Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Infinite Space: Warp Speed!

Well, I just completed and posted my first Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible release. In this case, I released Warp Speed! which was a pretty ambitious expansion of the Starfinder starship creation rules. I decided to release it through Louis Porter Jr's storefront with the understanding the content will be collected with other Starfinder content for eventual Print on Demand release. 

So far, Warp Speed! has been extremely well received. Currently, Warp Speed is at #7 on the small press sales list and #12 in terms of over-all sales. I'm hoping it goes Copper by the weekend and continues to do well. I decided to release the book through Louis mostly because he's better equipped to publish POD content than I am, and because he's already had some decently selling products under the Starfinder Comparability Logo. That license is a bit more restrictive than the Pathfinder Comparability Logo, which in turn is far more restrictive than the do-anything-you-want OGL that I publish most of my content under, as my products tend to be a little more adult than anything Paizo wants associated with their official licenses. I've already been talking about some other Starfinder products to follow up Warp Speed.

In other news, I'm midway through the layout for Cosmic Toybox! That book is coming out wonderfully, and I'm able to lay out a very attractive book with a mix of commissioned art and stock art that has an 80s, toyetic, science fantasy vibe. Last night, I laid out the entirety of the magic items and artifacts chapter. Tonight I do the spells, the aftermatter and make a final editing pass. The book should be up for sale Friday or Saturday! It'll include all the 80s toyline inspired magic items I talked about a few posts ago, as well as a ton of new Anthro spells and gear.

I've gotten about a quarter of the final images I commissioned for Enchantments of Black Tokyo, and that book will be coming out in a couple weeks. More on that next time, along with some art. I'm posting this during a lunch break at work, so no art preview yet.

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