Friday, October 9, 2009

Coven of Bast, Amanda Webb Art Preview

I can't afford to commission nearly as much art as I want to for these projects, so when I do pay for art, it's something special, and it has to be high quality. I just checked my email, and saw some amazing rough pencil sketches of some of the work Amanda Webb will be doing for Coven of Bast.

To the right, is her take on the Bastian Metaform. She kept the topless design I used, but everything else is so much better, more detailed than anything I came up with. I can't wait to see the inks. I have a feeling this image will become the cover art for Coven of Bast....

Below you get a look at the first image of the new Combat Ubasti player species. These guys are genetically engineered lions who work along side Bastian combat units, and are revered as the ultimate symbol of loyalty and courage in Choicer culture. They're nonhumanoid, but are smart enough to be suitable as a player race.

Anyway, Amanda Webb's art makes anything better, and if any of you want to hire her for your own projects, her contact link is over to the right side of the screen.

Talk to you later,


Mandapandarawks said...

Awesome ... I hate seeing my pencils though. They are so rough looking and unrefined. I always feel like I have to explain myself as if peeps will think they are terrible. LOL anyways ... I just copied a modern day soldier's uniform and added boobies for Tammany. Boobies make everything look better. ;)

Chris Field said...

As much as I like the clarity and starkness of your inks, I enjoy the sketchiness of your pencils. I've always loved in comics when they show penciled design art and rough layouts, because sometimes the raw material is cooler than the finished product.


Oz RPG said...

Amanda's work is indeed awesome. She's one of the best artists I've had the pleasure to work with.