Monday, July 8, 2013

A Cyborg Died Last Night

A cyborg died last night. 

Her name was Hannah Warren. Half Korean, a little short of three years old. Born without a trachea. Cutie.

In April, she was implanted with an artificial trachea, made of plastic and artificial tissue cultured from her own bone marrow. Sunday, a little less than three months after becoming a cyborg, Hannah Warren died. The implant worked; her body failed around the implant. Three years old, and the surgery was too much for a sick little kid to take. But the implant worked, an artificial trachea, first of its kind in the world worked for three months. Hannah got to spend about three months out of her hospital bed and off her breathing tube for three months, and got to taste what it was like to be a kid for about 90 days.

The implant worked.

And the little girl, who fate decided to make the first of her kind, still died.

But an impossible, science fictiony thing happened. For three months, a new type of cybernetic implant kept a dying kid alive. A surgery that had never been attempted before failed, but at least Hannah's doctors tried. And text time, with the next sick kid, maybe they keep her alive for six months, or nine months, or a full year. And the one after that, maybe she gets to see her prom.

Because impossible things are only hard the first time, and this impossible, highly experimental surgery kept a little girl alive for three months.

Blessed Be,

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