Monday, November 8, 2010

What I'm Working On: 11-7-2010

So what's in my working folder right now?

Black Tokyo III. About 20,000 words, including some new starting talents, a couple of new races, a new advanced class (the Assault Witch!) spells and 10 new monsters was left over from Black Tokyo II and will be a standalone release, probably before the end of the year.

Otherverse America: Unlimited Edition. This project is already 25,000 words longer than the original core rulebook and it'st only about 3/4 of the way done. I may split the revised corebook into a core player's guide and a gamemaster's guide. I've alredy got some art trickling in, purchased with the funds from Black Tokyo II. In to Amanda Webb, look for art by some new faces: Felipe Gaona and Mark Hazer.

Freeform Anthropomorphica. Yesterday, I finally came up with a good campaign setting to match the crunch. I'm only about 1,500 words in, but this will FINALLY be re-released. More on the world of Ferras later.

Pirates of the Bronze Sky.
Again, we're on track for the July 4 release date. I'll be finishing off the first draft of this in the next couple weeks.

Talk to you later,


Alzrius said...

Just for comparison, what was the word count in Black Tokyo II?

Chris Field said...

I want to say 25,000 words or so, but I don't quite remember. Basically, the BT III content be shorter than BT II, but not by much, and I might still add to it.

Anonymous said...

Love your work - just wanted to say. Enjoyed Black Tokyo very much - looking to adapt it to some kind of Pathfinder-ed version of d20. Would kill to be able to get a whole group together for it someday... I'll keep looking!! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Chris Field said...

Wylodmayer, glad you liked it! As for a Pathfinder style Modern sytem, that's some thing I want too. I've been dicking around with the idea of publishing a Pathfinder-ized D20 Modern since the rule set came out but that'd be a HUGE, and fairly boring project. It still needs to be done,and as much as I wish somebody like Green Ronin or LPJD would do it and set the standard, I might end up taking a stab.