Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cover Art, Maybe? First Look: Otherverse America

Right here is the first look at the Otherverse America campaign setting, depicting one of the Neo Witch Midwives- cybernetically enhanced, Neo-Pagan pro-choice activists. I did the art myself, working from a public domain image found on my stock art site. The costume details and background were created in Corel Photopaint. Anyway, hope you like it. I'll probably be using her as the cover art for one of the upcoming Otherverse America sourcebooks.

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Work With What You Have

I am a small businessman. Very small. Almost microscopic. I'm a very small part of a niche industry, and my operating budget is probally less than the price of a carton of smokes these days. However, like any gamer, I enjoy a lavishly illustrated PDF. So, I work with what I've got.

That includes good artists in the form of Amanda and Anthony. That includes doing alot of art myself- not quite up to their standards, but it's fun and adds some value to the pages.

It also includes stock art. For Psi-Watch, I'm relying pretty heavily on illustrations from Louis Porter's Image Portfolio line. Louis actually used several of these images to illustrate the first projects I sold him, and I have always liked the designs. The super hero stuff from the Image Portfolio collection really has a strong early Image comics vibe, and I thought I'd preview a couple of my favorite peices from the project here. Not wanting to just cut and paste images, I added some color to 'em with Corel Photopaint, a program that I've used for years, and am more comfortable in than photoshop. Enjoy guys.

The last image is all mine. It's an illustration of a member of the Final Sword Advanced Class- if you're a WildC.A.T.s fan, the inspiration for the character class should be obvious. I really liked the way she came out- the almost feline face, the strong brown skin, and the bloody crimson color palatte.

Look for some more images soon enough, and on an unrelated note: Any Super Mario Brothers fans out there reading my blog? If so, check back in a couple of days and I might have a project on deck that will make you delieriously happy- or at least chuckle bemusedly to your self.
Blessed Be,