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Big Preview: Enchantments of BTU 2 Spells

Well, today I commissioned a few additional pieces of artwork for Occult-Tech Armory, and I'm satisfied with the text. If the art gets turned in quickly, expect Occult-Tech Armory within a week or three.

With the writing done on that project, I'm looking forward to my next few books. I'm working steadily on the APEX factional sourcebook for Otherverse America, as well as Enchantments of Black Tokyo II. That's the book I want to preview today.

We're going to take a look at about half a dozen new spells I'm adding into the setting, including the incredibly gory yet super-fun Parade of Gory Deaths, which I'd promised to preview in my last post.

The artwork today is from the Image comic, Wayward, which I just started reading last weekend, and I'm already in love with. It's drawing on the same myths as Black Tokyo, but using them in a completely different way....there's even a version of Akaname, though Wayward's creative team chose to use a more traditional version of the Akaname than I did. Their filth lickers are stunted little predatory goblins, very similar to the race's portrayal in Paizo's Bestiary V than the scat-obsessed comic relief heroes I designed. I'll likely pick up the 2nd and 3rd volumes of Wayward this payday.

Anyway, on to the new spells!

Burning Justice!
School evocation (fire, good) Level paladin 4, inquisitor 5
Casting Time one standard action
Components V, S, F
Range personal
Duration one round/four levels             
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
A swirling corona of golden flames erupts around you, and your skin, hair and eyes blaze with sunlight and plasma. A surge of energy rushes through you, increasing your boldness and capacity for heroism.

For the spell’s duration, you are surrounded with a 5 ft aura of positive energy, which generates +1d4 points of positive energy damage per round (which heals many living creatures). This aura generates bright illumination in a 30 ft radius, which counts as natural sunlight.

For the spell’s duration, when making attack rolls against any creature with the evil subtype, you roll 2d20 and take the better of the two rolls. If performing a skill that would directly result in saving an intelligent life (such as a Heal check to stabilize a dying man, or an Acrobatics check to cross a burning room to rescue a trapped victim) you roll 2d20 and take the better of the two rolls.

Cake for the Heart
School transmutation (good) Level alchemist 2, bard 2
Casting Time one standard action
Components V, S
Range touch
Duration 1 minute/level                     
Saving Throw FORT negates (harmless) Spell Resistance Yes (harmless)  
Nothing warms a moe girl’s heart like cake! This spell conjures a fabulous selection of lavishly decorated, stunningly sweet and brilliantly colorful deserts on an assortment of small fine china plates.

The cakes for the heart last for the spell’s duration and than wink out in a flash of sparkling light if not consumed prior to that. There are enough cakes for the heart to affect a one creature/two caster levels. Those who eat the cakes, as a full round action, receive a +1 morale bonus on all saving throws for the spell’s duration, plus one effect chosen from the following list. These effects last for the spell’s duration.

Cherry: +2 morale bonus on FORT Saves versus death effects and negative energy effects
Chocolate: +1 morale bonus on melee attack rolls
Colored Frosting: Acid Resist 5 (green), Cold Resist 5 (blue), Electricity Resist 5 (yellow), Fire Resist 5 (red) Pleasure Resist 5 (pink)
Coffee: +2 morale bonus on Initiative checks
Lime: +2 morale bonus on saving throws against illusion effects
Nuts (various): +2 morale bonus on Drive and Pilot checks
+2 morale bonus on Perform (sexual) and Perform (dance) checks
Strawberry:  +1 morale bonuses on ranged attack rollls

Catgirl Overload
School conjuration (calling) Level bard 6, cleric 6, sorc/wiz 6, summoner 5, witch 6
Casting Time one full round action
Components V, S, M (a rather ecchi catgirl magazine, worth 20 gp/DC 4)
Range close (25 ft + 5 ft/level)  
Duration one round/level                   
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
Need more catgirls in your life? Instantly? Like a delivery of rambunctious half-felines from heaven, which appear with a chiming of collar bells and a chorus of pleasant meows? Then cast catgirl overload, stand back and watch the chaos.

