Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Where the Money Is

So once again, Louis was right. Adventurer Essentials: The Common Tongue has sold amazingly well, especially considering it took me about 4 hours to write her. It's holding strong at number three, and I want to continue the momentum. Of course, I'm still waiting for the upcoming releases of the print edition of Fantasy Firearms, Black Tokyo II and my Sentinel splat (which Mark is laying out, because some of my software didn't survive the transition to my new computer).

But in the mean time, I want to quickly release a bunch more mini-PDFS for Pathfinder. They're fun, and profitable. I'm thinking of doing short PDFs focusing on a single race with included racial feats, unique gear and maybe other cultural artifacts like spells and prestige classes. What races exactly?

How do the "Fantastic Races of the Otherverse" sound? Fantasy versions of some of the player races from Otherverse America, Psi-Watch and Galaxy Command, maybe even a few immigrants from Black Tokyo? Sound fun?

I've already got some cool ideas for how bring over the Ubasti (sentient lions from Coven of Bast) and the Steamers (think Fuji or Johan Krauss from BRPD, from Psi-Watch) and make them really cool for a fantasy setting.

So my question to you all: do you have any favorite original Otherverse Games races you would like to see adapted?


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Chris said...

The Adventure Essentials line is one of my favorites, have you given any thought to doing Adventure Essentials: Tents?

I know that's one I'd buy!

it's not a race but a class I'd love to see updated is the Harem Mage, as long as you include the Living Doll data.

Thank you,