Sunday, May 1, 2016

Technology Unleashed

Well, guys yesterday afternoon I uploaded Technology Unleashed to RPGnow. It's a long awaited book that consolidates and expands all my previous tech books with some sweet added content. Basically, it's Shadowrun or Rifts in a can. Add this to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fantasy elements, and boom, you've got techno-fantasy or sci-fi.

Technology Unleashed will eventually be POD, but for now I"m just focused on getting the content out there in PDF form. As of today, Technology Unleashed is already at #5 on the RPGnow hot seller's list, facing stiff competition from the wonderfully named "Magical Kitties Save the World." So lets see if we can knock the Kitties off their perch at number one, shall we?

From the PDF's Introduction:

Technology Unleashed is a PDF (and eventual print-on-demand) compilation and compilation of several technology sourcebooks published by Otherverse Games between 2013 and 2014. This massive campaign tool box includes all the content originally found in the PDF editions of The Polymer Path, The Advanced Arsenal, The Advanced Armory, The Advanced Edge and Advanced Tech, the Modern Grimorie and more. Within is every gun, energy blade, high tech suit of armor, gadget, sci-fantasy spell and cybernetic implant found in the original sourcebooks plus  new surprises.

Technology Unleashed was designed with Otherverse Games’ signature campaign settings in mind, built around modern and futuristic settings that blend magic and technology in some unexpected ways. However, these new pieces of gear and campaign elements can be imported into any campaign world, fusing sorcery and technology in some unique new ways.

Technology Unleashed differs from Paizo Publishing’s approach to technology, as exemplified by their Ultimate Technology sourcebook in several ways. Paizo Publishing treats technology as rare artifacts from an earlier era, or exotic wonders imported into an otherwise low-tech world by a crashed starship or dimensional rift. Technology is expensive, campaign changing and fundamentally limited by rare, hard to duplicate and extremely finite power sources. This sourcebook, on the other hand, treats high tech weapons, armor, cybernetics and props as common-place and products of an evolving, present-day technology.
Technology Unleashed’s Format

Technology Unleashed is divided into nine chapters.
·         Chapter One: Polymer Path describes cybernetic implants, cybernetic conversion and cyberhacking, as well as describing two new player races: Light and Heavy Cyborgs.
·         Chapter Two: Advanced Arsenal details a variety of new guns, from futuristic 9mm pistols firing caseless ammo to military railguns, laser blasters, personal artillery, and exotic energy weapons.
·         Chapter Three: Weapons of Rock & Roll describes a variety of musical weapons, hard-rocking or anime-influenced magi-tech weapons that might not be appropriate to every campaign.
·         Chapter Four: Advanced Edge introduces a variety of dangerous melee weapons ranging from perfectly balanced combat daggers designed to be wielded paired to ultra-tech energy blades that can cut rifts through dimensions.
·         Chapter Five: Advanced Armory is the perfect counter for all the deadly new weapons in the previous two chapters. Here, you’ll find new armor and shields, ranging from tactical riot gear, to standard commercial space suits to exo-skeletal powered armor.
·         Chapter Six: Advanced Technology introduces a plethora of computer systems, sensors, gadgets, tools and medical tech carried by the future’s adventurers.
·         Chapter Seven: High Tech Bestiary provides details on a variety of new mechanical and technology based creatures, some of which are deadly opponents, and others can be chosen as useful companion droids.
·         Chapter Eight: The Modern Spellcaster details a new 20 level core class. The Modern Spellcaster is a versatile, point-based arcane spellcaster able to learn virtually any spell, but lacks the exotic features of other spellcasting classes.
·         Chapter Nine: The Modern Grimorie details a variety of new spells that interact with, conjure, modify or draw upon high technology. These spells are designed with modern, sci-fi, cross genre science fantasy and space opera campaigns in mind.
This means that the stand-alone Modern Grimorie has been aborted and folded into this sourcebook. I just felt this made for a stronger, more useful and more cohesive book.

Finally, one of my readers reported that when he downloaded the PDF from RPGnow, all he got were 250 white pages. I went ahead and re-uploaded the book to RPGnow's server a few minutes ago. If you had the same problem, please download the book again. If this problem persists, let me know.


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