Catgirl overload functions identically to summon monster or summon nature’s ally. When you cast this spell, you can summon up to 2 units worth of catgirls, which are built using the various Nekomusume statblocks found in Black Bestiary I and Black Bestiary II. The units you may choose from include. The GM may also substitute Nekomusume NPCs of similar power levels if they don’t have one or more of these sourcebooks.
·         Unit A: 1 Assault Witch Strike Kitten (variant creature – BB2)
·         Unit B: 1 Smilodon Risk Catgirl (BB2)
·         Unit C: 1d2 Pettanko Kittens (BB2)
·         Unit D: 1d4+1 Feral Nekomusume (BB1)
·         Unit E: 1d6+2 Free Nekos (BB2)

Special: If cast by a Nekomsume or other feline Anthro, the caster may summon up to 3 units worth of catgirls, rather than 2.

Final Form
School necromancy (chaos) Level alchemist 6
Casting Time one immediate action
Components V, S
Range medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Duration instant                                
Saving Throw FORT negates Spell Resistance No
A fallen monster is reincarnated, more powerful and dangerous than before, emerging from a pulsing column of black light as a heavily armored behemoth of jagged planes and uncanny angles. The resulting creature is hauntingly beautiful and staggeringly deadly, especially to exhausted adventurers who thought they’d slain the creature already.

When you cast this spell, you return one creature that cannot have PC class levels, and which has been slain or destroyed within the prior round to life/existence. The creature returns to life/existence with full Hit Points, in a new form. The creature gains the Advanced simple template, as well as one of the following simple templates, chosen by the caster at the time of casting:
  • Advanced (second addition), Entropic, Fiendish, or Giant

Alternatively, you can substitute the Phallic Spear Technique feat and two Phallic Spear Mastery feats for the second template; the creature treats the Phallic Spear as a +2 magical weapon, and as a primary natural attack. The creature can make ititerative attacks with its Phallic Spear.

If the transformed creature survives the battle, it loses the two templates after approximately 24 hours, or after the creature next sleeps or rests.

Honey Rebuild
School transmutation (electrical) Level alchemist 5, sorc/wiz 5
Casting Time one hour
Components V, S, M (an inert POETICA android form, worth at least 5,000 gp/DC 23)
Range touch
Duration instant                                
Saving Throw None (see text) Spell Resistance No
This spell transfers a dying or recently departed soul into the waiting body of a POETICA android, the transfer accompanied by a storm of golden lightning. POETICA created in this manner have instantly recognizable golden hair, regardless of the default shade of the android body used in the ritual.

This spell functions much as reincarnate, save it transfers the subject’s soul into a POETICA chassis provided by the spellcaster. If the recipient identifies as male, over the next several hours, the POETICA’s body assumes masculine gender, producing a rare male POETICA. The recipient’s soul must be free and willing to return as a POETICA- if not the spell simply fails. The recipient’s soul chooses the POETICA’s job class. The recipient loses all existing racial traits and gains new POETICA racial traits; if the recipient has race specific traits or feats, they are lost and replaced with new traits and feats the recipient now qualifies for.

This spell will function on a subject that is currently dying (at 0 HP or fewer) if the recipient is willing, as well as on creatures dead up to one hour/2 caster levels when the ritual begins.

Horrorcore Transformation
School transmutation (chaotic, evil) Level cleric 7, sorc/wiz 7
Casting Time one standard action
Components V, S, M (a vial of virgin’s blood)
Range personal  
Duration 1d4 rounds + special              
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
You undergo a horrific and violent transformation, becoming a gigantic, hideously deformed avatar of murder, rage and carnage. While so transformed, you under go the following physical changes:
·         Your size increases to the next size category (Medium creatures become Large).
·         You gain a +20 ft increase to your base landspeed.
·         You gain a +6 enhancement bonus to your STR and CON scores, exactly as spells like bull’s strength.
·         You gain a +4 natural armor bonus to AC.
·         You gain Fast Healing 1 (good and fire).
·         You cannot speak, cast spells or use psionic powers, nor use abilities requiring patience or concentration, exactly as a barbarian’s rage.
·         You gain the Power Attack, Cleave and Great Cleave feats for the duration of the transformation.
·         You gain two claw attacks as primary natural attack forms (1d12+STR slashing plus Bleed 3, 18-20/x3). If you hit with both claws you may make a bite attack (1d10+STR piercing plus 1d6 acid, 20/x4) as an immediate action.

You remain in your horrorcore form for 1d4 rounds, but may extend this duration by your actions. Everytime you kill an opponent with HD at least equal to your own, you extend the duration of the effect by +1d4 rounds. This increase is cumulative and does not have a cap. You may not return to your normal form until the spell’s duration expires, the spell is dispelled or you are slain.

