Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two New Books Up!

 Well, I just put up a pair of short sourcebooks for sale at www.rpgnow.com. Both are in the 30 page range.

The first is Heavy Gods, which is basically a core religion sourcebook for my in-progress revamp of Heavy Future. It was going to be part of a larger magic book for the setting, but I realized I had enough content to release it as a standalone PDF and up my release count for the year. It was a lot of fun to write and helped me firm up my vision for the revised Heavy Future setting. I'll do more to support this campaign world in the next few months: I'm working on an "Enchantments of Heavy Future" book right now.

Next we've got Powers of the Lifechain, a 30 page sourcebook filled with nothing but Lifechained feats for players! It's an ideal companion to last year's Horrors of the Lifechain. It's also part of my continual revision of the Guide to the Known Galaxy content I started my company with to the Pathfinder RPG ruleset. I actually was spurred to put it out by the cool piece of Purple Duck Games stockart that graces the cover. Again, I expect to do more work with the Lifechain in coming months.

Meanwhile, I'm awaiting the last artwork for Black Bestiary II, and once that's done, expect at least 200 pages of hentai-influenced horrors.

Blessed Be,