Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Upcoming: The Occult-Tech Armory

Well, the next project I plan to release is a mid-length (75-150 pgs) magic item sourcebook building off of the content introduced in Technology Unleashed. I'm tentatively titling this sourcebook Techno-Magic Unleashed: Occult-Tech Armory. I'll be using the Techno-Magic Unleashed branding for future spell & magic item sourcebooks for my various campaign worlds, including a Heavy Future and more Otherverse America content.

Today I thought I'd preview a set of magic items all designed around a common theme, which you'll be seeing in Occult-Tech Armory. I plan to include riffs on some of the most famous gadgets & weapons in sci-fi. For instance, last night, I included a version of the mind-wiping wand from Men In Black, as well as an explosive face mask  that you'd find familiar after watching (the original) Total Recall and a pretty sweet magic blaster inspired by the 'weapon' from Portal. So I've been having a lot of fun stating out cool movie, comic and game homages- in the comments recommend me some favorite gear and gadgets to play with, I might have forgotten to do something cool.

Every item in this weapon and armor set has the "Street Judge" prefix, and is inspired by... you can probably guess from the page image. I'll show you some more new content soon. (And please ignore the wierd formatting: every time I post a preview from a Word document onto this blog, the thing comes out looking like that.)


Helmet, Street Judge’s

Aura strong telepathy CL 13th            

Slot head Price 109,200 gp (DC 34) Weight 5 lbs
This fully enclosed tactical helmet obscures the wearer’s face behind ebony mirror-glass. The helmet itself is glossy, iridescent black, and the frame around reflective visor is a striking crimson. An outsized, golden rank insignia is worn on the forehead.

The Street Judge’s helmet places the wearer under a constant personal barred mind effect. However, the wearer cannot manifest psionic powers, expend psionic focus or otherwise use personal psionic abilities while the helmet is worn. This helmet can attach to any suit of armor with the Space Suit property and preserves that property.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, personal barred mind (Ultimate  Psionics)

Cost 54,600 gp (DC 32)          

Street Judge’s Armor

Aura strong transmutation CL 13th     

Slot armor Price 71,250 gp (DC 33) Weight 30 lbs
The Street Judge’s Armor is an intimidating set of glossy black tactical body armor accented with heavy and exaggerated rank insignia worn on the pauldrons. A large police badge emblazoned with the designated wearer’s name, forged from a bullet-proofed alloy of gold and titanium is worn on the left breastplate.

Street Judge’s Armor is a +3 vigilant mass production tactical armor of heavy fortification.
A non-lawful creature who dons Street Judge’s Armor gains one permanent negative level, which never results in level loss, but cannot be removed while the creature wears the armor.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be lawful, limited wish, righteous might
Cost 35,625 gp (DC 30)

Street Judge’s Enforcer

Aura faint transmutation CL 4th         

Slot weapon Price 13,300 gp (DC 27) Weight 4.5 lbs
The Street Judge’s Enforcer is a bulky personal energy pistol with a glossy black casing with the same harsh lines as Street Judge’s Armor. A golden eagle badge is stamped into the contoured black pistol grip.

The Street Judge’s Enforcer is a +2 jurist smuggler’s blaster of infinite ammunition.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, owl’s wisdom, infinite ammunition
Cost 6,850 gp (DC 24)

Street Judge’s Machine Pistol

Aura strong evocation CL 12th           

Slot weapon Price 61,250 gp (DC 32) Weight 3 lbs
The Street Judge’s Machine Pistol is assembled from the same gloss black alloy as the hardened plating of the Street Judge’s Armor and matching helmet. A stylized eagle badge is stamped into the casing. The weapon glows with fiery internal light.

The Street Judge’s Machine Pistol is a +3 igniting, nimble shot military SMG.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bow spirit, fireball
Cost 30,625 gp (DC 30)

Street Judge’s Skullbuster

Aura faint enchantment CL 5th          

Slot weapon Price 16,500 gp (DC 28) Weight 1 lb
This polymer plastic fighting stick has a durable ebony shaft. The hilt is capped in a large and baroque silver eagle, which clutches the weapon in its talons.

The Street Judge’s Skullbuster is a +2 invigorating shapememory truncheon.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, good hope.  
Cost 8,250 gp (DC 25) 


Monday, June 27, 2016

The Black Bestiary II Now On Sale!

As promised, Black Bestiary II is now on sale at RPGnow!

