Monday, May 22, 2017

Out Today: The Heavy Grimorie

Well, I just uploaded The Heavy Grimoire to It went on sale for $6.66 just because the faux-shocking early 80s pop-culture Satanism references in the book made the price point feel really appropriate.

The book topped out at 115 pages of neat new spells and magic items. It's the second book I've published with my (relatively) new Adobe Creative Suite 2 program, and I'm learning a few new tricks. I was playing around with a new look for section and paragraph headers that I think came out fairly attractive.

Next up, the as-yet-nameless LUCHADORES IN SPAAAAAACE book I'm working on with John Picot. After that, expect a Choicer magic item book for Otherverse America, as well as a few generic magic item books and then the big, consolidated Psi-Watch Bestiary. I'm getting in some excellent art for that book, and I'll preview some next time.

Blessed Be,

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