Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abortion Providers are Heroes

When I checked the Abortioneers Blog today, I realized that three years ago today, Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed. His murder underscores one of the central themes of Otherverse America, and one of the central tenants of my political belief: abortion doctors are heroes who risk their lives everyday to help people in need.

That's it for today.
Blessed Be,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Furries Love Me!

I just released a very early playtest of my Masters of Endara setting, a 25 page free PDF entitled Monsters of Endara. I think you can guess what it's about.  As a result, I got  a pretty cool email from a fan who goes by Kodyax- big time fan of Fursona. 

He sent me a write up for a race he created for his home games using the Fursona system, and in addition, he's using the racial concept as his avatar on several furry forums and RPG sites. Very cool, and I'm glad to see he's having some fun with my stuff. 

Check out the Lupursyn race. 

As he described it they are a "combination of Lupus and Ursine they are a race of humanoid wolf-bears which is to say they look like grizzly bears with the heads and tails of wolves in a fully human like frame; based roughly on the amphicyon prehsitoric animal."

Order: Ursinis (pg 26, Fursona: The Definitive Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters)
Type: Medium Humanoid (Anthro)
Enhanced Senses: Low Light Vision, Scent
Racial Ability Score Modifiers: +4 Str +2 Con -4 Int -2 Cha

Racial Advantages
(For the sake of brevity, I'm omitting some of the Attribute Excellence and Substandard Attribute traits Kodyax stacked to make the character. Their final ability score modifiers are shown above.)

Natural Grappler (EX) +2 racial bonus to CMB and CMD
Natural Weapons (EX) claws inflict 1d4+STR mod slashing damage, considered armed and proficient while attacking. 
Unnerving Vocalization (EX) As a standard action, the Lupursyn can emit a mournful howl. All creatures within 60 ft who can clearly hear the character must succeed at a WILL Save (DC 12 + CHA mod) or become shaken for 1d4 rounds. Shaken targets become panicked instead.
Ferocity (EX) Can act as if disabled and remain conscious below 0 HP. 
Hard Dying (EX): Character only dies at negative 10+ CON score. Thus if the character has 15 CON, he would only die at -25 HP, not at the standard -10 HP. 

Racial Disadvantages
Hamfisted (EX) Your blocky fingers are unsuited to fine manipulation. Any task requiring manual dexterity, (writing, surgery, stoppering a vial, etc) takes twice as long to perform. Skill checks are at -4 if it requires manual dexterity.
Lone Hunter (EX)You are used to hunting alone and have no still at cooperation. You cannot benefit from the bonus provided by the Aid Another Action, nor can you receive a flanking bonus. However, you can use aid another yourself or assist others in setting up a flank.

Kodyax also included random height and weight charts, something I usually don't do. Very cool.
Male: 7' 10" 250 lbs 2d12 *5
Female: 7' 5" 200 lbs 2d12 *5
As written, the Lupursyn seem like a pretty kick ass race of forest dwelling brawlers, certainly appropriate for most fantasy campaigns. Anybody else got any cool anthro races they'd like to share?
Thanks again to Kodyax for the cool new PC race, 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fan Suggestions for Black Tokyo

In the comments of a previous post, Alzrius posted this, in response to a question I posed about what he would like to see in future Black Tokyo releases: 

alzrius said...
Wow, has it taken me too long to get back to you on this! Sorry for the delay, Chris.

In regards to what's missing from Black Tokyo, I think you've already got a fairly good handle on what's missing - namely, setting material that's more focused on the campaign as a PLACE, than on the mechanics. I remember being fairly confused by the location material in the first Black Tokyo, so something that tries to flesh that out more (pun intended) would be welcome.

As it is, I don't quite understand things like the setting's planar structure (this doesn't mean it needs to use mechanical planar traits, though that would be a nice extra) - the language seems to be alluding to it, rather than saying in the plainest possible way just what the Tatakama actually IS and how it interacts with the Material Plane.

Do the people living in (Black) Tokyo know about this? Or is it generally hidden from the public eye? Does it only affect Tokyo and the surrounding parts of Asia, and if so why only there?

I also think that the setting needs more iconic characters. I don't follow the Otherverse America setting too closely, but I still know about characters like Choice Meredith or the Ghost of Babies Past. I can't name one individual from Black Tokyo - to put it another way, I wish the setting got the campaign development that Otherverse America is receiving.