The book topped out at about 175 pages of very dense content with an initial 20 dollar cover price. Those of you who got a preview copy from me will see a slightly different book than originally intended. I removed a handful of monsters from the book simply because I hadn't purchased art for them, and the creatures were so visually unusual they couldn't be illustrated with stock. I'd already spent a ton commissioning art for BB II, so I decided to hold off a handful of creatures (Hell's Bozukuzo, Ramat Sect Hammer Loli, the Rice Taker and Snapping Maw Woman)  for inclusion in the eventual BB III. Yes, I'm already beginning work on a third bestiary for this absolutely freaky, super controversial setting! I'll preview some of these cut monsters in a later post.

I did however, add several new monsters not included in preview drafts, including the Adventuring Akaname, Smilodon Risk Cat-Girl and Landmate POETICA... the Landmate POETICA is one I really enjoyed doing, and fits well with my Assault Witch characters. Her genesis was simple- she was one of many illustrations John Picot sent a few months back. I must have just skimmed her, went on to the next thing, because I rediscovered the illustration last week and was blown away. Holy shit, here's the perfect militaristic mecha-musumune character to add to the book.

Here's the sales text from BB II, so you can see what you're going to be getting.

The Black Bestiary II is the second major bestiary for the adults-only, hentai-horror Black Tokyo Campaign Setting. Together the two volumes of this series detail and describe more than 200 new creatures for the world, some drawn from folklore and history, others inspired by some of anime’s most iconic heroes, villains and monsters.

Black Bestiary II conjures a host of terrifying new creatures that fill out the post-apocalyptic ecosystem of the Tottori Sand Dunes… takes an expanded look at the loathsome Rape Pure Tournament and it’s lethal, sexually predatory brawlers… and introduces the enigmatic, bio-mechanical Abyss to the Japan’s deadly skies.

High technology meets ancient horror, as several new models of gigantic Mecha stride the land and adaptable, alien Battlechangers wage a hidden war in Black Tokyo’s crowded, teeming mega-cities. Cannibalistic horrors like the Azukibabaa Chef and the Gakido Walker feed on the flesh of innocent women and children. Selfish sexual predators such as the darkly comedic Moe Collector, sadistic yet seemingly mundane Mortal Sex Criminals, or the shadow-dancing lust-murderer codenamed Boy Alpha stalk the shadows and kill at their leisure. Legendary monstrosities like the Shikome carry out The Ubume Empress’ dark designs for the Earth Realm.

Low level creatures like the hatefully jealous Black Issunboshi, or the extremely variable Oni Dreg, one of the vast hordes of Hell, challenge low level adventurers. Veteran demon-hunters can chase feral Gaki through the neon-lit Tokyo night, or cross swords with the insufferably arrogant Kappa of Blades. Meanwhile, highly experienced champions can risk themselves against the unholy might of bizarre new Kaiju unique to Black Japan: an endlessly hungry train that serves pitiless masters… a dragon that can crack the planet in half upon its death… or the legendary, earthquake-birthing Namazu itself.

Get ready. 

Nice, huh? Leave me some comments here, let me know what you think.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Laying Out Black Bestiary II

Well, I'm currently deep into the layout process for Black Bestiary II. I just finished the Gs with the Gurofiend entry. I'll start back up later tonight with the Hell's Conscript monster, a WWII vintage, CR 1 undead who opens up the Hs.

Expect the book up for sale by mid-week.And by the way, it's going to look fucking great.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

More Black Tokyo Goodness

Hey, everybody, today I thought I'd preview some just released and upcoming Black Tokyo content.

First off, I've just released a new, 25-page collection of magic items for the setting entitled Back to School in Black Tokyo. This short collection is all about enchanted school uniforms, related weapons and magical items. It's a fun, quick sourcebook, which serves as a nice preview for the upcoming Enchantments of Black Tokyo Vol 2. The cover to this one is by Amanda Webb: I reused the image I comissioned of the Free Neko character (who you'll meet in Black Bestiary II) for the cover art.

Next, take a look at the cover art for Black Bestiary II, by John Picot. I'm waiting on four outstanding pieces of artwork, and then I'll put out this huge bestiary. I expect this one to top 175 pages, a little smaller than the first volume, but still pretty weighty and content-rich. 

