Sunday, March 13, 2016

Witches of the Blue Skies is UP!

Okay, I was delayed a couple of days but Witches of the Blue Skies just went up at

Let me know what you think- hopefully this will be a fun and well received campaign framework for BTU. Next up, a few monster books and some magic items for the same campaign setting.

Talk to you later,

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Andrew Antolick said...

I finished reading Witches of the Blue Skies, very solid stuff. Now I imagine that below Hanger -S Alpha, efforts are being made to create a breed of small Consentacle Creatures, which are tentacles with consent from both parties. These Emphatic Genital Organisms (E.G.O.)s or Consensual Organic Support Organized aka coso, witch is Italian for thing.
They would be like familiars to more erotic inclined pilots, but could be an idea for expansions.

If the elections have you down, have a press release for Five Brave Souls: Restoration H.

With her destiny completed, Sophie struggles to find a new direction. Along with the idea of working with Lars, who has problems coping with transitioning to a new status quo. Yet both will face a monster from Sophie's first days. Hostilve, reborn and fixed on turning the Earth into an endless Abortion War. Can Sophie and Lars fight against their own biases and together find a path to a future without fear? Pre order tickets and get a leak saying that Sophie and Lars will switch powers during the movie.