In regards to what I think Black Tokyo needs from a mechanical standpoint...what I really want, I mean what I REALLY want to see, are ways to make sex relevant in a mechanical context. I've blogged about this before, but ultimately role-playing games are reward focused, and the rewards are found in the mechanics, whether in-game (e.g. treasure) or meta-game (e.g. experience points). What's necessary to make sex truly tempting to the player-characters, rather than just the players (which would be awkward anyway) is a way for it to have some sort of reward mechanic. That's damn hard to do, however, and just handing out XP for having sex with a creature ("seXP"?), a la the Well Educated Slut spell (from TotT) isn't enough (and has its own problems).

Ultimately, the game needs not only a way to make sex have a reward mechanic, but also make sex (and, perhaps, a wider array of non-combat interactions) have as many options and variables as combat does now. However, I've only seen one attempt to make any such thing in the d20 System, and it remains unfinished and forgotten by the fans who were making it (due to the Book of Erotic Fantasy taking the wind out of their collective sails).

There are other, easier-to-attain things I'd like the setting to have, of course. I think you were wrong to immediately renounce "loli"-type material (the nikusui notwithstanding), though to be fair I also can't think of much in the way of mechanics for such a theme (beyond just saying "bust this race down one size category" or perhaps an erotic version of your Innocent base class).

I hesitate to say, where are the combat rules for sexually assaulting a character? In Black Tokyo, that's going to come up, either by a PC or an NPC.

I'd also like to see some sort of "sex magic" supplement, but I'm not sure how well that'd work with the Vancian casting that the d20 system uses. That is, this is how sex can be incorporated into the actual method of casting spells, rather than just new spells based around eroticism.

Those are just some off-the-cuff ideas, but I think they'd be cool to see.
May 9, 2012 5:24 PM

Anyway, I thought I'd post it up here, because Alzrius made some great points, and had some really solid criticism of the setting. I highlighted what I thought were the best points of the post. The one that really jumps out at me is that Black Tokyo lacks the sense of place, and personality that Otherverse America has. It's a pretty valid criticism after all, because OA is my baby. I've been living with that setting in my head since 6th grade, but that doesn't mean I should give Psi-Watch, Galaxy Command and Black Tokyo the short end of the stick. 

I still gotta disagree with including more loli-con content, not just from a personal standpoint, but because honestly, that shit is more trouble than its worth. The sex magic and a better social interaction system- hell yes. I've sorta danced around a deep social interaction system for years now, so building something like that, where seduction, manipulation, diplomacy, are just as effective at solving problems in game as combat..... it's something I'll build sooner or later. 

I've been thinking of revising Black Tokyo like I did with Psi-Watch and O.A., consolidating good information from later splats, cutting some of the dead wood and giving a better since of place. Plus, I'd been toying with the idea of building a POD version of Black Tokyo, so it might be the right time to do an "unlimited edition" that answers some of Alzrius' questions (and those of other readers).

I think Black Tokyo Legends: Races of the Tatakama would serve the same purpose that Species of Otherverse America did- take the bulky, character-generation sections out of the core campaign guide, put them into a kick-ass stand alone release, and free up core book page count for expanded world building and cultural info.

Anyway, thanks for the absolutely kickass 'want-list', it is definately influencing my future release plans. 
Blessed Be,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art: Culture Female by Amanda Webb

Here is the full color version of the Culture princess that'll be gracing the Forging Heroes sourcebook. I previewed the raw pencils a couple of days ago, and here is the final image.

Art by Amanda Webb, who really, really kicks ass.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming: Previews, Starting Occupations and Some Conversions?

 Okay, here's what's coming up from Otherverse Games!

First off, over to the right side of the screen we have a rough color study of the cover for Frontlines of Choice by Felipe Gaona. That luminous, alien red building? That's a Choicer abortion clinic, circa 2107. I cannot wait to see what the final version of this thing looks like. Felipe took my suggestion that the building be very organic and futuristic and ran with it in a completely unexpected direction.

Next, an inked picture of an arrogant Culture noble, from Psi-Watch, illustrated by Amanda Webb. This will form part of the cover to Forging Heroes: The Starting Occupations of Otherverse Games- my big, meaty, crunchy revision of the starting occupation rules from D20 Modern and D20 Future. She'll be joined on the cover by a Syrion adventurer and his StarDroid sidekick (from Galaxy Command) and a Choicer infantryman from Otherverse America.