Finally, John always sends me tons of random artwork that I pick through at my leisure and use for various projects whenever inspiration strikes. He honestly sends me more art than I can use some times. One of the images he sent was a Godzilla-esque monster, which I we both agreed belonged in Black Bestiary II. The only question was what to do with this creature, especially since Paizo already published a very passable Godzilla homage in their Pathfinder Bestiary IV. 

After playing around with the image for a while, I ended up building a very powerful Kaiju which incorporates a little of Godzilla plus a whole lot of Final Fantasy's Bahumet. He's a fun, epic-level threat.

Take a look at Ultimus the Unmaker, who will be one of the most powerful new monsters in Black Bestiary II, and certainly a worthy addition to named villains like the Ubume Empress or Taru Tsuyoi. 


Kaiju, Ultimus the Unmaker – CR 28
Colossal NE Dragon (extraplanar, kaiju)
XP 4,915,200
Init +5 Senses Lowlight vision, Darkvision 120 ft, see in darkness, true seeing, Perception +           
Languages Draconic, Infernal, Japanese

AC 42 Touch 16 Flatfooted 40 (-8 size, +1 DEX, +1 dodge, +26 natural, +12 deflection*)
HP 61d12+427 hp (824 HP)
Damage Reduction 20/epic
FORT +44 REF +29 WILL +34
Immune critical hits*, ability damage, ability drain, death effects, disease, energy drain, fear, radiation
Resist Electricity 20, Fire 20, Force 15
Spell Resistance 32
Weaknesses Reincarnation Vulnerability

Spd 120 ft, Swim 240 ft 
Melee two +74 claws (2d12+20 slashing, 20/x4) plus +74 bite (4d12+30 piercing, 20/x5 plus swallow whole)
Ranged +55 entropic fire (6d12 entropy*, 20/x4, 1000 ft maximum range)
Special Attacks Hurl Foe, Swallow Whole (6d12 entropy*, AC 36, HP 82)
Special Qualities Amphibious, Ferocity, Massive, Recovery
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 61st Concentration +66) 
Special (when summoned) – Reproductive Apocalypse (F-DC 26)
Special (when reduced to 0 HP) – Planet Killer

Str 51 Dex 13 Con 43 Int 9 Wis 22 Cha 18
Base Atk +61 CMB +89 CMD 100
Feats Assume Ultimus the Unmaker can perform any Combat feat desired, due to his immortality, rage and sheer innate power.  
Skills Climb +84, Intimidate +89, Perception +49, Sense Motive +29, Survival +70, Swim +92

Environment any land or aquatic (native to the Black Else)
Organization solitary and unique
Treasure standard (in lair)

Special Abilities
Entropic Fire (SU)
The flames shrouding Ultimus the Unmaker and boiling in his blood are pure, primal entropy- the energy of unmaking. Energy resistance and immunity do not apply to Ultimus the Unmaker’s entropic fire ranged attack, nor against the damage inflicted by his swallow whole. A target reduced to 0 HP by these attacks is completely disintegrated, along with all their gear. Creatures slain in this manner can only be returned to life by the direct intervention of a deity.

These colorless fires surround Ultimus the Unmaker providing the creature with a deflection bonus to Armor Class.

Extraplanar (SU)
Though not an Outsider, Ultimus the Unmaker is considered an extraplanar creature on all planes aside from the Black Else. The creature is vulnerable to banishment and similar effects.

Price of the Summoning (SU)
Any being desperate enough, or furious enough to summon Ultimus the Unmaker from its icy coffin will pay the ultimate price. All members of the summoner’s ethnicity/nation or faith are affected by Reproductive Apocalypse (F-DC 26 negates), including the summoner himself. This ability affects the creature that turns the last of the five keys that would free the creature- he is considered the beast’s summoner.

Reincarnation Vulnerability (SU)
Ultimus the Unmaker is especially vulnerable to the actions of heroes with souls strong enough to remember their prior mortal incarnations. Characters who possess the Reincarnate feat can inflict critical hits against Ultimus the Unmaker.

Ultimus Flare (SU)
If the great dragon, Ultimus the Unmaker is ever defeated, the heavens themselves cry out in shock. When Ultimus the Unmaker is reduced to 0 HP and its Recovery special quality activates, this power also activates.

The nearest star to the planet upon which Ultimus the Unmaker was defeated upon erupts in a storm of lethal radiation. This functions as Planet Killer, targeted at the planet of the dragon’s defeat, striking the planet after Ultimus the Unmaker’s defeat. If Ultimus the Unmaker can be truly slain within before this period elapses, the Planet Killer is aborted.

