Friday, June 8, 2018

Shades and Spandex; Upcoming Books

Update time!
I just put Shades and Spandex up for sale. It's a very fun magic and psionic item sourcebook for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. From the book's sell text:

Shades & Spandex is going to be the first of a periodic series of magic and psionic items sourcebooks for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. Within, you’ll find dozens of new magic and psionic items inspired by the comics and animation of the early 1990s, all designed to enrich your campaign. Included are lethal new guns for psionic super-soldiers, armor ranging from inch thick reactive plate built up over a hydraulic exo-skeleton to ultra-light and seductive spandex, highly specialized katana and the custom-modified, black leather trenchcoats to conceal them in. 

It's also value priced. I was originally planning on selling this 45 page book at about $5, but I instead priced it at $1.95. Why? Because that was the cover price of WildCATS issue 1, published by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi in 1992. 

Next up, a quick look at an upcoming book. A few days back I purchased Sandy Peterson's Cthullu Mythos for Pathfinder from It's a fucking awesome sourcebook, and at over 500 pages, it's a really ambitious one. It's also a book ideally suited for PDF format, even though I'd love to get a hardcopy sooner or later. I got to thinking about my Horrors of the Lifechain series.... collecting everything done to date, adding a ton of new content and aiming for a deep space and cosmic bestiary even bigger and more ambitous than last year's Secret Soldiers

Anyway, the five Anthony Cournoyer thumbnails at right are the first new creatures specifically commissioned for this book.  The top row includes a creatures called a Pallintid Knight (the shark woman), Kyklos Gemeson (the robo-giraffe), and the Quinniuq (the floating totem pole thing). The Quinniuq are going to be my Quintession analouges, and they're a really fun breed of bad guy. 

The bottom row includes the Zammax Giant (at left) and the Omni-Consumptos (evil Tony the Tiger, at right). I've imagined the Omni-Consumptos as a new type of Great Old One, a psychic parasite that takes its form from a victim-planet's pop culture and advertising. Basically, he's a dark sci-fi riff on the StayPuft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters; one of his racial abilities is even titled "Choose the Form of the Destructor"... he was a ton of fun to write up. 

Blessed Be

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Upcoming Short Project: The Spookies

Hey, finally thought I'd update you on what's coming. I'm gathering art for the Black Atlas - a weighty, 200+ page tome detailing Black Tokyo in greater depth than ever before. It's going to be a massive book, complex to design and expensive to produce, but it should come out this year.

I'm also actively writing the drafts of campaign guides for Psi-Watch (set in alternate 1993, in line with the history hinted at in Secret Soldiers) and Heavy Future. Right now, I'm 4K or 5K words of new content into the Heavy Future draft, and am at the rough outline phase of the Psi-Watch draft.

However, last weekend I had an idea, comissioned Amanda to provide some art (seen at right), and this weekend or early next week I should have a new short player race sourcebook out. I'm calling the new race "The Spookies" - they're designed for Pathfinder. Remember a year or two back, I put out the Adventure Princess race, that basically allowed you to play a Disney Princess in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? The Spookies do the same for Tim Burton-style undead. Mechancially, they're a lot of fun, and they've got a unique flavor to them.

Look for the Spookies soon, than maybe a few more short projects before some of my major releases hit.

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Enchantments of Black Tokyo: Revised, Expanded and Fucking Awesome!

Guys, I just finished layout and final editing on Enchantments of Black Tokyo: Revised Edition! This new sourcebook stands at 341 pages of ultra-dense content and just went on sale at for $19.99.

I've gone ahead and sent the revised edition to all purchasers of the first edition and deactivated that product. I also chose to set the Revised Edition at the same pricepoint as the first edition despite the fact it's over 100 pages longer and has a lot more, and better, artwork.

Right now, I have a couple more magic items books in the works, which I've been tinkering away with for the past few months. However, I feel like 2018 is going to be the year of huge setting guides. I've got a solid draft of The Black Atlas, the revised setting guide for the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting that I've been sitting on for about 2 years now.  It stands at about 290 page as a Word document, and I want to add about 100 more pages of content before going forward, and add a lot more horrific and disturbing elements.

