Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I should be working...

I really should. I've got a pretty cool assignment on deck, and I'm working on art for my Otherverse America setting. I'm not sure if I can tell you about my new freelancing gig or not, but if you're a fan of a certain classic fantasy setting (with Cannibal Halflings) you should be pretty happy.

I should be working...
But I'm not. I can't concentrate on writing or art right now. I'm watching history being made, and I hope that when the sun rises it will be a good historical moment. After 8 years of the most corrupt, evil and theo-fascistic president (lower case intentionally) I'm looking forward to having a President I can actually respect again. I feel like I'm being let out of prison.

Goddess, I hope Obama wins, because I don't want to imagine what this country will look like in the hands of McCain and that Palin psychopath.

You know, for me, the economy, the war in Iraq are all important issues, but abortion rights are my hot button issue. I won't elect a pro-lifer to anything, not President, not local dog catcher. I despise the ideology, which probally isn't a suprize to readers of my fiction. So today I voted straight ticket Democrat, because they're pro-choice, and well, they're right on pretty much everything else too.

Oh, and I'm hoping that either this Personhood Amendment horseshit gets knocked down in Colorado, and fast.

And so,

The Facts: Voted today, at a few minutes past noon, at a church on the corner of Kostoryz and Crestmore, about a mile from my house.

I got ticket number 6611, voted straight ticket Democrat, and according to the people at the polling station, they'd had around 1,600 voters through the doors by the time I walked in.

The Sadism: I did take a sorta sadistic pleasure in walking in with my pentacle around my neck, becuase I figured the Republicans in there casting their ballots sorta deserved to know exactly why I was kicking their political asses. Immature, yes, but emotionally satisfing.... also yes.

I just wish I had a good pro-choice t-shirt to wear, but that may have been a bit much.

Anyway, I feel like I've been let out of prison. I've been waiting for the chance to vote for President again since... well, the morning of Nov 5, 2000. (And yes, I did vote in 2004, for all the good it did.)