Saturday, September 17, 2016

Upcoming: Black Tokyo Char-Gen Compendium

Okay, my next project is going to be the huge, Black Tokyo race and character generation book. I'm gathering up all the character options from prior books, revising and expanding it and adding a lot of new content.

I'm going back through the draft now and incorporating a bunch of fan suggestions, really making the options odder and darker, and making some additions that really open up new play space.

I'll preview some of the mechanics later, but for right now take a look at two of Amanda's latest racial illustrations. Up top, we've got an image which will do double duty- it's a great, action oriented image of a young Goryohime battling a more traditional J-horror ghost. It'll be in the Goryohime racial section, or maybe the traits/feat chapter of the as-yet-unamed race book. It'll also be used in Enchantments of Black Tokyo II to illustrate the Life's Resurgence/Life's Violent Resurgence spells, which I previewed a few posts ago.

Beneath, we've got inks of a new illustration for the Hyakki Yokai race. I asked Amanda to illustrate a Hyakki Yokai's skinsuit popping open in mid-fuck, and the HY being totally cool with it and just keep going, unlike her rather terrified date. When she sent me the pencil sketch for this image, I asked her if she'd been watching Archer when she drew it, and she couldn't stop laughing while inking the thing. So Archer makes a cameo in Black Tokyo, having a rather ill-advised fling with a demon lady. Which is perfectly apt.

Anyway, more to come soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Occut-Tech Armory

I just put up September's first release at The first volume of the Techno-Magic Unleashed series is entitled the Occult-Tech Armory, and focuses on sci-fantasy and space opera magic items. Future books in the series will deal with campaign setting specific items for Otherverse America, Heavy Future and eventually Psi-Watch, but the gadgets here are usable in pretty much any sci-fi world. I have a feeling that when Starfinder eventually hits, you'll probably still be keeping this PDF in your 'used often' gaming folder.

Occult-Tech Armory was a ton of fun to write, because I was able to work in homages to a bunch of sci-fi weapons and gadgets, in addition to the truly out of left field stuff I came up with out of nowhere.

Among my favorites:
The Nueralizer and Noisy Cricket from Men In Black.
The Rekall Machine and exploding fat woman mask from the original Total Recall.
Circuit Breaker's Armor from the Marvel Transformers comic.
Mega Man & Samas Arran's blasters.
Iron Man's implanted arc reactor.

Anyway, OTA is up at and I put the 60 pager on sale for about three dollars. Hopefully it'll be well recieved.

My Next Book?
Right now, I've got to decide which to start gathering artwork for first. Two projects, both at roughly the same stage in the writing process, both of whom I want to see finished, and both of whom will be fun books. Do I gather art for the revised Black Tokyo character creation sourcebook first?
Or do I gather art for Ultimate Fursona first?

Opinions in my email or the comments, please.