Friday, July 16, 2010

Gladiators, Dragons and Futuristic Demeter Worshipers!

Pretty interesting mix of topics, huh?

Okay, the Dragonbound Core Class is out and seems to be selling pretty well. For the last couple of days it's been bouncing around the 30-40 region of RPGNow's Top 100, which is gratifying, and hopefully it will have the long term sticking power of Adventurer's Essentials: The Common Tongue.

I just purchased Obsidian Twilight with some of the proceeds, so I'm sure it's continued sales make Louis pretty happy too.

Speaking of Louis Porter, I got an email from him this past weekend. I've got a freelance project on deck- a generic campaign option type sourcebook about gladiators. He wants 10-15 K words- something on the order of 40-50 pages depending on how he lays it out.

I started researching, which is always my favorite part of any project. Hit up Wikipeida, all the links that site has for references, hit my local Half Price Books for some history texts... borrowed my brother's copy of Gladiator and have it on a continual loop on my DVD player. So far, I've got some really neat ideas and I've laid down about 2,500 words of mostly non-fiction background info. Mostly context about Roman gladiators, historical facts. It's good bit of writing, but I might shave a bit off if I start approaching my word cap.

After the historical stuff, which I'm almost done with, I plan to have another section on how fantasy cultures react to gladiators. In addition to realistic gladiator types, I want to do something with different styles of gladiator based on fantasy classes and fighting styles. After that, I've already got some great ideas for magic items and feats, spells, the usual D20 crunchiness. SHould be a fun project, and I'll probably have a draft to Louis in a week or two.

I've finished the script for the Eleusinian Covenant, and I've got a free 6 page preview going up on RPGNow soon. I'm going to wait up a couple of weeks to get some money together for art. Though I've been doing decent sales wise, the last few months most of the profits have been going to mundane upkeep and expenses, not back into the art budget. So I now have to wait a bit for The Eleusinian Covenant to come out. No big. Hopefully the preview will tide you over and get some interest out there.

Anyhow, talk to you all later,

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