Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Book: Choicer Magick Book One

This morning as soon as I got off work, I put together a small sourcebook. I've been doing bigger, more art heavy sourcebooks these days, and I wanted to up my release count and put out something fast, punchy and fun. I also wanted something I could illustrate with art on hand, and not have to commission a bunch of new stuff for.

The end result is a little under 30 pages of spells specifically for Otherverse America! As the title suggests, I plan future books of Choicer Magick, at about the same length, as well as Lifer specific spells, probably under the title "Pentecostal Miracles" unless somebody suggests something better.

I'll eventually collect all these books, along with a collection of magic items and occult archetypes and similar content, as I did with Enchantments of Black Tokyo. So now that Choicer Magic Book One is up, look for a few longer and another couple of mini-sourcebooks soon.

Blessed Be,


Andrew Antolick said...

The following rough list of APEX spell ideas:

Freedom Fried: Creates a fried food to eat or as a projectile of heated grease and sugars.
Find Injured: Locates injured people that are hidden or out of sight.
Dull Interest: Become unnoticed by anyone while walking past.
Denial Bolt: Damages Choices and Lifers by attacking their faith.
Can of Pop: Turns a carbonated beverage into a flashbang or distraction.
Hatescrub: Dispels hostile feelings with small milky pink orbs.
Idolbreak: Damages a structure or construct that is tied to Choicer or lifer faith with smoky orange bolts.

Bulk Buy Bots: Summons four Hammerhead Patrol Androids for help or standing guard.
Motor City Muscle: Augments the target into a heavy borg with a car theme.
No Coding Black: Supply of medical resources keeps pace with the amount of patients.
Faking Flames: Turns fire into harmless holograms
Machocull: Deals double damage to alpha male/patriarch/old white man types with inky blue-yellow blasts.

Faith Free Zone: Dampen down Choicer and Lifer abilities, as well as any chance of argument.

Cone of Comments: Deal acid and sonic damage with digital vitriol.
Stormalong’s Coat: A telekinetic windstorm protects you.
Corporations as People: A new corporation is converted into a humanoid sentient.
Cross Time Shopping: Enter a store that sells equipment from all over the multiverse at a reduced price.
The Other F Stick: Deploys a weapon of mass empathy and calming.
We the People: Empowers a local population with minor superpowers.
APEX Aquila: Assembles an APEX Hovercarrier from scrapyards.

Any suggestions?
PS what will happen to the Nanofeasters in your new books?

Chris A. Field said...

Dude, those are cool. Do you want to actually write the sourcebook for me? Send me an email at chrisfieldotherverse@hotmail.com and we can negotiate a rate. It won't be lavish, but I'd be perfectly willing to pay you.