Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Black Tokyo: The Mixed Bag

Alright, Black Tokyo is out, and has been so for coming up on two weeks now. During that time, we've got alot of contraversy and some great sales. Looking over the sales figures with Mark, Black Tokyo hit sales numbers that takes a normal Skortched Urf product almost a year to reach within the first two weeks, so awesome. More importantly, there's alot of fans out there who have bought and really seem to get a kick out of this kinky little game supplement. There's even a online game of Black Tokyo getting spun up on, and I hope everyone involved has a good, long running campaign. To all you guys and gals outthere, enjoy the game, and may all your hits be crits.... even if you're hitting with your 20 ft long prehensile, combat penis.

On the down side, Black Tokyo has got some of the harshest criticism of my writing career. Some of it's a bit harsh, but there's alot of validity there. Mark and I'll be looking at layout, some of thedesign elements a bit more closely on future releases. Some of the reviews seem excessively negative, probally in reaction to the subject matter and some of the sheer vitriol of the posters just shocked me.

One of the biggest criticisms (which I can't really agree with) was that some of the reivewers felt they didn't get their money's worth. Now, at 13 bucks for 175 pages of dense gaming goodness, I can't agree, but with that in mind I've decided to release the almost equally large D20 Decade the 1980s as a bargin PDF. I was initially planning to price it over 10 dollars, but I've decided to release the supplement at around half that cost. That way, gamers get another 170 pages of cool 80s flavor and new rules elements for the cost of a couple of comics (or two gallons of gas). Anyway,D20 decade should be out soon, and hopefully, it'll be well recieved.

Right now, I've sent off a first draft of the Otherverse America setting to a bunch of other game designers I've worked with to get their input on the setting. Anyway, while I'm waiting to hear back, I've decided I'll play with the D&D toolbox some more. I really enjoyed doing the Adventuer Essential line with Mark,and I've got a new respect for the Craft Wondrous Item feat as a result, since I can make a bunch of really cool stuff with it. I'm working on a pair of new ADV ESS pdfs, which I'll send Marks way when I'm done. Right now, I'm working on barding, saddling, and riding gear, with a look at fantasy undergarments when I'm done with that.

D20 Fantasy is a nice break from doing more adult oriented, politically heavy projects like Otherverse America since I can just cut loose, throw some stuff together and have, for lack of a better term, 'goofy fun." I don't have to be as serious.

Speaking of having fun with Fantasy, a few months ago I was recommended the ElfStones of Shanara by a friend. Turns out the book was pretty horrible, so I can't really pass the recommendation on. Just read Lord of the Rings, you'll get the same effect.

Anyhow, the novel did get me thinking of how wizards were portrayed in LOTR and the Elfstones and the differences between Gandalf and Allanon and the typical D&D mage. With that in mind, I cobbled together a new 20 level core class, called the Wizard of Shadowfall over a lazy weekend. The WOS is alot tougher, more competent and a bit higher power than a standard wizard- he's good with a sword, has a host of useful skills, and can pretty much cast minor spells at will. Pound per pound, the WOS can kick a regular single classed Wizard's ass, but is bound by some serious in game restrictions on working powerful magic, bringing the D&D spellslinger closer to the 'facts' of wizardry laid down by authors like Tolkien and Brooks.

In any case, the WOS is a character concept I came up almost purely for my own pleasure, so it's a real joy that this guy has been picked up for distrubution. Anyway, I think WOS will sell well, and the art should be stellar as always.

Its ironic, at least to me, that since I consider D20 Modern my 'real job' and D2o Fantasy my 'working vacation' that anywing with a D20 Fantasy label on it will do much bigger numbers than anything set for D20 Modern or Future. I've always perfered sci-fi for my fiction and gaming, which is odd considering how I make my money. It goes back to my childhood- I always bought the Space and Town Legos, never the Castle stuff.

After a few D20 fantasy projects, it'll be back to the cyberpunk grindstone.

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