Monday, October 29, 2012

Upcoming Projects and Bast Rides Again

Okay, I'm going to be laying out The Modern Grimorie tonight and tomorrow, and it should be up in a couple of days. Right now, unless I add another spell or two, the Grimorie stands at 119 spells for modern and sci-fi gaming.

Sex and Story just hit and seems to be selling very well. Free20: Fight for Choice should be coming out sooner or later, probably this week.

I'm working on Black Tokyo's Unlimited Edition, and having a great time of it. As I mentioned last post, I'm going prefecture by prefecture. My original draft had most of the plot hooks concentrated in three main locations: Tokyo, which is understandable because it's both one of the largest cities on the planet and because it is part of the campaign's NAME, and Northern Japan, specifically the Amori Prefecture and Okinawa. I knew those last two the best because I was stationed at Misawa AFB for about two years, and as a military guy, I'm plenty familiar with Okinawa as well.

Anyway, as I'm laying out the new edition, I'm trying to give the rest of the country more love and some more screen time as well. As I'm writing, I've noticed several plot threads starting to emerge, each of which could be the center piece of a campaign. So far we have a 'magic high school' thread, a 'artificial girls' thread, a 'blue collar modern magic' thread and a 'mythical police' military thread. I'm also building in tons more NPCs and supporting characters and I think I will include a fictionalized version of Princess Aiko as a benefactor and force for good in the campaign- a kind, innocent child empress that sends good guy PCs on missions.

The artificial girls thread is something that just jumped out at me... you have all these artificially created female races running around Black Tokyo as store-bought magi-tech sex slaves, and in many cases the artificial women are smarter and more determined then the men who buy them.So that creates an interesting dynamic and opens up some cool plot hooks.

Anyway, with Otherverse America, I had the core conflict and main storyline mapped out before I wrote a single page, though occasionally new elements would creep in and take my setting in a new direction: the Nuremberg AI especially. With Black Tokyo Unlimited it's less planned out. I have some things I want to explore- the role of women in Japan, surviving rape, turning weakness into strength, raunchy sexual humor and extreme fetish elements, which I think a hentai adventure game can be a good fit for. However, beyond those rough concepts, I'm just letting ideas come as the come.

Should be interesting to see where everything ends up.

Finally, a cute Halloween note.

One of my coworkers told me this morning her 9 year old daughter picked out her costume early and was now bored with it. While my friend wasn't going to buy her daughter an entirely new costume, she was thinking of modding the existing one to make it more fun for her kid. I asked her what the costume was, thinking I might have an idea.

My friend replied her daughter had picked out a Cleopatra costume. Now, I was kinda amazed that a 3rd grader even knew Cleopatra, but told her why not do an Egyptian god? Get a dog mask or a fake snout and she could be Anubis, a beak and some feathers in her hair she could go as Toth or Horus (and I know those are male gods,but in a kid's Halloween costume, theological accuracy is neither needed nor required)...or she could get cat ears and some whiskers and go as Bast. My friend loved the last idea the best, so I think as a result of this conversation, an adorable little Bast will be trick or treating Wednesday night.

Blessed Be,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arranging Black Tokyo

Okay, this last week (in between brawling with punks) I have been working on Black Tokyo's Ultimate Edition, a revision which has been long in coming and sorely needed.

Black Tokyo really began as a whim, just something I wanted to try and see if it worked or not. It was only with Black Tokyo II and beyond that I really started concerning myself with coherent world building. So, compared to Otherverse America which I'd been working on for YEARS before publication, Black Tokyo's map seems a little empty. One of the things I plan to do now is give a greater focus on the setting's villains and their plots.

The Four Big Bads are:

We have the Amakaze (from BT II) which are basically cruel, capitalist undead master manipulators.

The Ubume Empress represents female guilt and misogyny, and is a kick ass Easter Egg (Ostara Egg??) linking Black Tokyo and Otherverse America.

The Genbu, slumbering somewhere in the Sea of Othosk, who is basically a Godzilla/Tarresque/Overfiend hybrid. I want to include a "Wake the Genbu" mechanical system, where sooner or later that fucker will wake up and rampage, and even as he starts stirring the campaign's difficulty spikes: earthquakes and other disasters plauge Black Japan, and monsters as a whole get a CR bump. Conversely, if the players can figure a way to keep the Genbu in a deeper than normal slumber, things get easier.