Ultimus the Unmaker is a primal dragon- personification of entropy itself, of the end of all things. The great dragon is eternally dead, trapped in a coffin of ebony ice somewhere on a distant shore of the Black Else. The ice is a prison, a trap of absolute, cosmic zero- it can be melted and shattered if special obsidian keys are placed in obsidian locks and turned in proper sequence. The location of both the dragon’s prison, as are the locations of many of these keys, yet the Unmaker has only arisen to rampage a handful of times in the Multiverse’s long history. The Ubume Empress holds one such key, the Amakaze Executive board another, the Emperor of Japan yet another. Another obsidian key rests forgotten in a long abandoned temple in the Indian jungles, while others are scattered throughout the Three Realms and amongst the dreams of men and demons.

There are five locks on Ultimus the Unmaker’s coffin; five of the many obsidian keys, each wielded by a different hand must be placed within the ice-rimmed locks. The being that turns the fifth and final key, that completes the dark ritual of liberating the behemoth is considered its summoner, and he can command the Unmaker, or at least guide the creature’s endless rage. However, the curse bound to the Unmaker’s prison dooms the summoner, and the entirety of his race to extinction. This price, too, is well known.

When freed, Ultimus the Unmaker destroys everything, on a brutal path of annihilation carved out of the Multiverse, appearing on a plane of its summoner’s choice. It attacks the enemies of its summoner, their assets and people slightly ahead of other targets, but eventually, it destroys all things. When the great dragon eventually annihilates the world upon which it stands, it drifts through the void for a time, before it fades from the Multiverse to reappear within its primordial, freezing tomb.

Ultimus the Unmaker is a truly enormous dragon, with a mass greater than the entirety of many smaller Japanese towns. The creature is saurian, with a body similar to a tyrannosaur or other great sauropod. The Unmaker’s eyes are intelligent and malicious, taking a grim pleasure in genocide and wanton destruction.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quick Art Preview: Black Bestiary II and Psi-Threats Vol III

I'm at work on my break so it won't be a long post, but I thought I'd preview some of the art for a couple of upcoming Bestiaries.From the top, we have an Akaname adventurer, who will show up in the revised race book and probably a future edition of Black Bestiary, by Amanda Webb.

Then, take a look at a psionic superhero in an X-Men esque costume by John Picot. I will either use her to illustrate either the Augmentus character or the Mutant Rescue Expert character in an upcoming Psi-Watch Bestiary.

After that, John Picot's illustration of the Codeword character, the mechanics of which you saw a preview of in my last post.

Next, you've got an inked sketch of a new monster called a Kappa of Blades from Black Bestiary II, by Vic Shane. The Kappa of Blades is a lot closer to the mythological version of the Kappa than Paizo's version, and as you can see from the illustration, he's going to be a fun, tough fight.

After the Kappa, take a first look at a major new setting villain for Psi-Watch, our Apocalypse analogue, Nyarlahotep the Obsidian Pharaoh. Adding a little Cthullu Mythos to Psi-Watch worked out really well, and opened up some interesting design space.

Next, you've got a rough sketch of the Road Dancer Mecha by Vic Shane. This light powered armor is inspired by the Knight Sabers & the Motoslave from Bubblegum Crisis, and will be appearing in Black Bestiary II.

Finally, Sekhmet Ammt makes the jump from the
Action Galaxy setting into Psi-Watch as the time-warping, ultra-manipulative power behind Nyarlahotep and his entire, pseudo-Egyptian faction. This illustration is John Picot's, and all these new baddies take advantage of the assortment of Egyptian flavored props & costume components he's got.

Talk to you in a couple days,

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Upcoming Besitaries: Black Bestiary II and a Big Psi-Watch Book

Well, I'm currently working on a few bestiaries. As of this afternoon, I'm waiting on six final pieces of artwork for Black Bestiary II, the last pieces to be commissioned from Vic Shane. So right now, I'm letting Black Bestiary II sit on the back burner. When I get the last art I'll take a long weekend and get it put out.

In the mean time I'm finally setting up a big, and as yet untitled Psi-Watch Bestiary. This one will include all the content from the previous two short monster books: Mutant & Machine and All The Agents, as well as a ton of new content. I also want to revise Vector of Infection as a part of the bestiary, and include stats for named setting baddies like Elizabeth Vose, various Culture and Bleeding Ghost threats, MOI and some others. The other day I had a great inspiration- spawned by rereading a ton of classic Lovecraft- that led to the creation of several major setting villains.

