Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Tokyo Unlimited: Print on Demand

I'm going to be laying out two separate files for Black Tokyo Unlimited, a full color, on-screen PDF version and a B&W print on demand version. The two books will be similar, but not identical.

This will be our first POD release, so Black Tokyo Unlimited's print version will be fairly clean and simple. It will include as much art as the PDF version, but all this art will be in B&W. For the print version, I'll use Amanda and Anthony Cournoyer's inks, rather than the fully colored version of the same pieces I'll be using for the on-screen version. John works digitally, so there isn't an inked version. I'll end up having to go through and create greyscale versions of his images in GIMP before publication. Hopefully I can do it without losing too much detail.

After this, I want to do some other books in POD format. I have already talked to Mark about doing a compiled version of the first three Fursona books in a POD version.

Anyway, talk to you soon,

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