The Revered Shogun trapped under Marine Corps Base Okinawa. He's a mind-fuck villain, a source of corruption and insanity for the heroes.

Right now, I'm trying to decide how to lay out the book and the world information. I'm seriously considering using the image on the top right as a basis for the book's organization. Go prefecture by prefecture, list all the plothooks, major NPCs and weird locations in that prefecture and move on. I just picked up the Inner Sea World Guide, and Paizo basically does the same with Glorian's multiple countries, and that layout seems to work pretty well.

Anyway, thoughts?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anthros of Endara: The Beetleor

Just received this rough sketch of a Beetleor warrior, from the upcoming Anthros of Endara. The piece is by Dan Brenus, a cool Italian artist who posts kick ass fan art regularly on He-Man.Org and other MOTU fansites. I reached out to him at the beginning of this project because he's going to help really establish Endara as a faithful homage to Eternia.

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Punk

Last week, some kid, who looks somewhat like the bastard love spawn of Justin Beiber and Eminem, decided to start harassing me. I bike to work, and for like three days in a row, this little idiot on a Huffy followed along behind me, calling me a nigger, a faggot, and everything else his woefully limited vocabulary could come up with. Kid taunts me, says he wants to ‘box me’ and then rides off any time I approach him.

The little abortion is about 5’5” and about 120 lbs tops, so he has a significant maneuverability edge. So just catching him and beating him, as he so justifiably deserves, is out. I go to the local cops, but having nothing on this douchebag other than a description of him and his idiotically predictable pattern of harassment, there’s not much they can do except put an extra car on that route around the time he is out making an ass of himself.

This past Saturday after work, I finally spot the little turd- it turns out he lives about 4 houses down, and he’s out sitting in the bed of a junker pickup, which is in turn sitting atop the thinning front lawn, smoking with an older guy. The older guy, who I never conclusively identified, but took to be an uncle of some kind, is wearing a t-shirt with an American flag and a wolf on it, so you immediately know the caliber of humans I’m dealing with here. I open the conversation with a friendly greeting: “Hey, is this son of a whore your kid?”

Naturally, the uncle(?) is initially hostile but over the course of a conversation we get down to business. I tell Uncle Jethro that I want the kid just to shut the fuck up and stop provoking a needless fight, because I don’t particularly enjoy beating 12 year olds. This naturally, incenses, the little shit bag, who gets within four inches of my face and shouts that “I’m 17! I’m a man” and again offers to box. I can’t believe this, because this kid looks like he’s still in middle school. I ask the uncle(?) if it’s true he’s 17, and it is confirmed that the little punk, who I learn is named Justin is in fact of legal age to take a fully justified ass-beating. Anyway, I learn the punk’s name because several times over the conversation both the uncle(?) and I break out with “Shut up, Justin!” as he just will not stop talking shit, even while the uncle(?) and I trying to talk reasonably.

I leave it cool with the uncle(?) and as I leave this punk is still shouting shit, still causing a scene. I hope that the older guy manages to talk some sense into this little asshole, and for Sunday, the tentative truce seems to hold.

And I go out last night, run some errands after coming home from work, and the little asshole is perched on his front porch like a white-trash gargoyle. Soon as I ride down the street, he comes after me again, gets ahead of me and fishtails his own baby-sized Huffy to spit gravel in my face, all the while claiming I’m following him. And this shit, from this idiotic waste of skin, goes on for a fucking mile.

Finally, the next time he comes whizzing by like he’s going to ram me for the third or forth time, I make contact and knock him on his ass. That pisses the little turd enough he’s finally going to stand and fight, and thus begins the Duel of the Jack In the Box Parking Lot, a battle that will live in legend. It turns out he can box… .sorta. I mean, he’s kinda fast, but he jabs me in the face four times without even leaving so much as a bruise. I just put the little fucker in a head lock and take him to the ground. He’s nullified, but I’m trying to choke him out, and it’s not as easy as it looks on TV, so nothing really is getting accomplished. I tear the knee of my work pants when I take fucko to the ground, though, which pissed me off, actually more than the punk’s antics.

Anyway, I’m willing to write this off as boys will be boys fuck-headery and I go to the nearby McDonalds, get a meal and chill the fuck out. Turd-boy comes back about five minutes later, storms in with a couple of his meat head buddies in tow. “I’m not a bitch,” is his rallying cry, his version of “Remember the Alamo!”. To this, I respond, “Well, you sure punch like one.” Which I know, is not the most feminist thing to say, but what can I say, I was in the moment.