I'm shooting for a bestiary that's at least as big as Black Bestiary Vol I, maybe bigger. Over the last two weeks I've added about 30 villains. I might release an intermediary third bestiary, or just push right for a the combined big bestiary. I don't quite know yet. In the mean time, take a look at three very fun stat blocks inspired by 1990s comics that will be making it into this bestiary. The artwork of course, is not mine, and not what will appear in the final sourcebook.

Armory Cyborg – CR 5
Medium N Monstrous Humanoid (heavy cyborg)
XP 1,600
Init +3 Senses Darkvision 60 ft, lowlight vision, perceive unencrypted wifi/radio/television signals, Perception +12
Languages English, either Arabic or Farsi, one other Earth language of choice

AC 24 Touch 13 Flatfooted 21 (+3 DEX, +3 armor, +8 natural)
HP 6d10+24+20* hp (77 HP)
FORT +9 REF +8 WILL +3
Immune extensive cyborg immunities, dazed, stun, pain effects
Weaknesses Cybernetic Security Risk -2

Spd 40 ft
Melee +11/+5 slam (1d6+5 bludgeoning, 20/x2)
Ranged +9/+9/+4 cyber-guns (2d6 variable damage type, 20/x3, 50 ft range increment, full auto)
Special Qualities Ferocity, Unhealing 

Str 20 Dex 17 Con 18 Int 11 Wis 13 Cha 10
Base Atk +6 CMB +11 CMD 24
Feats Combat Reflexes*, Improved Point Blank Shot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
Skills Computer Use +4*, Craft (electronic, mechanical) both at +6, Drive +6*, Pilot +6*, Perception +12, Stealth +14
Gear utility bodystocking
Headware- Onboard Computer +2, Attack Barrier, Combat Computer (combat reflexes), Targeting Optics +2, Technical Database, Piloting Link
Defenses – Recoil Dampening Braincase, Pain Editor
Bodyware – Durability Implants x2, Haste Implant

Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, squad (4-6) or platoon (12-16) often grouped with other military super-humans of roughly equivalent CR
Treasure standard (including gear)

Special Abilities
Scan Optics (EX)
As a move equivalent action, the Armory Cyborg can activate a deep scan of nearby targets, one of her cybernetic eyes flaring with a starburst of exotic energy. The Armory Cyborg becomes aware of all Energy Resistances, Immunities and Vulnerabilities of all creatures within a 30 ft cone.

Reactive Gunfire (EX)
The Armory Cyborg can make ranged attacks against adjacent targets without provoking attacks of opportunity, and may make attacks with her cyber-guns as an attack of opportunity.

Piloting Link (EX)
When the Armory Cyborg drives or pilot any vehicle modified to accept a direct neural interface, the Armory Cyborg provides that vehicle with a +2 insight bonus to Armor Class.

Versatile Armory (EX)
The Armory Cyborg gets his name from his seemingly limitless variety of built-in weapons. She’s got a gun capable of killing anything in his onboard arsenal, it’s just a matter of finding it.

The Armory Cyborg may change the damage type inflicted by her cyber-guns as part of an attack action. She may change damage types in between attacks in a full attack sequence. The damage types available to choose from include:
·         Ballistic
·         Non-lethal Ballistic
·         Piercing (representing darts, power-launched shuriken or needler type weapons)
·         Electrical
·         Fire
·         Force
·         Sonic
·         Undefined Energy (not subject to energy resistance or immunity. This energy type is available for only one attack every two rounds.)

You could purchase a pair of F-22 Raptors for what it costs to place a fully-trained, fully-equipped Armory Cyborg into the field, but any government or mega-corp capable of fielding an Armory Cyborg probably considers that a good bargain. Armory Cyborgs are highly specialized full conversion cyborg supersoldiers. They are equipped with limitless firepower: with a thought, the cyborg can shape her modular cyber-systems into virtually any ranged weapon ever devised by mankind.

Armory Cyborgs are deployed as first-strike assault troops. They are the heavy gunners of most mega-corp and PMC units, and official militaries such as Psi-Watch and Puzzle Ops wield their Armory Cyborgs in a similar manner. Armory Cyborgs are violent and proactive, and sheer fuckin’ overkill can solve any problem. If a problem persists, just apply more gunfire until it goes away.