Life’s Resurgence
School conjuration (good, healing) Level cleric 5
Casting Time one minute
Components V, S, DF, M (seven pieces of Yurei Kosodate-Ame candy, worth 1,750 gp/DC 20 total)
Range touch
Duration instant                                                                          
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
When Life’s Resurgence is cast upon a willing undead creature, the eerie candies that are the spell’s material component flow around the undead like a thin sheet of pinkish crystal, while the chiming voices of ghostly children fill the air with song, a spectral chorus.

At the spell’s climax, the undead creature returns to life as a creature of its original race, as if returned to life via raise dead. The undead creature returns to life with the alignment and moral outlook it possessed at the moment of it’s death and transformation into undead. As an undead subject must be willing to undergo this spell, life’s resurgence offers no saving throw. If the undead is under any form of compulsion or enchantment, the spell fails.

Campaign Setting Note: If this spell, or it’s augmented version, ever ‘crossed over’ into the Otherverse America Campaign Setting, it would transform an affected Neverborn into a baseline human, despite the fact Neverborn began their existences as undead, and were never truly living humans. It’s up to the gamemaster if other exotic undead are affected in a similar manner.

Life’s Violent Resurgence
School conjuration (good, healing) Level cleric 8
Casting Time one standard action
Range close (25 ft + 5 ft/two levels)
Saving Throw WILL partial (see text) Spell Resistance Yes
Take the generosity of spirit and merciful absolution of the life’s resurgence spell and focus it, hone it, transform it into a weapon. Life’s violent resurgence functions similarly to life’s resurgence, save that it can affect unwilling undead who fail a WILL Save. On a successful saving throw, the undead suffers 8d6 points of positive energy damage, which may be enough to destroy it outright. The spellcaster may choose not to inflict energy damage upon an undead who resists this spell.

Parade of Gory Deaths
School necromancy Level cleric 9, sorc/wiz 9, witch 9
Casting Time one standard action
Components V, S, M (the skull or preserved entrails of a celebrity murder or suicide victim, worth at least 5,000 gp/DC 23)
Range touch
Duration one round/level                   
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
When this spell is cast, the subject’s skin takes on an unhealthy pallor, and trickles of blood dribble from their eyes, nostrils and sex organs. A rattling cough settles into their chest and they become half alive, and subject to the brutal whims of fate, subject to ultra-violent death after ultra-violent death after ultra-violent death. However, with a little creativity, the subject can use their dead selves in some pretty creative ways, as for the duration of the spell, they instantly return to life within seconds of each overkill.

For the spell’s duration, the subject becomes immune to ability score damage and drain, negative energy, level loss, death effects, disease, poison and fear. However, the character’s maximum HP total becomes 1 for the duration of the spell, and the character is slain at 0 HP! The character dies very easily, but returns to life, with a single HP in a perfect duplicate of their original body, at the next initiative count. Thus if the character is slain at Initiative 10, they resurrect at Initiative 9, could be killed again at Initiative 6 and resurrect again at Initiative 5 and so forth. The duplicate body is a perfect duplicate of the subject’s original form, retaining acquired traits like scars, tattoos, bionics, grafts, ongoing diseases (though they do not affect the character during the spell’s duration) and so forth. The character’s equipment remains with their original body: all resurrected bodies are nude.

All bodies created by this spell, and the subject’s slain original body are considered instant effects, and remain after the spell’s duration expires. These remains can be used: as cannibal food sources, sources of replacement organs or donated tissue, or even gory building materials. Cybernetics, grafts and symbiotes recovered from a slain subject are non-functional.

Once per round as an immediate action, when the subject subject is slain while this spell is in effect, he or she can name any 1st level abjuration, conjuration, evocation, necromancy or transmutation spell. The subject’s cartoonishly violent and bloody demise duplicates the effect of this spell, often in an especially gruesome fashion. For example, gallons of hyper-pressurized blood spurting from a decapitated neck might function as grease; a ruptured bladder splashing urine functions as hydraulic push, or a bunch of rats chew their way out of the corpse’s stomach to duplicate summon nature’s ally I. All these effects end when the spell’s duration expires, if they do not end sooner.

When this spell ends, the subject gains a permanent negative level, from the sheer emotional and metaphysical trauma of being massacred so many times, in so many creative ways.

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