Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Psi-Threats 2: All the Agents

 Okay, I just put up book two in a series of bestiaries for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. Psi-Threats Book 2: All the Agents just went up for sale on Rpgnow, and seems to be selling better than the first one.

All the Agents was a ton of fun to write. It's a nice collection of modern/superheroic assassins, spies and superagents, inspired heavily by comics like Stormwatch, Wild CATs, Bloodstrike and the like. I'll be doing volume 3 in the series soon enough- anything you want to see?

In addition to the cover, I wanted to post one of my favorite pieces of interior art. John Picot did this illustration of the Metamorphosis North V-Elite- a heavily armed air superiority cyborg type. After that, we've got a cool Anthony Cournoyer image, Fatality. He's a mixed tribute to Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Kaon (from IDW's More than Meets the Eye series), who'll be appearing in Rapists of Black Tokyo as well as in future Battlechangers products.

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