Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Upcoming Releases: Solomon Station, Galaxy Command and Endara

Right now, I'm working on three very different projects.

First, I've completed a draft of Guide to Near Earth Space: Solomon Station. This mid-length sourcebook is a complete city book focusing on adventuring in the blue collar Lifer-run colony orbiting Jupiter.

Amanda and John Picot have already turned in some art for this book. Expect Solomon Station in another month or two.

Next, I'm working on two big, pretty race books. I mentioned the Races of the Command Fleet a few posts ago. That is about 60-70% complete, and I'll start picking up art for it here and there.

Next I'm working on a mid-length sourcebook entitled "The Anthros of Endara" this book uses the Fursona character builder to create several new races for my Endara Setting. All these races are animal/human hybrids, similar to Buzz Off, Kobra Khan, Beast Man and many other characters from the original He-Man toon. This book will serve as a nice teaser to the setting, and solves a writing dilemma I'd been facing. I wanted to include a ton of anthro races in Endara, but I didn't want to minimize the work I'd done on Fursona. By releasing Anthros of Endara, you get full racial write ups, but using Fursona you can swap racial traits and modify the basic races presented as you see fit.

The Masters of Endara core book will, by the way, include a few more, non-Anthro races.

Talk to you soon,

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