I'm also working on a modern spell list, including rules on using Pathfinder RPG spellcasting classes (Sorcerer, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, and the ones from the Advanced Players Guide) in a futuristic or sci-fi setting. This one will have lots of info on using full, fantasy-style spellcasters in my four signature settings, especially replacing the nerfed D20 Modern spellcasters with full PFRPG spellcasters in Black Tokyo. That's going to be a little farther out, but I'd expect it before the heat of summer really kicks in.

I've also just sent a preview of the Monsters of Endara to Mark, for release as a free product. This is a mostly art-free 25 pager focusing on some of the monsters of the He-Man inspired Endara setting. Hopefully, it'll draw some attention to this setting. Plus, it's 25 pages of free monsters, so who wouldn't want it.

Finally, last week Curt, one of the readers here, emailed me to ask about converting some of my settings to other systems: specifically ICONS, Savage Worlds, and Mutants & Masterminds 3rd. I hadn't thought of it, but it's a damn good idea, and something I will probably explore in the near future. I've got M&M3 in PDF form on my computer, but I just ordered a print copy..... if I'm going to be working with a system, I need to have a hardcopy book in my hand to flip through. I'm actually getting more and more enthusiastic about a M&M Superlink version of Otherverse America, not to mention versions of Psi-Watch and Galaxy Command. (By the way, due to the content, Black Tokyo will remain a purely OGL product for the foreseeable future).

Blessed Be,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Starting Occupations Art: Choicer Infantry

Remember, back before I released the first edition of Otherverse America (the one with my crappy art), I previewed the basic Choicer infantry trooper? Here's Amanda's recreation of the design. I can't wait to see what she does with the colors on this guy.

He'll be going into the Starting Occupations sourcebook.


Random Comic Thoughts II

When I start writing a project, my first step is always to collect a folder full of inspirational images. For Otherverse America, my inspiration file consists of photos of real world abortion clinic protests and clinic defenses, random Deviant Art by pagans and anti-choicers alike, and comic book and anime images of strong and well armed women, not to mention cool mecha and cyborgs. Right now, I’m working on a Psi-Watch book, which means for the last couple of days I’ve been trawling the internet looking for early 1990s image art: classic pieces by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefeld.

Back during the 1990s, I mostly read the Wildstorm and Top Cow stuff: WildCATS, Stormwatch and Cyberforce- I’m a sucker for good art and team books. Out of the Extreme Studios/Rob Liefeld side of the house, I actually like Bloodstrike the best: there was something ambitious and unique about it- a bizarre mash-up of testosterone-crazed mens adventure pulps, Tom Clancy novels and zombies. Youngblood actually inspired the APEX faction in Otherverse America- I loved the idea of celebrity/military superheroes working for the US Government, and thought that was a brilliant idea, just the actual execution of the Youngblood comic was seriously lacking.

So in addition to finding tons of art, including the pic of Cabbot here, some of what I recognized, some of which I never saw back in the day, I actually found out a little bit about the backstory of some of the comics I passed on back in the day. To wit: Brigade.
Man, that thing sucked- I remember reading the first issue, tossing it, and never looking back. However, the Wikipedia summary linked above almost sounds interesting: Brigade is the worst superhero team of all time. You’ve got a self-righteous, manipulative zombie “Bloodstone” in the command slot, and the whole 34 issue run seemed to be people zombie-terrorist-guy screwed over coming back to hold him to some kind of account. You’ve got reporters infiltrating the team in the guise of superheroes, just to get dirt, you get manipulation on top of manipulation. If I thought any of this was intentional, Brigade would have been a brilliant comic- the superhero version of The Shield.

So why am I talking about Brigade of all things? Mostly because of the old TSR Marvel RPG and because of GI Joe. Now I know I’ve just raised a few eye brows in confusion. Let me back up a bit and explain. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on to Classic Marvel Forever, which among other things, has scanned PDF downloads of virtually every book in the TSR Marvel Superheroes RPG line. I’ve been reading this old game and I’m AMAZED at how good it is. (I even statted up a few Otherverse America characters using the FASERIP system, which is a shockingly intuitive and deep system.)

