Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Number One Again

Hey, I just stopped over to RPGnow and noticed that a work I did freelance for Louis Porter Jr. is at the top sales slot, and a follow-up piece is also in the top 20. Thanks to everybody who bought a copy of Two Dozen Dangers: Haunts, as well as everybody who picked up Two Dozen Dangers: Poisons. I've got a Traps supplement on deck next in the line.

Also, Mark just put up Beggars & Bandits, a fun little sourcebook about Goblin PCs. Go check that one out two, and see if I can get three releases in the top 20!

Also, expect a short Lifer sourcebook soon. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a few longer Otherverse America releases, not to mention a couple of Psi-Watch supplements.

Talk to you later,

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