Monday, July 18, 2011

Species of the Otherverse

Species of the Otherverse just came out. This 70 pager sourcebook was originally going to be part and parcel of the revised Otherverse America corebook, but got moved to it's own release because of page count concerns. With Sexually Transmitted Future, Tactical Upgrade 2107, and the Powered Hero Basic class, it forms the core of the Otherverse America character builder. It's a pretty sweet release- lots of art, not very much of which is stock. Inside, you've got 13 of the most common alien and post-human species found on Earth, including racial feats for each species.

A listing of the species found inside:


Medium Humanoid (Psionic)

2030s, United States Military

Teleporting military psions

Dreamborn Mau

Medium Humanoid (Psionic)

2079, Coven of Bast

Cat like children of a goddess


Medium Humanoid (shapechanger)

2034, Sanger Genomics and other meta-porn companies

Seductive shapechangers

Full Conversion Cyborgs

Large Monstrous Humanoid

2030s, various corporations and militaries

Heavily armed and armored bionic warriors

Half Grey

Medium Humanoid (Psionic, Lifechained)

2011, alien

Stealthy, predatory refugees


Medium Humanoid (Psionic)

2050s, various corporations and militaries

Psions able to manipulate plastic and metal


Medium Humanoid (Psionic)

2090s, United States Military

Logical, atheistic geniuses


Medium Humanoid

2060s, Lifer Army of God

Predators designed to feed on nanotech


Medium Undead (Lifechained)

2080s, Lifer Army of God

Zombie-like activists

Shy Minutemen

Medium Humanoid

2040s, United States Military

Predators designed to hunt Lifechained superhumans

Softling Healers

Medium Humanoid (Psionic)

2040s, Sanger Genomics and the Covenant

Psi-capable healers


Large Monstrous Humanoid

2020s, alien

Wealthy, advanced shapeshifting giants


Large Aberration

2079, the Coven of Bast

Sentient combat trained lions

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