Now normally, I wouldn’t advocate illegal copies of gaming products, but in this case, since this site is scanning and copying books that have been out of print for 20+ years, owned by a now-defunct company, I can’t see the harm. So go check this site out.

Anyway, one of the things I like best about TSR Marvel are the Karma rules. Quick summary: Karma is the game’s XP and dramatic editing system, all rolled into one. You can spend Karma to either boost your powers and skills, or gain an edge on a die roll during play. Your character gains Karma for acting heroically, and can lose Karma for acting out of character. The Karma system is a nice reward mechanic that makes me as a gamer want to play my character like a Silver Age/early Bronze Age Marvel superhero. A neat aside is that players are rewarded, with Karma, for having a life outside superheroics: get small, but regular Karma awards for balancing your civilian job with your secret ID, for romantic entanglements, for family obligations, ect.

One of the biggest differences between classic Marvel and early Image stuff was the lack of an ordinary life. Spider Man went home to his apartment, went to the job as Peter Parker, took MJ to the movies, worried about taking care of an aging parent, and so on. By contrast, you had guys like the Cyberforce team who, between missions, basically just sat around a gun-metal subterranean bunker. There was no indication of a personal life, no real indication of interests outside superheroics, no ordinary supporting NPCs. (And while I’m dogging on Cyberforce, those characters at least had a little bit of personality. I knew, for instance, that Ripclaw wrote poetry, that Velocity liked 90s alt music- the creators took time to show me that much, at least. Compare that to some of the lower-tier Liefeld characters….like the entire cast of Brigade. I know virtually nothing about them, and can’t even remember most of their codenames.)

Okay, lets talk about GI Joe. I’ve been reading that comic religiously since I was 10. I fuckin’ grew up reading GI Joe. On the surface, GI Joe is exactly like an early Image comic- highly trained soldiers, lots of guns, lots of pouches, all living in a gun-metal bunker beneath Staten Island. Rereading some of the classic Marvel stuff alongside my obsessive research into obscure Image titles makes me wonder why nobody at the time twigged to how much influence Hama’s GI Joe run might have had on the Image founders? Uncanny X-Men was an obvious inspiration, but looking back on it now, I think GI Joe might have been almost as influential.

The big difference, of course, seems to be characterization. Even with new characters being shoveled onto him by the dozen, Hama kept the characterization of the core cast VERY solid, and pretty multi-faceted, and was able to give even the 2nd and 3rd string characters a good line or two. (The one exception, as far as I can tell from reading the first few IDW Marvel-era trades, is Short Fuse, from the original cast. That guy got like 2 lines in the first trade and then was never seen again. That poor SOB went nowhere and did nothing.)

Anyway, enough rambling. I’m working on Psi-Watch right now, and hopefully I’ll capture some of the insane energy and violence and color of the early Image comics, but with the relative emotional depth of the other works I mentioned. 

Also, I have to confess something somewhat shameful. I broke my 3 week boycott of Marvel and finally saw Avengers. That movie was too damn good. Thoughts on it later, 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Starting Talents and Occupations: Psi-Watch

I'm working on the starting occupations book, and thought I'd preview some of the new starting talents.... most of which are taken from the Psi-Watch campaign setting. And to give you something kickass to look at, some vintage Jim Lee art. I just found this pic today.... the "By Hectate...." word bubble just makes me smile so much. I think I'm going to start saying that. 

Blessed Be,

Armor Jacketing (EX)
Prerequisite: Light and Medium Armor Proficiency
            You commonly wear an armor weave leather jacket with your team insignia over your armored costume, maximizing both style and protection. You may wear a leather jacket (light armor) over any other form of armor. Doing so adds +1 to the equipment bonus of the heavier armor, without worsening armor check penalties, maximum DEX bonus, or increasing  the heavier armor’s arcane spell failure chance. And no, you cannot wear a leather jacket over another leather jacket.

Beauty of Egypt (EX)
Prerequisite: Creative, Dilettante, Heir, Pink Collar, Student or any Choicer specific starting occupation, Craft (visual arts) 1 rank
            You consider dynastic Egypt to be the pinnacle of human culture and artistry, and strive to create memes that last half as long as the pyramids. Your indepth study of Egyptology colors your own work. You receive a +1 trait bonus on Craft (visual art) and Knowledge (history) checks, as well as Diplomacy checks made against characters with a Bastian allegiance.