His two punk friends, of course, are of a similar age and size, are both trying to look tough, and both claim to be Marines. Which is horse-shit of course, because the USMC is not in the habit of recruiting 15 year olds, so I ask the mouthier of the two what his discharge date was, and get a “Why you wanna know that?” in response, and a look that he doesn’t even know what a discharge date is in the first place. I stare the two fake Marine dickheads down and go back in side, call the local cops.

Eventually, one of the local coppers show up, I give him this information and the punk’s address. Hopefully, a visit from one of the local cops will convince this idiot kid to find a better hobby. If not, I figure one of two things happen. Either A) this shitbird gets three or four of his teeny-bopper buddies and stomps my ass one night or B) the next time his idiot decides to box, I beat his ass raw, and have to spend the next 6 months dealing with the local court system. Neither of which I’m particularly looking forward to.

Fucking Kerrville. Fucking Texas. Fucking nest of entitled, sociopathic white trash moron pissants. I fucking wish Al Queda would drop a nuke on this fuckhole the next time I take a day trip to San Antonio.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Attack of the Catgirls

Merry Christmas, I bring you catgirls.

Here's a preview of the revised Nekomusume from the upcoming second edition of Black Tokyo. To your right, Felica cosplayers. Which one, my text or the cosplayers, will generate  more pagehits? I suspect the latter.


Medium Humanoid

            The Nekomusume are cats in the form of a girl, playful seductive and innocent. They are creatures of magic and supernatural crossbreeding, of gene-cutting and cosmetic surgery. They are an artificial species, a common but none the less stunning sight walking Black Tokyo’s streets. Seeing one, your breath catches in your throat for a moment, amazed the world can be so full of beauty.

            The Nekomusume were (at least initially) an artificially created female species- a pretty status symbol and plaything for the rich and decadent. The catlike humanoids can breed true, despite the arcane and hormonal locks on their reproduction, and can produce litters of free Nekomusume. Many integrate into human society, using their natural gifts to disappear into lucrative careers in Black Tokyo’s sex industry. Others fight to free their enslaved mothers and sisters.

In some cities, packs of feral, genetically inferior Nekomusume are common pests: creatures with nearly-human bodies but animal souls. Feral Nekomusume are the exception: in the main, these felinoids are almost intelligent and cunning as their human fathers…despite what their masters and marketing brochures claim.

            Nekomusume are petite females, light and tiny even by Japanese standards. Their bodies are just catlike enough to appeal to fetishists. Their bodies are decorated with attractive patches of soft fur that accentuate their bodies and sensuality but hide none of their charms. Their fuzzy ears are long, pointed and semi-prehensile, and are used to express emotion. Most breeds of Nekomusume have long, feline tails that trail between their taut buttocks.

            Nekomusume have spongy pads covering the bottoms of their feet and the palms of their hands. Their hands are bigger and cutely pawlike, slightly out of proportion on their tiny frames. Nekomusume usually wear a designer leather or metal choker or collar emblazoned with their master’s contact information or their address. Proud slave Nekos accent their collar with jewels, finely linked golden or platinum chains or melodious bells. Slave Nekos tend to be vain, wearing only the best, as having a harem of attractive and well groomed catgirls is a matter of pride for Black Japan’s monied elite. Feral Nekos, by contrast, dress in thrift store trash, if they’re smart enough to wear clothes at all.

            Nekomusume are an artificially created, exclusively female species. They are supposed to be sterile, but quite a few gain the ability to become pregnant, for some reason neither their creators, nor their purchasers can never quite figure out. Some call the race’s unexpected fertility a gift from Kwannon or Inari, others claim it’s a gene sequencing error, or the result of some kind of techno-magical pollution unique to Black Japan. Who knows? Certainly not the Nekos themselves….

            Nekomusume give birth to liters of 4-6 tiny, mewling kitten-girls, after a six to seven month pregnancy. Their first pregnancy is the hardest, and death in childbirth is sadly common. They can only sling liters with human males, but never, ever become pregnant through sex with their designated master or purchaser. Only adultery, and the lure of true love and freedom allows Nekos to breed.

