Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Superheroes Soon, Hentai Coming Next

I just sent off the finalized version of Psi-Watch: Unlimited Edition to Mark yesterday, and he should be posting it for sale within the next few days. The final copy of the book clocked in at 308 pages, counting the OGL on the last page, back cover and final page index. In terms of actual content, it's about 300 pages or so of very dense material. Fifteen new player races (with a couple of subraces included), a half dozen new advanced classes, a completely redesigned power armor section....this book is going to be amazing. I'm hoping you all are as enthusiastic as I am.

I also sent along the final draft for Black Tokyo II: Chastity & Depravity. The previous draft, the one that Mark had already was about 25,000 words. Over the last couple of week that initial draft ballooned into a 52,000 word monster. Expect alot of new world information, new spells, a new advanced class added since the previous draft was completed, bringing the total new classes in the book to four. I also added a few new player races, some monsters and did I mention an entire shit load of world detail? This is going to be an amazingly sweet release.

Right now, I'm taking a short breather, not really working on anything, after getting these two massive manuscripts out. In a day or two, I'll start up a short (and long promised) "Giant Mutant-killing Robots" sourcebook for Psi-Watch. Expect the 'Sentinel-book' to be about 15-20 pages. I also want to do another short sourcebook about Vatican funded heroes for Psi-Watch.

My next big release will probably either be a State of the Otherverse sourcebook revising the Object Philosophy rules from Otherverse America. I want to go back and retweak all the Object Philos a little bit, make it easier to qualify for them and use them. That will probably be a weighty 50-60 page sourcebook. I also want to take a deeper look at the Choicer culture, giving some of the other neo-pagan factions the same love I showed the Coven of Bast.

I still plan to do a little bit more fantasy stuff- I've got a nice idea for a revision of several D7ACU releases as Pathfinder prestige classes. I've been wanting to update the Neo-Witches, the Innocent, the Manitou and a few other casting classes from D7ACU into fantasy, and I think I've finally come up with a way to make a single impressive, cohesive release that ties all those diverse classes together.

Anyway, it's going to be a great April.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Charts Are Eating My Brain!

I'm laying out Psi-Watch version 2.0 right now. I'm about 130 pages in- probably between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way home. It's coming along very well, and the last of the art is trickling in.

Over on the left is the inked artwork (from Amanda) for the Nano-Sculptor advanced class, which emulates both Engineers from the Authority and other comic book gadgeteers very nicely.

I've got a few last pieces coming in. I have lots more original art than I did in first edition, and the stock art is being utilized a bit better. The illustrations are going to be a big crisper, larger and more attractive over all. Layout will be very simple- two column with a border at the top and bottom of the page which indicates the current chapter.

I've got a couple of sourcebooks planned for the initial weeks after the release. My goal is to keep Psi-Watch V2 in the top three at RPGnow for at least three weeks, and at the number one slot for at least a week of that. I figure that's a very doable goal, especially if I keep up the release treadmill. Look for a 'monster manual' and a short faction-splat focusing on conspiracy styled Vatican heroes.... think Magdalena or the Red Hoods in Crimson, or that team that showed upinthe Jim Lee penciled issues of Gen 13..... I might even riff on some of my old Against the Darkness stuff, do a subtle 'intercompany crossover' if it's cool with the folks at Table Top Adventures.

Anyway, the layouts coming nicely. The only thing is that laying out the charts- for the classes, various feats, class abilities, ect- is a major pain in the ass. Aside from writing up monster stat blocks laying out charts is my least favorite part of freelancing.

Talk to you later.... I've got more charts to lay out.