Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Use This In Your Games: The White Mage Cleric Archetype

I'm getting ready to release the Enchantments of Black Tokyo mega-sourcebook, and I thought I'd preview one of the new caster-class archetypes from the book: The White Mage. This rebuild of the Cleric is a very simple but comprehensive archetype that makes the class play like the venerable 'white mage' of JRPGs like Final Fantasy.

Give it a read, play test it a bit, and if you like feel free to include it in your OGL works. Unlike other Black Tokyo content, the White Mage is completely non-erotic, and is based more around gaming tropes than hentai or folklore.

Cleric: White Mage Archetype
            The White Mage archetype creates a protective and compassionate master of positive energy, abjuration and healing. The archetype has its origins in JRPGs, particularly the long running Final Fantasy series and its many imitators. White Mages are more similar to Shinto shrine maidens than they are to the heavily armored, crusading templars that inspired traditional Clerics.

            Weapons and Armor Proficiency
            The White Mage is proficient with no form of armor and with no type of shield. If the White Mage chooses to wear armor, she suffers a chance of spell failure equal to the armor’s standard arcane failure chance. Effects that reduce arcane failure chance also reduce the White Mage’s divine failure chance.
            The White Mage is proficient with simple weapons and with her deity’s favored weapon.

            Spell Focus (abjuration)
            White Mages gain Spell Focus (abjuration) as a bonus feat. This ability replaces the cleric’s normal Weapons and Armor Proficiency.

            Channel Energy (SU)
            The White Mage must channel positive energy, and must be any non-evil alignment. The White Mage may also expend a daily use of her Channel Energy to create a White Barrier, described below. 

            White Barrier (SU)
            The White Mage can summon a gleaming ivory wall of force that protects her friends. Glowing Goetic mystical diagrams and holy sigils appear in the air around the White Barrier, hinting at its amazing protective properties.

            The White Barrier is a powerful abjuration effect that protects its recipients from physical and occult harm. The White Mage creates a White Barrier as a standard action, and doing so expends one of her daily uses of Channel Energy.

            The White Barrier remains in effect for a number of rounds equal to the dice of the White Mage’s channel energy class ability. Thus, a 9th level White Mage Cleric, who channels 5d6 points of energy, creates a White Barrier that remains in place for 5 rounds.

            The White Mage can extend the White Barrier to protect a number of allies equal to 3 + her WIS modifier. The allies must be within 30 ft of the White Mage and she must be able to clearly see them, though they can move out of this area once the White Barrier is created.

            While the White Barrier is active, recipients gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to twice the dice of the White Mage’s cleric channel energy class ability. Furthermore, they gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + the White Mage’s cleric class level. The White Barrier is an abjuration effect with a caster level equal to the White Mage’s class level.

            White Mage Spell List
            The White Mage is dedicated to protection and healing.

            Remove all direct damage inflicting spells from the Cleric’s spell list, such as Flame Strike, as well as any spell with the Death or Evil descriptors.

            The White Mage gains access to all abjuration spells from any arcane spell list. These are considered divine spells when cast by the White Mage.

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