Feral Nekomusume are even more fertile, with adults almost constantly pregnant. Feral Nekomusume can bear viable offspring with virtually any humanoid or monstrous humanoid male, giving birth to semi-monstrous cat-hybrids. Feral Nekomusume can produce even the rare male ‘tom’, but toms are outnumbered 10-1 by female kittens.

            Nekomusume have a lifespan of about 20 years, but reach sexual and emotional maturity within the first 24 months of their life. They learn quickly, at least as kittens, and tend to be extremely hyperactive until they reach physical maturity. Feral Nekos rarely live that long, with most dying before they reach 8 years old.

Homes and Lands
            Most Nekos own nothing, living in a gilded cage as a wealthy man’s plaything. They are often found in the cities, and spend their idle days shopping, visiting the few special salons that cater to the needs of magical half-cats, or even spending their masters’ yen at Fashion Club Nekomini! Feral Nekos keep to the back alleys, and live rough and homeless on subway platforms, cardboard ‘palaces’ and coffin hotels when they can scrounge the funds.

Nekomusume Racial Traits

Size and Type
Nekomusume are Medium humanoids. As Medium creatures they receive no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Nekomusume have a 30 ft base land speed. They also possess a Climb speed equal to their base land speed. They may use either their STR or DEX modifier on Climb checks.
Ability Score Modifiers
+2 DEX, -4 INT, +2 CHA.
Nekomusume are nimble, attractive and natural performers, but their minds are designed for a cute and playful ditziness, not deep thought or abstract reasoning. Even the smartest Nekomusume will seem uneducated and often ignorant compared to a human woman.

Enhanced Senses
Nekomusume have keen, cat like yellow eyes, and possess darkvision with a 60 ft range, and low light vision.

            Racial Feats
            Nekomusume are programmed for sexual expertise, and command huge prices as prostitutes or sex slaves All Nekomusume receive Gifts of Ecstasy as a racial bonus feat.

Feline Nimbus (SU)
A Nekomusume’s skin glows a soft amber when she is happy or sexually aroused, and at will the glamourous feline can cause her body to glow as if enchanted by a either light or dancing lights spell as cast by a first level sorcerer.

            While the Nekomusume glows, she brings good luck to all other felines in the area. Any feline creature (an animal, magical beast, another Nekomusume or other feline humanoid, including Felis anthros) within 60 ft of the Nekomusume receives a +1 luck bonus on saving throws, which lasts as long as the Nekomusume chooses to glow.

            Padded Feet (EX)
            Nekomusume paws are as stealthy as a ninja’s tabi. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Move Silently (Stealth) and Perform (dance) checks.

Nekomusume Alternate Racial Traits

            Alley Cat (EX)
            Nobody knows the back alleyways, homeless camps and old subway terminals better than a wild catgirl, living free in modern Japan. The Nekomusume receives a +3 racial bonus on Knowledge (streetwise) check

            Alley Cat replaces the Nekomusume’s Gifts of Ecstasy racial feat.

Bedroom Genius (SU)
            The Nekomusume is considered very defective. However, she was too cute and too useful to cull and so she probably sold for a very low price, a bargain for the cat-girl enthusiast on a budget. What’s the problem? Simple, having a slave that’s too smart (even occasionally) never ends well, and usually ends with master getting his wealthy throat slit.

For 1d4+1 hours after a sexual encounter with any humanoid male, the Nekomusume’s racial penalty to INT is negated. A Nekomusume can only benefit from this trait once per day. The Neko does not receive additional bonus skill ranks or languages due to this temporary increase to her Intelligence.

            Bedroom Genius replaces the Feline Nimbus racial trait.

            Feral Neko (EX)
            The Neko is a genetically inferior kitten, the kind of cat-girl that the TBMS catchers snatch up, tag and gas to death. The feral Neko suffers an additional -2 penalty to INT, to a minimum of 3 INT. Feral Neko are illiterate by default, and must spend 2 skill points to become literate in a language they can speak.

            However, Feral Nekos are tougher than average, receiving a +2 racial bonus to their STR scores. These cat girls tend to be faster on their feet, having a base land speed of 35 ft- reflexes matter when dodging traffic and evading predators, including the two legged kind.

            This alternate racial package can be chosen by any Nekomusume character at character creation, without giving up any existing racial traits.