Armory Cyborgs have gun-metal silvery cyber-chassis composed of an evershifting panoply of modular mechanical components. When needed, part of the Armory Cyborg’s artificial body can become a firearm or military energy weapon, and the Armory Cyborg can adjust her weapons load out on the fly. The Armory Cyborg maintains a false human appearance, a cyber-skin mask resembling their birth face composed of bullet proof synth-flesh covering a metallic skull. Similar synth-flesh covers the Armory Cyborg’s hands and forearms. Armory Cyborgs wear the field uniform of their employer or patron government proudly.

Augmentus – CR 9
Medium N or any Lawful Humanoid (aberration, élan, psionic)
XP 6,400
Init +3 Senses Lowlight vision, Perception +3
Languages Celestial, English, at least two other Earth languages of choice

AC 22 Touch 18 Flatfooted 19 (+3 DEX, +4 deflection*, +4 armor, +1 shield)
HP 14d8+42 hp (105 HP)
FORT +7 REF +7 WILL +12
Immune non-magical disease
Weaknesses Cybernetic Security Risk +2 (yes, his attack barriers are so good he gets a +2 bonus on WILL Saves to resist cyber-hacking, but is still at risk for cyber-hacking due to his implants)

Spd 30 ft, Flight 60 ft (average, but can hover)
Melee +11/+11/+6 combat balanced daggers (1d4+3 slashing, 19-20/x2)
Ranged +13/+8 parasitic psi-bolt (3d6 force, 20/x3, 50 ft range increment plus power point loss, W-DC 20 negates)
Psi-Like Abilities (ML 14th Concentration +17) 
Constant – Detect Teleportation
- Detect Remote Viewing
At WillConcussive Onslaught (7d6 force, F-DC 20)
-          Fold Space (as move action)
-          Mental Barrier (*included in stat-block above)
-          Telekinetic Force (up to 475 lbs)
1x/day – Psychic Crush (5d6 damage on save, W-DC 20)
            - Shrapnel Burst (13d6 piercing, R-DC 20)

Str 16 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 16
Base Atk +10 CMB +13 CMD +26
Feats Dodge, Hover, Point Blank Shot, Psychic Shot, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting
Skills Acrobatics +20, Autohypnosis +20, Bluff +20, Computer Use +12, Fly +24, Knowledge (psionics, technology) both at +20, Pilot +8
Gear pair of +1 combat balanced daggers, +1 utility bodystocking,
Headware – Onboard Computer, Attack Barrier +3

Environment any
Organization solitary, pair or trinity, plus assorted servants, such as Techno-Fascists, Black Operators and the like
Treasure double or triple standard (in lair, also including gear)

Special Abilities
Parasitic Psi-Bolts (Ps)
The Augmentus can fire painful blasts of psionic lightning that burn power points directly out of the brains of their target. A psionic target struck by one of the Augmentus’ parasitic psi-bolts loses a number of power points equal to the damage inflicted by the psi-bolt, unless they succeed at a DC 20 WILL Save. If a target has fewer power points remaining than the amount of PP lost, the target is shaken for one round per extra power point; targets who are already shaken become frightened instead. The target can attempt a new DC 20 WILL Save at the end of each round to end the effect.  Non-psionic creatures damaged by the parasitic psi-bolt suffer no additional effect beyond mere damage.

Augmentus are highly evolved post-humans with vast and dangerous psychic abilities. The Huxley Emergence has spent decades breeding the ultimate psion- the next stage of human evolution, as far above ‘uncivilized’ psions as they are above baselines. Given enormous freedom, unimaginable luxuries and all the praise due clever, fast-learning and coldly perfect young psi-warriors as children, Augmentus grow up believing every single bit of Emergence Doctrine. Augmentus are cold and imperious, unable to relate to baseline sapiens as anything other than a master praising a particularly cute pet. That’s the best case scenario- worst case, Augmentus view baselines as slaves and sometimes livestock. 

Young Augmentus are given command of Huxley Emergence small facilities and military units during their late teens, allowing them to put the tactical training they’ve spent their entire lives mastering to practical use. By the time an Augmentus is 25, he or she is a proven, tempered military genius with a dangerous suite of psionic weapons to draw upon.