Dramatic Meditation (EX)
Any starting occupation, WIS and CHA 11+
            When times are toughest, you can take time to center yourself mentally, and return to the crisis with a renewed, heroic focus. Once per character level, you can perform a short, mostly improvised and personal hour long ritual. This ritual must be something that would look suitably dramatic on film: standing atop the tallest structure in the city and looking out over ‘your’ territory, staring out into the depths of space from the lonely, darkened bridge of your starship, practicing an increasingly frantic series of katas with your signature weapon, completely rebuilding your powered armor, and so on.
At the end of the ritual you describe, your character gains an additional action point, which must be spent within the next 24 hours, or it is lost without effect. If your character is 10th level or higher, he or she receives two (2) action points instead from the ritual.

Female Warfighter (EX)
Psi-Watch, General
Prerequisite: Military, Law Enforcement or Psi-Watch specific militaristic starting occupation, female gender, Adult age category or older.
You were one of the first women accepted for combat duty with an elite military unit such as SEAL Team 7 or Psi-Watch, possibly as far back as the early 1980s.

Once per day, you may act as if your STR score was 20 (if it is lower) for one round. However, you can only do so in the presence of at least one allied male character. If this character has belittled or insulted you because of your sex, you act as if you had a STR of 22 for one round instead. Activating this ability is a free action, which can be performed even on another character’s turn.

Killer Instinct (EX)
Any combat-oriented starting occupation
You are comfortable taking the kill shot. You receive a +1 trait bonus on all attack rolls made to confirm a critical hit.

Killing Inspiration (EX)
Psi-Watch, General
Prerequisite: Dilettante, Gladiator, Nightflight Citizen, Predator, Sword Cult Acoylte starting occupation, Craft (visual arts) 1 rank
            You blend battlefield prowess and artistry, savagery and creativity. For 24 hours after inflicting a critical hit on a living opponent, you are inspired by the blood and gore you spilt. During this time, you receive a +3 insight bonus on Craft (visual art) checks.

Raven of the Goddess (SU)
Otherverse America
Prerequisite: Any non-Lifer Starting occupation, any Covenant or non-Christian allegiance, pre-2020s
            You are one of North America’s oldest living pagans, and you remember a time before the Covenant formed. You remember how bad things got for witches and liberals before the Covenant’s neo-pagans ‘sharpened their athames’ and as such, fight harder than any young Witch to protect your pagan nation.
            You refuse to let the Christians kill you without a fight. Once per day, if reduced to 0 HP or fewer by any adversary you know to be Christian, and not killed outright, you can continue to fight on for one round as if disabled. At the end of this period, you fall unconscious and begin dying, unless brought above 0 HP.

Reality Programmer (EX)
Psi-Watch, Otherverse
Prerequisite: Academic, Creative, Cyber Shaman, Entrepreneur, Ghostwise, Megacorp Trainee, Military Artist, Precision Targeted Idol, Scientist’s Kid, Technician, Computer Use 4 ranks or Craft (visual arts, writing) 4 ranks
You were responsible (possibly in just a small, unwitting way) for the creation of a simulated reality training Tube Grown and Narcisician Clones. Memes you encoded in your work form a major part of the psychological make up of characters with the Tube Grown and Narcisician Clone starting occupation; you may substitute either a Computer Use or Craft (visual arts or writing) check for a Sense Motive check against these characters.

Television Warrior (EX)
Prerequisite: Feral Mutant, Gladiator, Meta-Ganger, Outcast, Predator, Time Crosser, Tube-Grown Starting Occupation, CHA 13+, Perform (any) 1 rank 
            You grew to maturity in a parallel reality ruled by predatory, media mega-corps. Every aspect of brutal life and death on this reality was focused around lethal gladiator games broadcast live as reality show snuff films. Somehow you escaped, to a world where the media is a tame housecat, not a rabid lion that devours young lives by the million.

            You fight at your best when broadcast live, making you a poor fit for stealth operations. If you spend an action point to boost any attack or damage roll, or to boost your Defense Score or activate a combat ability, you may attempt a DC 15 Perform (any) check. If this check is successful, you retain the action point. You may only use this ability when you know your actions are being filmed/recorded or broadcast electronically.