I'd also like to get out true, complete and well-illustrated guides for the Psi-Watch and Heavy Future campaigns, as they've never had really good world books. Likewise I'd love a decent gazetteer for the Otherverse America campaign, take the world out of San Francisco 2107 and into the country as a whole.

It took a while to get my creative mojo back, but putting out Enchantments of Black Tokyo: Revised Edition helped me do it.

Blessed Be,

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Yes, I'm Still Alive

I realized this afternoon it's been close to three months since I've updated the blog and about as long since I've put out a new product. Part of that has been due to a genuinely hellish winter: over the last few months I've dealt with the death of a coworker, a flu that took me out of action for most of January and most recently, a scratched cornea as a result of a biking accident.

Also, of course, I've been a casualty of the most insidious illness of all: PS3 addiction. Yeah, that thing is a major time sink.

Also, I've been doing too much revising and expansion on the revised Enchantments of Black Tokyo sourcebook - more content, more art, a fancier layout, set it up for POD.... all of which costs time and money that the book might never repay me for, as good as I want it to be. So I think at this point, I just need to get the book out as is, and put something outthere and break the log jam.

After that, I've got a few more magic item books in the pipeline, at various stages of completion, and a Lifer player's guide at the completed final draft stage.

So I'm getting back into layout for Enchantments of Black Tokyo tonight, and hope to have it out soon. Thanks for the patience.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Enchantments of Black Tokyo

First off, an admission. I bought a used Playstation 3 and several games two weeks ago, including Skyrim. Which means at this point, I'm at least two weeks behind schedule on pretty much everything.

However, I've been doing a little bit of work. Rather than doing a second volume of Enchantments of Black Tokyo, I decided to put out a revised, combined edition that will run around 300 pages. I'm going to include the revised file in the downloads of the first edition for readers who got the book through That way, if you've bought EBT's first edition, you get the revised version free.

I started laying out this book last night, and I've got about 90% of the art I want and need for the book. I'm debating whether to wait till this coming payday and add a little additional art, or put it out as is. I  think I'll likely decide against additional delay, and have the book out.

Over on the right is the new cover, illustrated by Anthony Cournoyer, depicting two of the enchanted powered armor available in the setting. The blue suit is the Torture Ballerina Hardsuit, and the crimson suit is called the Oni-Blood Hardsuit, and was deliberately designed as a magic-tech homage to Priss' hardsuit in the Bubblegum Crisis anime.

Anyway, expect the revised Enchantments of Black Tokyo within a week or two, Skyrim be damned. The sell text and introduction are below:

This revised and dramatically expanded edition of The Enchantments of Black Tokyo is a complete and definitive guide to spells and sorcery in the strangest campaign setting ever imagined. Hundreds of new spells offer darkly thematic new ero-horror new weaons to traditional spellcasters or unparalleled flexibility to the point-based Modern Spellcasters. From spells that force lethal orgasms to spells that transform the caster into a horrific spider demon, these unique new spells blend traditional Japanese myth with hentai horror.

The real meat – the blood and guts of the sourcebook – is the exhaustive collection of magic items. Black Tokyo is a very high magic modern fantasy/horror campaign, where magic is common place, found on every darkened corner. Some of these items previously appeared in various Black Tokyo sourcebook including this sourcebook’s first editions, and are collected here to build the ultimate toy box for your campaign. Others are all new, never before seen, ranging from enchanted school uniforms to mystically empowered laptops and game consoles or a diverse array of weapons and sorcerous armors. A myriad of new powered armors, dangerous artifacts and occult-tech oddities have been added to the setting. Consumable wondrous items and enchanted sex toys join the roster of more traditional magic items and special gear.

This book’s subtitle is “Schoolgirls, Sex Toys and Powered Armor”, which should give you an idea of what you’re in for. Enchantments of Black Tokyo takes some of the most stereotypical elements of anime as an artform, melds them into a cohesive whole and presents them as part of an dark, eroticized horror setting. At nearly double the wordcount of it’s first edition, the revised and expanded edition of Enchantments of Black Tokyo is pregnant with new magic, ready to birth new wonders and horrors into your Black Tokyo campaign.