Augmentus wear somewhat ostentatious, elaborate armored bodysleeves custom-forged in Emergence armor-foundries. Their armored costumes are eminently practical, but beautiful as well, in the strange and elaborate aesthetic style favored by the Emergence. Most wear long cloaks slung off one shoulder and strange jewelry made from odd platinum and titanium alloys.
Augmentus are divided evenly between genders, in order to maintain a positive gender balance as future generations breed, and might appear to be any one of the races of mankind. All Augmentus wear their hair in elaborate styles that require many man-hours of servant’s labor to keep styled. Vanity is a symbol of the species’ genetic, mental and physical perfection.

Similar Creatures
The following creatures can be built with the Augmentus stat-block.

Augmentus Sadist – CR 7
An Augmentus Sadist treats the neurology of ‘lesser beings’ as her private playground, enjoying twisting neurons to the point that pain is ecstasy and vice versa. Such beings are dangerously flirtatious and sexually predatory, and their armored body sleeve is exceptionally risqué, giving it the Near Nudity property.

·         The Augmentus Sadist might be NE or CE in alignment, rather than lawful.
·         Remove the Two Weapon Defense and Two Weapon Fighting Feats.
·         Replace these feats with Super Kawaii (which increases her AC to 25), and Favored Energy (pleasure).
·         Her parasitic psi-bolt inflicts Pleasure damage rather than Force Damage, giving her the following changed ranged attack line
o   Ranged 13/+8 parasitic psi-bolt (3d6+3 pleasure, 20/x3, 50 ft range increment plus power point loss, W-DC 20 negates)
·         Replace her two +1 combat balanced daggers with a +1 dagger giving her the following changed melee attack line
o   Melee +14/+9 dagger (1d4+3 slashing, 19-20/x2)

Cultureborn Noble – CR 7
The Augmentus stat-block can easily be re-skinned as a member of the star-spanning Culture race. Only cosmetic changes are necessary to made a Cultureborn Noble: the character’s skin is a dark mahogany and their body is covered in luminous bio-tattoos. The Cultureborn Noble adds Culture to his or her list of languages known. Nothing else changes….especially not the killing arrogance.

Trans-Time Summoner – CR 10
The Trans-Time Summoner is a powerful, cruel psion from a probable future where Mutants are the dominant class, and the most powerful Mutants rule as decadent royalty. The Trans-Time Summoner is only concerned with his or her own amusement, with playing the great games that Mutant nobility of their home-time play to amuse themselves. Trans-Time Summoners trapped in our timeline lost one of these great games, and fled in ashamed exile to the past. Their only agenda is to return to their probable future, hopefully with increased powers and new allies stolen from the present.

Trans-Time Summoners are every bit as arrogant as true Augmentus, and even more obvious in the disdain for ‘headblind downtimers’, as they call most of 21st Century humanity. Their utility body stockings are reinforced with glistening, translucent artificially grown crystals with major energy dampening properties.

The Trans-Time Summoner is a fairly extensive rebuild of the Augmentus stat-block.
  • The Trans-Time Summoner is immune to Electricity, Fire and Force Damage.
  • The Trans-Time Summoner has Sonic Resistance 10.
  • The Trans-Time Summoner has a new ability: Parasitic Life Gate (SU).
  • Increase all power saving throws to DC 22.

Parasitic Life Gate (SU)
When the Trans-Time Summoner slays a creature with the Psionic subtype with his Parasitic Psi-Bolts, the Trans-Time Summoner gains a number of energy points equal to the victim’s highest mental ability score modifier (INT, WIS or CHA). Energy points are lost 24 hours after they are gained, if not expended before then.

The Trans-Time Summoner can expend seventeen (17) energy points to summon one or more powerful allies from his alternate future. This ability functions much like the summoning monster ability, and once summoned, the creature or creatures remain in the present for 2d4 hours or until slain.

The Trans-Time Summoner can choose to summon either:
·         a single Mutant Slaver or Rogue Psion
·         a pair of Street Freaks or Time Scum
·         1d4+1 Detroit Lamprey

Codeword – CR 11
Medium LE or LN Humanoid (human, mph, mutant)
XP 12,800
Init +6 Senses Darkvision 60 ft, lowlight vision, Perception +23       
Languages Arabic, English, Farsi, Russian

AC 27 Touch 17 Flatfooted 21 (+6 DEX, +1 dodge, +1 natural, +9 armor)
HP 16d8+80+20 hp (172 HP)
FORT +15 REF +11 WILL +9
Immune slashing damage

