Monday, September 16, 2013

Amanda's Project: Legends of Aukera

Amanda's New Website: GO THERE NOW!!

In addition to doing tons of great work for me on Otherverse America, Black Tokyo Unlimited and Heavy Future (among others), Amanda Webb has been working on her own webcomic, a fantasy called The Ascendants, set in the home brewed campaign world she and her husband, Rory Webb have been collaborating on for years.

This morning, I received an e-mail I've been waiting for a couple of months to receive. Amanda's website, which will host The Ascendants and other tales of the increasingly complex world of Aukera, is now live. The comic should be updating regularly- a few months back Amanda showed me a backlog of about 40-50 pages. Unlike a lot of other web comics that peter out before the first storyarc is done, Amanda wanted a nice long cushion of completed issues.

I enjoyed the hell out of the pages I saw. It's good home brewed fantasy, with a more cosmopolitan, high Renaissance feel than typical D&D-esque fantasy. I've actually talked about doing a campaign book based on the world of Aukera with Amanda once the webcomic is more established, and I'm still looking forward to it- it would be a sourcebook with effectively an unlimited art budget, and I know we could make it look kickass.

Anyway,  bookmark, and check back often. I have a feeling you'll like what you see.



RPGPundit said...

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Chris A. Field said...

Done. It took a while though, why the hell does Goggle make un-following a blog that difficult a process?