Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Work With What You Have

I am a small businessman. Very small. Almost microscopic. I'm a very small part of a niche industry, and my operating budget is probally less than the price of a carton of smokes these days. However, like any gamer, I enjoy a lavishly illustrated PDF. So, I work with what I've got.

That includes good artists in the form of Amanda and Anthony. That includes doing alot of art myself- not quite up to their standards, but it's fun and adds some value to the pages.

It also includes stock art. For Psi-Watch, I'm relying pretty heavily on illustrations from Louis Porter's Image Portfolio line. Louis actually used several of these images to illustrate the first projects I sold him, and I have always liked the designs. The super hero stuff from the Image Portfolio collection really has a strong early Image comics vibe, and I thought I'd preview a couple of my favorite peices from the project here. Not wanting to just cut and paste images, I added some color to 'em with Corel Photopaint, a program that I've used for years, and am more comfortable in than photoshop. Enjoy guys.

The last image is all mine. It's an illustration of a member of the Final Sword Advanced Class- if you're a WildC.A.T.s fan, the inspiration for the character class should be obvious. I really liked the way she came out- the almost feline face, the strong brown skin, and the bloody crimson color palatte.

Look for some more images soon enough, and on an unrelated note: Any Super Mario Brothers fans out there reading my blog? If so, check back in a couple of days and I might have a project on deck that will make you delieriously happy- or at least chuckle bemusedly to your self.
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