            Kitten Idol (SU)
            Your voice was designed with as much obsessive love as your body, your fur and your pussy and tail. You receive a +3 racial bonus on Perform (sing) checks, and can speak the language of cats as easily as you can humans. You are treated as being under the effects of a permanent Speak with Animals spell that is limited only to feline creatures. You receive a +3 racial bonus on Handle Animal checks involving any kind of feline.
            Kitten Idol replaces the Feline Nimbus racial trait.

            Stray (EX)
            You were way too assertive to be any millionaire’s sex slave, no matter the temptations, no matter the punishment. You receive Iron Will as a racial bonus feat.

            Stray replaces the Nekomusume’s Gifts of Ecstasy racial feat.

            Student Kitten (EX)
            Occasionally, a batch of Nekomusumes are not sold on the open market. Growing more slowly than others of their kind, they mature more like human girls than cat-girl slaves; tax write offs and long-term sociological research mean that instead of being sold, this special ‘class’ of kitten girls are placed with human foster families, and allowed to attend public school. Most of these semi-free Nekos return to their breeders and allow themselves to be sold when they graduate highschool, but a few live as free cat girls in workaday Black Japan.

            You are a Neko in the Young Adult age category, receiving the ability score adjustments common to all pre-teen characters. You reach the Adult age category whenever you graduate high school or gain 4 character levels, whichever comes first.

You are restricted to the Student starting occupation, but may select an additional starting talent available to either Students or Nekomusumes, in addition the starting talent or talents available to all Black Tokyo characters.

            Student Kittens only suffer a -2 racial penalty to their INT scores.

            Any Nekomusume can select this alternate racial trait without giving up an existing racial trait.

The Anthros of Black Japan
            If you are using Fursona: The Definitive Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters (Otherverse Games, 2011) with Black Tokyo, you can treat Nekomusume as unique members of the Felis Minor order. They receive two (2) additional Build Points with which to purchase additional racial abilities.

            Virtually all Nekomusume have the Fashion Anthro template, from Fursona III, applied.

Neko manufacturers/breeders, who makes ‘em, what magic megacorps make ‘em- random charts, starting traits for nekos based on their origin, like the living dolls have different corporations, like new day girl corp, ect. Give nekos similar sense of history and place-

Races of Black Tokyo Revised.....

While I'm working on The Modern Grimorie, I've also begun heavy revamp work on Black Tokyo. (I'm also awaiting art on Anthros of Endara and Solomon Station, which will be coming out before the end of the year, lest you think I'm forgetting about those two.)

Right now, I plan to include most of the content from Black Tokyo I-III in a single huge two PDF package, using the same format as the Otherverse America Unlimited Edition. Expect both a campaign setting and a game master's guide with plot hooks and tons of monsters. I want to dramatically expand on the world itself, more plot hooks, more locations, and more of a sense of place and character for the world. John and Amanda and anybody else I can get interested will be doing art, and one of the things I want is to have a HUGE, full page illo or double page spread illustrating the weird locations of modern Black Japan (and Okinawa). Yes, we'll have more info on what Asia and America are like, but the focus will continue to be on Japan itself.

I started revising the races this weekend. In addition to the twelve races and the various cultural templates found in Races of the Tatakama, you'll have maybe 6-8 new dark fantasy races unique to the modern world, all filling out different story and gameplay niches.

I will be keeping the Doujinishi, the Shirime and the Nekomusume intact and almost untouched. The Nikusui will be mostly untouched but I will be including the Ohagoru only as a set of alternate racial traits for the Nikusui. Trust me, it works, and since both races fill the same angry, grim urban vigilante niche, it strengthens the concept of both races and adds playability. I will be adding a few new races- I want to include a 'witch' type race, inspired by Ringu and Witchhunter Robin to the cast. These dar haired, illwilled and fucking evil girls will play well with the Modern Spellcaster class, and generally be fun, dark and creepy to play.

The Bakkyo will be cut completely, because they are unneeded. they step on the Nekomusume's cat-girl niche too much, and are completely outclassed by the Fursona character builder. They may still exist in the fluff, but they'll be built VERY differently in the crunch.

I'll be keeping the Hanging Maiden Advanced Class, but I will make it exclusive to a new undead race. These girls will be perky, cheerful undead who got their powers and became undead through ritual/erotic suicide.  I figure it doesn't change the mechanics of the class too much, but allows me to do more with the Hanging Academy and the other magical highschools in the setting.

Anyway, the next time I post I'll include a preview of the revamped Nekomusume, maybe some other stuff.