Spd 40 ft
Melee +15/+10 shortsword (1d6+3 slashing, 19-20/x2)          
Ranged +20/+15 military plasma rifle (2d12+1 fire, 18-20/x2, 30 ft range increment, semi-auto, 12 cell) OR
             +19/+14 snub-nosed ion pistol (2d6 electrical, 20/x2, 10 ft range increment, semi-auto, 15 cell)

Str 14 Dex 22 Con 21 Int 13 Wis 18 Cha 13
Base Atk +12 CMB +14 CMD 30
Feats Dodge, Improved Critical (military plasma rifle), Improved Precise Shot, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Shot on the Run, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (military plasma rifle)
Skills Disable Device +17, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (tactics) +8, Stealth +25, Survival +15, Perception +23, Pilot +13
Gear +1 nanoweave tactical body armor, +1 shortsword, +1 snub-nosed ion pistol and 4x spare clips, +1 military plasma rifle and 6x spare clips, smartphone, possibly other gear (see below)
Bodyware – Dermal Weave, Durability Implants x2

Environment any
Organization solitary, pair or rapid response unit (2-4 plus 1d3 Psion Elites or similar)
Treasure double standard (including gear)

Special Abilities
Codeword Specialization
Codeword operatives are assigned an intimidating codename based on their unique meta-human talents and fighting style. When creating a Codeword, roll 2dX on the following chart, to determine the Codeword’s combat identity and special abilities. Place the columns as desired. Usually the first column is the first word of the codename, but not always. You can also roll twice on one column rather than once on each column, if desired.

If you actually roll up the name of a published 90s comics character, so much the better.

First Codeword (D8)
Second Codeword (D8)
1 War (increase BAB by +4) (EX)
1 Strike (gains an additional melee attack at highest BAB when making full attack) (EX)
2 Fire (weapons gain the flaming property, gains immunity to Fire) (*swap elements if desired to create Cold or Shock, ect codewords) (SU)
2 Blast (ranged attacks inflict half damage on adjacent targets, REF DC 18 none) (SU)
3 Death (melee weapon attack gains the vorpal property) (SU)
3 Frenzy (recovers 1d6 HP when reducing an opponent to 0 HP) (SU)
4 Blood (melee weapon attack also inflicts Bleed 5) (EX)
4 Fury (gains the greater rage ability of a 16th level Barbarian, 39 rounds of rage per day) (EX)
5 Kill (automatically confirms critical hits) (EX)
5 Hawk (gains Flight Speed 150 ft, good) (SU)
6 Shadow (gains spell-like ability: at will- invisibility, 1x/day –greater invisibility; CL 16, Concentration 20)
6 Blade (gains a +3 keen longsword and Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization for this weapon, providing) (EX)
7 Ghost (can become ethereal as a move equivalent action at will, up to 5 rounds/activation) (SU)
7 Shield (+4 natural armor bonus to AC, gains +1 bashing large steel shield (+3 shield bonus to AC) (EX)
8 Mind (gains Wild Talent, Up the Walls, Psionic Body, Mind Over Body and +8 bonus HP) (EX)
8 Wolf (gain scent, two claw attacks at highest BAB, 1d6+2 slashing, 20/x2 and +4 REF Saves) (EX)

Nanoweave Tactical Armor (EX)
The Codeword’s nanoweave tactical bodyarmor provides excellent protection from ballistic trauma. Reduce the damage dice size of a ballistic attack by one step (from D8 to D6 to D4 and so on) when used against the Codeword.

Codeword operatives are the best of the best: elite and anonymous government operatives who conduct highly illegal, rogue missions around the world at the behest of the powerful. Codeword operatives are consummate professionals- assassins, spies, thieves and super-soldiers capable of pulling off the most impossible missions and making it look easy. Their extreme competence gives them a snarky confidence that does more than border on arrogance. Codewords thrive on violent machismo (even female Codewords) and radiate an easy familiarly with violence- they are intimidating without even trying.

Codeword operatives go into battle in matte black and grey nanotech body armor reinforced with ballistic armor plating. They fight fully masked in colorful, armored latex hoods, a bright spot of threatening color on their otherwise drab field uniform. When the mask is off, as Codewords relax back at HQ or prepare their weapons for another mission, they’ve usually got a stinking Cuban stuck between their stubble coated jaws. Many ritually scar or tattoo their faces with exotic, mask-like glyphs around their eyes, the ultimate symbol of loyalty to the elite, ultra-black special operation groups they fight for.