt, and burned by hand lasers.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sentai Revisited

Well, the new job at MiniMart is not working out as well as I had hoped. So, I've given notice and am currently looking for something better. The last few weeks have been rough- in fact, I'd call them absolute crap, but hopefully the next few will be a bit better.

I just sent Heavy Weapons to Mark for posting at RPGnow. This nine dollar sourcebook is about 130 pages of very crunchy goodness- hundreds of new spells, magic items, mundane weapons and pieces of gear specifically for the Heavy Future campaign setting. And just to remind you, Galaxy Command itself is now a free product! Go get it when you sign in to download Heavy Future or Heavy Weapons.

I've got a small and motley assortment of projects on deck. Among them.....

1. Dirty Galaxy, a disease, haunt, trap and other innanimate nastiness sorucebook for Heavy Future.
2. Expanded Races: Erobots- robot fetish character options for Heavy Feature's most fun and modular new race.
3. Masters of Endara Campaign Setting- my He-Man and the Masters of the Universe inspired fantasy setting.
4. Closed: Monsters of the Army of God- still waiting on the last art from Felipe Gaona (grrrrrr).

However, my real-world situtation has me just distracted enough I'm not getting anywhere with any of them. So today, I plugged in a season of CSI, and started looking back at my Sentai material and revising it with an eye for POD. I figured it would be good, brainless work that would recharge my batteries a little with its completion. I'm right about that- tonight I'm about 70% of the way through the conversion and consolidation into one larger POD sourcebook. I will be combining the material from Sentai Spectacular and Sentai Sequel into the POD release, along with some, but not all the material from Expanded Occupations: Children of Gaea and some new, print-exclusive content.

Because of Amanda's art process, I've got solid B&W inked line work for the art, which will be easier to get into print, especially considering the ongoing darkness problems we've been having with BTU. So Sentai might beat hentai to the POD market as the first Otherverse Games POD release. You just never know how things are going to turn out, either in real life or in terms of desktop publishing.

Talk to you later, and hopefully I'll have more cheerful news,