Tribal Avenger (EX)
Any Setting Involving Lifechained Creatures
Prerequisite: Tribal Starting Occupation, Knowledge (history) 1 rank
            Your tribe’s oral tradition includes facts about the star-spanning Lifechained ecosystem (Guide to the Known Galaxy, Otherverse Games 2008). Since birth, you have learned these stories, and have prepared for the day when you would defend your tribe against extraterrestrial horrors.

            You receive a +2 insight bonus on melee attack rolls against any creature with the Lifechained subtype when using a Simple or Archaic melee weapon, or when attacking unarmed.

Undeclared Major (EX)
Academy Cadet, Astronaut Trainee, Mascot, Neo-Witch Seeker, Scientist’s Kid, Student or Termite Starting Occupations, INT 13+
            You still haven’t decided what you wish to study. At character creation, and when leveling up, you do not have to assign all your skill ranks. You can wait until a situation comes up where you need the skill, and then assign ranks as a free action. You may use skills normally from that point.

Unique Scar (EX)
Intimidate 1 rank
            You’ve earned an instantly recognizable facial scar somehow. This unique scar provides you with a +1 increase to your Reputation score. You also receive a bonus on Intimidate checks, but suffer an equal penalty to Disguise checks. You can choose to receive up to +4/-4 check modifier with this starting talent, but must receive a minimum +1/-1 check modifier. Once the severity of your scar is chosen, it can’t be changed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ley Lines D20

Hey, I've been busy the last couple of weeks.....
I just finished Armada for Louis Porter, and that seems like it'll be an absolutely kickass seller for us. If you haven't already, check it out- like my Trade Routes soucebook, it's full of crunchy, world-building goodness.

On the freelance side, I've been re-reading my old Rifts books, and recently downloaded about a years worth of the Rifter. It got me thinking......

I had gotten a draft of Ley Lines to about 80% completion last year, but never finished it. So this week, I went back, tightened things up, fleshed out what I needed to, gathered some art, and sent it off to Mark for publication. Anyway, it's a meaty 35 page sourcebook designed for any Pathfinder RPG campaign, but with a special emphasis on Ley Lines in the Tatakama- my 'hentai' setting.

Check out Ley Lines when it's released later this week. It's pretty unique- includes rules for different types of Ley Line structures on a campaign world, tons of feats and starting talents all built around moving Ley Line energy around, and a new 10 level Prestige Class: The Geomancer. It works pretty well with the existing D20/PFRPG magic system, but adds a ton of depth and some flavor.

I also did another project inspired by one of my favorite Rifts races: the Dog Boys. I re-used the 'dog soldier' illustration Amanda Webb did for Fursona III, built a race around it, and released it as Project: GENEHOUND, for Psi-Watch. It's a flavorful, fun little race, and plays differently than human characters in that setting. I've also included some info on playing Genehounds in Otherverse America, Galaxy Command and Black Tokyo.

I figure my main strength is my diverse roster of settings, so I should take advantage of that whenever possible. I like doing releases focusing on one of the four campaign worlds, but with applicability for the others. That said, here's what I'm working on.....

1. I'm still gathering art for Frontlines of Choice, and that'll be out soon.

2. I just got some excellent art for the revised Guide to the Known Galaxy yesterday. I'll preview it soon enough.

3. I'm working on the Cybernetics sourcebook (which my page art is a tribute today- the absolutely coolest looking cyborg in all of gaming, by Kevin Long). Give that one another month or two.

4. I'm planning a short book on the Covenant's Woven Council, focusing on high level politics and manipulation. No art or script yet.

5. Getting back to work on Pirates of the Bronze Sky, because working on Armada and the Sky Sailor whet my appetite.

6. Also, just a question. If I started making Print on Demand versions of my sourcebooks, would you buy thhem? Any particular ones you'd like to get first, and how much would you be willing to pay? I ask that because I've been investigating the POD set up over at RPGnow, and it'll be pricy to do a single core book the size of Otherverse America, especially if I do it in color. Anyway, is there any interest in a print version (possibly a combined or expanded edition) of Psi-Watch, Galaxy Command, Black Tokyo, the complete Fursona or Otherverse America? Any sourcebooks you'd love to see?

Talk to you later,