Blessed Be,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upcoming: Sex and Story

 First off, Modern Spellcaster is edging into the top 20 over at RPGnow, and hopefully it'll crack the top 10 or top 5 by Monday. I'm waiting on a little bit of art for the Modern Grimorie and adding a few more spells each day to it; right now, I've got about 110 modern and sci-fi focused spells, including some very kick ass damage dealers, and will probably top 120-130 by the time everything's said and done. 

Anyway, a while back a fan of mine, Alzrius, posted a very good review of Black Tokyo and a wish list for what he'd like to see in a revised edition. One part of that fairly long review stuck with me, and I've been mulling it over in the back of my head for the last couple of months. 

"Ultimately, the game needs not only a way to make sex have a reward mechanic, but also make sex (and, perhaps, a wider array of non-combat interactions) have as many options and variables as combat does now."

The other night, I finally figured out a way to incorporate not only a reward mechanic into sex, but to tie the narration of the act into the ongoing campaign storyline. This is an excerpt from an upcoming short PDF, entitled Sex & Story for Black Tokyo. (Note the final product will have about twice as many options as you see here, and related starting talents.)

Take a look, and let me know what you think. I had initially considered modifing Paizo's relationship rules from the Jade Regent Adventure Path, but they just seemed too clunky, adding an unnecessary subsystem to the game. My relationship rules are basically just a refinement of the existing Diplomacy rules with some neat action point mechanics built in. 


Relationships, Sexual and Otherwise

            Sexuality defines Black Tokyo- enjoying wet pleasure with willing (or not) new lovers, exploring the limits of the body and the limits of morality itself are as important of challenges as slaying oni and battling Amakaze minions. Convincing a cute 19 year old bishonen to offer you his virginity is a function of social skills- especially Diplomacy, though sexually predatory characters can try their luck with Bluff or Intimidate.

The associated Diplomacy DC for sexual and relationship matters are shown below. The player can take 10 or take 20 on a DC to begin a relationship, reflecting a prolonged and subtle courtship. The player can usually take 10 on other sexually oriented Diplomacy checks, at the gamemaster’s option, but usually can’t take 20. 

A character may substitute a Bluff or an Intimidate check at the gamemaster’s description, though such a dishonorable course carries its own consequences. Using Bluff may be considered an evil act at the gamemaster’s discretion, and if the Bluff fails or is discovered later, permanently increase the DC of all future sexual Diplomacy checks by +1d4.

Using Intimidate is an evil act and the player is considered to have committed rape. That means the Eyrines Sisterhood and their guns will be showing up at the player’s doorstep sooner or later….

Diplomacy Check DC
Sexual or Relationship Goal
DC 15
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC who is attracted to your species and gender to begin a casual relationship with you. This relationship is non-sexual and only includes minor displays of affection, appropriate to the culture. If involved in an ongoing relationship, you reduce the DC of future checks to convince the NPC to perform sex acts by DC -5, and once you beat DC 15 for normal sex acts, you can always achieve that DC (and get vanilla nookie) without a check with that NPC.
Time: one day
DC 22
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC who you have already begun a relationship with to enter a long term legal and religious bond, as appropriate to their culture. Reduce the DC by -1 per month of an ongoing relationship, to a minimum DC 15. Alternatively, convince the NPC lover to begin a planned pregnancy with you.
DC 15
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC to perform sexual acts considered acceptable and mainstream in their culture with you. Time: 15 minutes-hour
DC 20
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC to perform slightly transgressive, moderately kinky sex acts that would result only in mild social shame if revealed. Anal, baby! Time: 15 minutes-hour
DC 23
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC to perform extremely transgressive, very unusual sex acts with you. If you’re looking for noose play, ponygirls and poop, look right here. Time: 1d4 hours
DC 28
Convince a friendly or helpful NPC to perform dangerous or morally repugnant or highly illegal sex acts with you. This includes things like snuff sex, pedophilia, incest, and worse stuff. Time: 1 day

Ending a Relationship

            The gamemaster usually determines when a relationship with an NPC ends, unless the player makes it very clear that they are ending the relationship. Infidelity, cruelty or long periods out of contact can all end a relationship.

Modifiers to Sexual Diplomacy
            Various cultural concerns might make sex more complicated for the NPCs. The following situations add new wrinkles to Diplomacy skill checks made for sexual purposes. All these modifiers are cumulative.

