Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Otherverse Armory is UP!

Alright, one of the year's last big Otherverse America releases just went on sale this morning. Otherverse Armory is a 70+ page of gadgets, guns, civilian and military tech for Otherverse America. Though tied to a specific setting, it can easily provide gadgets for any D20 Modern campaign, so I expect it'll be a good seller. Right now, it's 38 on the RPGNow Top 100, and I expect it to climb a bit higher this afternoon.

I sent off a partially complete but very solid draft of the Pirates of the Bronze Sky core book to Louis just about 5 minutes ago. I've got a handle on the races, prestige classes, feats, culture and history. All that's really left is a first editing pass on this, to make sure I'm on track with what he wants. Then I make those changes, work on the equipment and monsters of the setting, bundle it all together for a final editing pass, and blammo! We've got campaign setting.

As soon as all the stuff I've done to date gets formally approved I'll start posting a few previews. It's going to be a fun setting.

In other news, the Eleusinian Covenant sourcebook will be out soon. Along with the upcoming meta-porn sourcebook, it'll finish out the year.

I've been toying with the idea of re-editing and re-releasing Otherverse America like I did with Psi-Watch. I went through with an open document last night and just jotted down ideas I want to include and improvements I want to make, and it ran to 7 pages. So what started as a "Hey, should I redo this one?" has quickly morphed into "Yep, with 7 pages of ideas I pretty much HAVE to redo this one."

I'm not going for any specific rerelease date. I'd love to re-release it on Jan 22, but I know I won't make 1-22-11, and I don't want to sit on a product till 1-22-12. So right now, I'm working without deadline. When I can afford it, I'm going to start commissioning art, just one or two pieces at a time, and building up a morgue. One thing I will do is eliminate most of my art and use commissioned pieces and better stockart. Just like Psi-Watch, the revamped Otherverse America will benefit from better layout skills and a bigger art budget.

No matter what, I WILL keep the first edition up as a FREE product.

You can download it here, if you haven't already:

Anyway, let me know if you have any suggestions for Otherverse America 2.0. I'll listen, and sooner or later I'll start posting some of my 7 pages of notes.

Talk to you later,


Chris said...

Good afternoon Chris,
I only have one suggestion, with a book that big, I would really appreciate a table of contents.

I was also wondering if you had a timeline on the release of Black Tokyo 2?

(and would you be interested in selling it directly to me now for a higher price? Say 1.5 the retail price?)

Chris Mattson

Chris Field said...

Hey, glad you're enthusiastic. I don't have a laid out copy myself, but if you send me your email, I'll send you a copy of the script.

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