Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Upcoming: The Occult-Tech Armory

Well, the next project I plan to release is a mid-length (75-150 pgs) magic item sourcebook building off of the content introduced in Technology Unleashed. I'm tentatively titling this sourcebook Techno-Magic Unleashed: Occult-Tech Armory. I'll be using the Techno-Magic Unleashed branding for future spell & magic item sourcebooks for my various campaign worlds, including a Heavy Future and more Otherverse America content.

Today I thought I'd preview a set of magic items all designed around a common theme, which you'll be seeing in Occult-Tech Armory. I plan to include riffs on some of the most famous gadgets & weapons in sci-fi. For instance, last night, I included a version of the mind-wiping wand from Men In Black, as well as an explosive face mask  that you'd find familiar after watching (the original) Total Recall and a pretty sweet magic blaster inspired by the 'weapon' from Portal. So I've been having a lot of fun stating out cool movie, comic and game homages- in the comments recommend me some favorite gear and gadgets to play with, I might have forgotten to do something cool.

Every item in this weapon and armor set has the "Street Judge" prefix, and is inspired by... you can probably guess from the page image. I'll show you some more new content soon. (And please ignore the wierd formatting: every time I post a preview from a Word document onto this blog, the thing comes out looking like that.)


Helmet, Street Judge’s

Aura strong telepathy CL 13th            

Slot head Price 109,200 gp (DC 34) Weight 5 lbs
This fully enclosed tactical helmet obscures the wearer’s face behind ebony mirror-glass. The helmet itself is glossy, iridescent black, and the frame around reflective visor is a striking crimson. An outsized, golden rank insignia is worn on the forehead.

The Street Judge’s helmet places the wearer under a constant personal barred mind effect. However, the wearer cannot manifest psionic powers, expend psionic focus or otherwise use personal psionic abilities while the helmet is worn. This helmet can attach to any suit of armor with the Space Suit property and preserves that property.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, personal barred mind (Ultimate  Psionics)

Cost 54,600 gp (DC 32)          

Street Judge’s Armor

Aura strong transmutation CL 13th     

Slot armor Price 71,250 gp (DC 33) Weight 30 lbs
The Street Judge’s Armor is an intimidating set of glossy black tactical body armor accented with heavy and exaggerated rank insignia worn on the pauldrons. A large police badge emblazoned with the designated wearer’s name, forged from a bullet-proofed alloy of gold and titanium is worn on the left breastplate.

Street Judge’s Armor is a +3 vigilant mass production tactical armor of heavy fortification.
A non-lawful creature who dons Street Judge’s Armor gains one permanent negative level, which never results in level loss, but cannot be removed while the creature wears the armor.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be lawful, limited wish, righteous might
Cost 35,625 gp (DC 30)

Street Judge’s Enforcer

Aura faint transmutation CL 4th         

Slot weapon Price 13,300 gp (DC 27) Weight 4.5 lbs
The Street Judge’s Enforcer is a bulky personal energy pistol with a glossy black casing with the same harsh lines as Street Judge’s Armor. A golden eagle badge is stamped into the contoured black pistol grip.

The Street Judge’s Enforcer is a +2 jurist smuggler’s blaster of infinite ammunition.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, owl’s wisdom, infinite ammunition
Cost 6,850 gp (DC 24)

Street Judge’s Machine Pistol

Aura strong evocation CL 12th           

Slot weapon Price 61,250 gp (DC 32) Weight 3 lbs
The Street Judge’s Machine Pistol is assembled from the same gloss black alloy as the hardened plating of the Street Judge’s Armor and matching helmet. A stylized eagle badge is stamped into the casing. The weapon glows with fiery internal light.

The Street Judge’s Machine Pistol is a +3 igniting, nimble shot military SMG.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bow spirit, fireball
Cost 30,625 gp (DC 30)

Street Judge’s Skullbuster

Aura faint enchantment CL 5th          

Slot weapon Price 16,500 gp (DC 28) Weight 1 lb
This polymer plastic fighting stick has a durable ebony shaft. The hilt is capped in a large and baroque silver eagle, which clutches the weapon in its talons.

The Street Judge’s Skullbuster is a +2 invigorating shapememory truncheon.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, good hope.  
Cost 8,250 gp (DC 25)