Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cleanse it with FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine.

-Michael Jay Tucker

So I'm at the grocery store yesterday, and I get slapped in the face by this atrocity against common sense. I'm still pissed about it and I'm not sure if I can really articulate why.

Everyone reading this knows I despise the prolife movement- the ideology and most of the people involved. It' s a belief system that has contributed nothing to the human discourse other than pain, unnecessary guilt and the occasional murder.

But this cover, maybe because it walked up and cock-slapped me while I was shopping for DiJorno's pizza, really got under my skin.

Maybe it's the timing. In Touch Weekly puts this rag out the week of the Roe vs Wade anniversary, while Scott Roeder's trail is still ongoing. Timing like that indicates malice- the Bauer Media Group, who owns In Touch Weekly- knows full well what it's doing by running this article now. That rat-fucker Bush talked about 'emboldening the terrorists'- what the HELL do you think this is? This article, it's a subtle hi-five to Roeder and his ilk, a blessing and urging to carry on the fight to 'save the pre-born.' It's a dog whistle message: most undecided Americans and most prochoice advocates really don't know the date of the Roe v Wade anniversary. But to the anti-choice movement, Jan 22 is their superbowl. The tiny little old Catholic ladies and their dead eyed, hulking rednecks with their dead baby signs are camped out in front of clinics like Geeks at a Lucas movie. They've got this date marked in bright red ink on their fuckin' calendars, and if there's violence this Friday, ask yourself how much responsibility Sarah Palin, this fucking magazine and Bauer Media Group has for it.

And the content of the message.... there's the happy smiling main-text that they're glad they had their babies. Good for them, rock on. You don't want an abortion, don't ever fucking get one, be happy, be glad, go in peace. That's fine, but Palin seems to never have considered that 'choosing life' isn't as easy for a teen mother who'se family support network doesn't involve a politically connected billionaire. Just for instance, a 16 year old going to Ray High School, with a mother making less than $20k a year, and whose future prospects are limited to a choice between working at Wal-Mart or working at McDonalds.... choosing life for that girl's going to be a fuck load harder, and maybe she shouldn't 'choose life'. Just maybe.... and moralistic pieces of human filth like yourself Mrs. Palin shouldn't make that theoretical girl feel bad when she makes the mature, reasoned and ethical decision that the best way to be a parent is not to become a parent NOW.

You know, that last scenario, it isn't really theoretical- that's what my high school experience was like. Since I don't live in some kind of fortified compound in Alaska, 've seen first fuckin' hand the consequences of 'choosing life'. Choose life, damn it, but that slogan pisses me off. What these fuck-tards call choosing life, I call choosing 'anti-life' in the most Darkseid since of the term, choosing a belief system based around guilt, spiritual bondage and perpetual poverty and blind, idiot reproduction when it isn't in your (or your family's) best interest.

Mrs. Palin, you want more girls to Choose Life, I've got a couple of suggestions. Have your Republican cronies stop gutting welfare, foodstamp and other public assistance programs. Do some work on raising the minimum wage. Maybe do something about getting Obama's healthcare program passed. Teach something other than fucking abstinence in school. You want to eliminate teen motherhood and by extension teen abortion- the lesson plan should be one sentence long: "Nobody ever got pregant from oral!" Problem solved, bitch.

But no, instead of doing that, you try to make every body "choose life" by doing everything you can to make it not a choice at all, to outlaw, demonize and punish abortion and the brave physicians who occasionally give their lives to practice it by any means possible, from gunshots to the face to stupid magazine articles. Your political platform makes about as much sense as eliminating auto accidents by banning seatbelts- that'll teach 'em to drive more carefully!

So basically, instead you trumpet your morality, and how joyful you feel to have been able to make a CHOICE while taking that choice out of the hands of millions of other American womens' hands. You seek to make motherhood, which should be entered into with full consent, full and open hearted joy, and make it something compulsory because of fear of legal consequences. Doing something out of fear of punishment, that's the lowest level of morality- dogs and toddlers act at that level of moral development, and if you're a woman of reproductive age, that's the moral level Palin believes you SHOULD be working at. No wonder the dumb bitch started an organization called "Feminists for Life". She's got a pretty fucked up view of what life is, and what feminism is.

Anyway, I have very little 'star power.' I write an obscure RPG blog with an audience of 50 on a good week, but I want to do something. If you're reading this, copy this to your own blog. If you know anyone who buys In Touch, try to convince them to skip this weeks issue, and drop an email to the creative staff indicating your displeasure. Cause some trouble, boys 'n' girls, please.

Contact information for everybody involved in this debacle is down below.




Blessed Be,


Master Shake said...

Come on Chris, stop holding back and tell us how you really feel!

Chris Field said...

Funny thing is I gave an abbreviated version of this same rant to the poor people in line around me at the grocery store. I figured blogging is a slightly more socially acceptable version of discourse than ranting like a schizophrenic at HEB.