Included in this edition:
·         Terrifyingly effective combat spells like Execution Chamber, Final Form, Horrorcore Transformation, Marshmellow Hell, Parade of Gory Deaths, and Vorpal Finger let you mutilate your enemies in bizarre (and stylish) new ways.
·         Epic-level spells like Mighty Kaiju Henshin transform you into a sky-scraper sized superhero, while other spells, like Spider Yokai or Grotesque Oral Lusts warp you into lesser, but still demonic shapes.
·         Disguisting skatto spells like Bladder Spike, Foul Infusion and Downpour of Filth turn trangessive fetishes into raw power.
·         Truly vile and disturbing spells, like the Kappa’s Obscene Kiss and Purity of Rape, intended to be wielded by the setting’s worst monsters. Can you survive the monstrous onslaught?
·         An assortment of all-new magic wands for use by evil-blasting heroines!
·         Dozens of unique racial artifacts designed by (and for) Akaname, Nekomusume, Goryohime and other inhuman heroes and villians.
·         Busty Magic and the all new Pettanko Magic – cast unique spells using the size of your character’s breasts as an additional spell component!
·         Advanced technology married to occult enchantments, in the form of half a dozen ultra-lethal Hardsuits. Duel high above the Tokyo night in a suit of magi-tech powered armor like the Torture Ballerina Hardsuit or Moonlight Assault Hardsuit.
·         Quirky anime and video game-inspired enchantmented weapons like the Assault Witch Carbine, Expelling Scissors or the colorful Hirosaki series of weapons.
·         Artifacts ranging from myth including Kusanagi, the First Katana, Ai-Ona’s Spear, the Tide Jewels, demonic artifacts like the Demon’s Phallus or the immortality-bestwoing Vile Bloodworms, to high-value modern artifacts like a Catprogram Upgrade.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cosmic Toybox

Well, I just entered Cosmic Toybox for sale at It's 121 pages of new magic items, all inspired by classic 80s cartoons like He-Man and Transformers, to name only the two most famous and obvious inspirations. It was a ton of fun to do, and broke the mental log jam on my long awaited He-Man homage project, Masters of Endara. I'm actually about 20 pages into that setting right now, as I wait for the last of the needed artwork for some Black Tokyo and other projects.

So my next book on the horizon will be a huge magic sourcebook for Black Tokyo, then probably a Lifer faction player's guide for Otherverse America. After that, expect some big worldbooks coming soon, including an already complete Black Tokyo atlas that I'm just awaiting art for, and a Heavy Future gazetteer that I'm just beginning to write. And of course, Endara, mentioned above and a Psi-Watch world book when I get around to it. Expect 2018 to be the year of big-fucking-campaign-worldbooks. 

Well, lets take a look at the sale text for Cosmic Toybox. Let me know what you think of it, as I had a ton of fun writing it.

Cosmic Toybox is a homage to the cartoons I grew up watching.

Cosmic Toybox incorporates content from Battlechangers: Ironworks and expands on it… a lot. Heroic transforming Battlechangers are found throughout the Multiverse, and where you can find either of these shapechanging mechanoids, you can find their iconic gear and artifacts. Anthro heroes are as widely dispersed and as iconic as the Battlechangers, so Cosmic Toybox also includes a full assortment of Anthro weapons, armor and magical wonders, including the legendary Omens weapons. Furry heroes can fight alongside totemistic warriors, or imbue mystical weapons and gear so their human allies can borrow some of the best abilities of the animal kingdom.

 In addition to gear for gigantic robots and half-animal heroes, other pieces of gear in this sourcebook are inspired by other 80s cartoons: from the techno-magical wonders wielded by barbarian heroes and highly trained ninja commandos to the holographic accessories of ultra-tech pop starlets. Often, these new weapons and armor are derived wholly or in part from recovered Technysian technology, or were inspired by a chance encounter with the superhuman.