Sunday, April 9, 2017

Now Available: Horrors of the Lifechain Volume II

Hey, just wanted to warn everybody that Horrors of the Lifechain Volume II is now available for sale at I just added the file about five minutes ago. Go buy it if you need some nasty space beasties in your campaign.

This was an interesting book for me because of one reason: It marks my upgrade to a slightly less outdated layout program! After nearly a decade using Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, I finally made the switch to Adobe Indesign CS2. Yeah, CS2 is only a few years more current than Pagemaker, but those few years of programming evolution makes a difference. Earlier this year I upgraded to a new laptop running Windows 10 and Pagemaker wasn't playing very nicely with my new operating system. Images were coming out pixaleted, text was muddy, and there were occasional glitches.

I don't begrudge it because I'd been using Pagemaker nearly 20 years after Adobe stopped supporting the program and like I said, got nearly a decade of use out of the program. (Best $40 I ever spent was picking that disk up used.)

So far, I'm liking CS2 a lot. Horrors of the Lifechain Vol II was a fairly simple PDF but it came out looking about as good as any of my Pagemaker releases, so I'm at a baseline level of competence with the program already. And though Horrors didn't include any charts (which are the bane of my existence) I did a few test PDFs with charts to make sure I got the hang of that aspect of the program down as well. I'll only get better as new releases roll on, and I've got another few projects on deck.

Talk to you soon, and let me know what you think of the new layout!

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Andrew Antolick said...

Hello Mr. Field it has been sometime.

I've finished Fursona Unleashed and HotLC vol 2, both solid entries. Is there anything I can write for the APEX sourcebook or Endara Campaine setting?

If you want to vent about a post election Texas, I'll lend an ear.

Andrew Antolick