Diplomacy Check DC Modifier
Convincing an NPC into their first relationship or sexual experience
+3 DC
NPC’s culture prizes virginity or punishes non-marital sex harshly
+5 DC
Sexual act would result in a loss of class abilities, such as a Paladin’s moral code or Chaste’s oath of virginity
+10 DC
The player character is involved in a relationship with another NPC, and this is known to the current NPC lover (except in cultures where polyamory is normal)
+1 DC per additional relationship
The player is simultaneously trying to talk multiple NPCs into sex for a threesome, orgy, or more-gy.
+2 DC per additional NPC.
The player character is from a race, culture, alignment or allegiance hostile to the NPC or their culture.
+3 DC
The NPC had a previous relationship or marriage to the PC that ended badly, or has been previously betrayed or abandoned by the PC.
+2d4 DC
If the player has failed previous sexual Bluff checks or had their lies discovered by the NPC
+1d4 DC
Player character has a reputation for dangerous, cruel or predatory sexual behavior
+2 DC
The NPC has been chosen as a cohort by a player with the Leadership feat.
-5 DC
The player presents the NPC with a gift. The value doesn’t really matter so long as the gift is either heartfelt, really needed or extremely desired by the NPC.
-2 DC
The player is in a position of authority over the NPC lover.
-1 DC
The player has a reputation for enjoying a particular fetish of the NPC’s.
-2 DC for Kinky, Transgressive or Vile acts desired by the NPC.

The Goal of the Act
            Once the player character succeeds in convincing an NPC into sex, the scene can either discretely fade to black, or be described by either the player or gamemaster, whatever those around the table are comfortable with. In most cases, the sex may be good, it may even be great, but in a story sense, the seduction was more important then the sex act that played out after.

            The players can change that, making the sweat and cum an important, even critical part of their story. During any sexual act, the player can sacrifice an action point, and briefly describe some special action he or she takes that transforms mundane sex into an act of passion, or carnal expertise or sheer horror, that will drive their relationship with this particular lover for the rest of the campaign.

            The player can choose any of the following sexual themes, which changes the nature of their relationship with the NPC (or NPCs involved in the orgy) forever.

All’s Forgiven
            The sex is just so damn, toes curlingly good, the NPC lover can’t remember why they were pissed with the player character in the first place. Sexual Diplomacy checks made against this NPC no longer suffer a penalty for previous failed relationships, nor for discovered/failed Bluff checks, though depending on the player’s future actions, these penalties might find their way back into the relationship.

            The player performs degrading, cruel and sadistic, emotionally scarring acts with their unfortunate lover. Doing so is an evil act, and the player is considered to have committed rape. The player receives a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks made to convince the NPC to perform a Vile act.

            Outside of sex, the player receives a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks and a +1 bonus on melee attack rolls against this NPC. The player suffers a -2 penalty on all CHA-based skill checks, except for Intimidate, made against this NPC.

            The player takes total command of the NPC lover, body and soul, making him or her their willing sexual slave. This sexual theme can only be invoked during a Kinky or Transgressive sexual act. If in a relationship with the NPC, the player can always receive Kinky or Transgressive acts without requiring an additional check.

            Outside of sex, the NPC will always hold their action in combat until the player acts, and receives an additional +1 morale bonus on checks and rolls when receiving the aid another action from the player.

            The player has a strange kind of sex, one that is more about emotions finally bubbling to the surface than carnal release, allowing a previously abused or violated character a way to come to terms with the trauma in his or her past. The player chooses one of the following benefits for an Empowerment sexual theme:

  • The sex act is treated as an atonement spell for the NPC lover, but only for the purpose of wiping away specifically sexual sins.

  • The NPC lover receives a permanent +1 morale bonus on melee attack or damage rolls against any character that has previously raped the character or used the Debasement sexual theme against them.

            The player performs an act of tireless sexual stamina and carnal expertise, hitting all of their lover’s sweet spots…. multiple times. The player receives a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks made to convince the NPC to perform Kinky or Transgressive acts. If in a relationship with the NPC, the player can always receive Kinky or Transgressive acts without requiring an additional check.

            The player makes tender, passionate and emotional love to the NPC, concerning themselves with their lover’s pleasure above their own. The PC can immediately choose to begin a Relationship with one NPC involved in the act without requiring a check. The player character receives a +2 bonus on checks to convince that NPC into marriage.

            Outside of sex, the player receives a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks involving this NPC.