Saturday, December 19, 2015

Working on Awesome Stuff

I've been fairly quiet for the last couple of weeks. I will likely have one more short sourcebook before the end of the year: Weapons of Rock & Roll. This book will take all the Musical and Superior Musical weapons found in various Black Tokyo and Heavy Future sourcebooks, clean up and standardize the rules, and introduce some new content. Basically these weapons can be 'fired' with a Perform check rather than an attack roll, making them very powerful and useful in the hands of bards and other performers.

As you can see from Anthony Cournoyer's art for this book, it's not just going to be laser-blasting guitars. We're going to have weaponized ghetto blasters called Block Shakers and even futuristic video gaming devices as "Musical" weapons. It's a very goofy, toyetic and fun sourcebook to write.I was working on Weapons of Rock & Roll simultaniously with my Voidsparrows racial book and the two concepts fed back and forth, because the Silverhawks cartoon, which inspired both, had the cyborg hero Bluegrass blasting away with a high tech guitar-gun.

Meanwhile, what's on deck for 2016?

Black Bestiary II, motherfuckers!

Not only that, expect a POD version of the two Black Bestiaries, probably combined into one massive hardback Bestiary, as good as anything Paizo has ever published. If all goes well, a lot of my upcoming 2016 tax return will be invested in art and other logistical resources for Otherverse Games.

Right now, I've got around fifty critters written up for Black Bestiary II- some of them you might have seen in the short-lived Tournament of Rapists sourcebook, but since that PDF's publication, the critters have been revised and expanded and made a little nastier. There's also a bunch of really freaky and horrific new monsters, and some new folkloric critters. I'll preview the contents later.

Also, expect a couple of major racial sourcebooks within the first weeks of 2016: Races of Black Japan, which will be a huge sourcebook detailing everything you need to build a hero in the Black Tokyo campaign setting, including 20+ player races to choose from, not to mention cultural templates, traits and feats. We'll also be seeing Heavy Races, another weighty sourcebook detailing all the unique races of the Heavy Future campaign world.

Previews soon, and enjoy your holidays,

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Printed First: The Complete Nemesis Bestiary

Guys, earlier this week, Mark put up Otherverse Game's first print on demand offering!I chose to put out Nemesis Bestiary first, because as generic Pathfinder RPG fantasy content, I know it'll sell well, the production costs were minimal and I had no profit sharing on this book, since it was all stock art.

I got my proof copies of both the hardback and softback earlier this week, and I'm really satisfied with how it came out. The layout's simple and crisp and the creativity behind the monsters feels as good as anything Paizo or Kobold Press has put into their bestiaries. It was just an outstanding product to do.

Anyway, now that I've got this book under my belt, who here wants a POD version of a setting specific bestiary: Horrors of the Lifechain, Closed, Black Bestiary or an as yet unnamed Psi-Watch threat book?

Let me know what you want to see in the comments or email me, and that will help decide what bestiary I put out next.

Blessed Be,