Monday, September 28, 2009

Still working....

Initially, Freeform Anthropomorphica sold extremely well, and better than I could of hoped. Unfortunately, some behind the scenes problems popped up, and it's not being sold. However, Mark and I are fixing the situation, and will probally be re-releasing a slightly tweaked version of the sourcebook. I'd like everyone who bought the original sourcebook to leave some comments here, and let me know what you thought. (thanks to those of you who already did so!)

It's not my first choice to do a re-release, and its not an ideal situation, but I want to make the best of it, take advantage of the situation and re-release a superior product. So please, tell me what you liked, what you didn't, and what mistakes I need to correct for Version 2.0. Bill, I saw your comment about 'voltaic skin', and that'll be in version 2.0! For the meantime, it's an eel-like electrical field that adds +1d4 points of electrical damage to your unarmed melee attacks, or 2d4 points of elec damage each round a grapple is maintained. I think I considered it a Major ability, but since I don't have the manuscript handy, I can't quite remember.

Also, I'm working steadily on the Coven of Bast sourcebook, and should have some art to preview for you soon. The Coven of Bast faction has a unique look, perspective and power set, even within the Choicer faction as a whole. I'm really having a great time with them, and sooner or later I want to do a 96-pager focusing on brief writeups- like 5-6 page articles- on each of the other major Choicer sects and Lifer subfactions, since writing up the politics and personalities is so much fun.

I've got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, such as Black Tokyo II, which is progressing nicely. Also, look for a Pathfinder revsion of Mega-Feats: New Paths to Victory sooner or later, and a few advanced classes for Otherverse America and Psi-Watch. I've also got an idea in the back of my head for a mini-RPG/squad based minis combat game that tries to capture the gritty, military sci-fi feel of movies like Alien and the first (badass) Predator. So you can probally guess what movies I watched this weekend.

That last one won't be d20, it'll be a quick-play standalone system like I did for Table Top Adventures, with Against the Darkness a few years back. I understand that one was a pretty good seller, and I wish I hadn't let it go so cheap. Ah well, it was a cool little product, and I got a nice little 96-page hardcopy book out of the deal. Anyway, if you liked my non-D20 work on that one, this as yet unnamed minis-combat game (which I'm expecting sometime next summer) will be up your alley.



Brutorz Bill said...

I was wondering what happened to Freeform Anthropomorphica, I had some folks interested in getting it, but it had been pulled.
Glad to hear it will be re-released. Overall I really liked the product, it just could use some "cleaning up". Seems like there was a 3.5ism or two that may have gotten carried over. Thanks for the info about Voltaic Skin.
I'll try and go through my copy and find any other issues/errors that I found before. My main thing was that I wanted more! : )
Did anything ever come of the Magi-Tech sourcebook you mentioned in an earlier post? I could see doing a Anthropomorph Special Forces Squad with Magi-Tech gear.
Thanks for the info & Good Gaming!

Chris Field said...

The magic-tech book is still in the works. It's probably going to be published through Skortched Urf, but probably not before the end of the year. I'm also working with Mark on expanding the stuff I did freelance with Fantasy Firearms II into a huge, huge sourcebook about fantasy guns, gunpowder, steam-punk tech, ect, which will supplement to the magi-tech one, which mostly focuses on technology built around Ley Lines.... if you have ever played the old Final Fantasy VII game, you have an idea of what I'm going for.....