Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Furry Weekend

Well, guys two major new furry releases just hit on First up, Fursona Unleashed, the long and patiently awaited revision of the Fursona system to the modern Pathfinder Role Playing Game ruleset is complete!

Fursona Unleashed topped out at 107 pages and as you can see feature one of the nicest covers Anthony Cournoyer has ever provided for me. I'm currently working on a bestiary specific to the implied backstory for the Anthros presented in this book, as well as an expanded grimorie/magic item book. I already have a ton of usable art for both, and I'm actively writing both books right now. I'll do more work on one, or both sourcebooks, later this evening, after I post this.

Probably the currently-unnamed 'furry bestiary' first, because I was really really impressed with Dreamscarred Press' Psionic Bestiary, and the way it expanded upon the possibilities of their core psionics book. Like Psionics Unleashed, this sourcebook adds a new rules element to the game, and I want to build a specific monster book that takes full advantage of that new rules element.

Second, Keith McBlane has just put up a print edition of his wonderful and highly popular Fursona 5E sourcebook! The first Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition product we've produced now has a print option!

So no matter what your preferred game system is, you're going to have some furry heroes to keep you company this week. Enjoy!

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