Monday, July 27, 2009

Something I just noticed

There's more stock art than ever on RPG now, but over the last few weeks I've noticed fewer and fewer actual gaming releases. I know I'm buying the art, and doing stuff with it, but is anybody else? I'm worried the RPG market is stagnating a bit, which is probaly natural as people focus on Gen Con and the Pathfinder release.

Anyway, I'm working on some stuff right now.... Black Tokyo II and the Bastian sourcebook. The Bastain sourcebook is turning out to be really fun. I enjoy detailing new cultures and playing junior anthropologist, which makes world books like this rewarding to do. Plus, there's something exhilirating at designing a religion around a mostly forgotten pagan diety. It makes me feel like I'm reclaiming something, polishing up an old divine concept, and putting my own unique stamp on it. It's almost an act of worship, strange as that sounds.

Anyway, look for both soon, as well as some shorter releases as soon as I send 'em to Mark.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Black Tokyo II In the Works

Right now, I'm gathering research and putting the initial outline for Outcast America together, but since I know it's going to be a big, lengthy project, I've been working on shorter, easier to put together mini-splats and short PDFs. I want to have a good release cushion while I work on Outcast America, especially since the Pathfinder release is imminent, and I want to have some products to release this August.

So amid some other projects, I've finally dug out the manuscript for Black Tokyo II and have begun working on it in earnest. Black Tokyo has been my best seller by a wide, wide margin, so it deserves some support, plus, it's just a fun thing to work on.

So let me just say this: Black Tokyo II is coming soon!