Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick Post Before Work

The D20 Decade: 1980s will be coming out tonight or tomorrow, which is good. Black Tokyo continues to sell well, which is better. I went to the cheapie little pawnshop next door to my house and bought a used Playstation 2 and Final Fantasy X-2, which is better. And having some money in my pocket from the sales of Black Tokyo, I've started sending 'love notes' to my favorite artists on Deviant Art, seeing if any of 'em would be willing to do some art for me, which is best of all.

Of course, I just noticed a new review which criticized Black Tokyo for "not being like Ghost in the Shell or Armitage III" on ENWorld. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees; I'm personally hoping the reviewer is fairly young and new to anime, because he obviously didn't understand the differences between the genres. All anime is not just one thing and Black Tokyo is as far from cyberpunk as you can get. The review does spark my imagination though: what would a Bubble Gum crisis, GitS or Armitage styled cyberpunk D20 Future setting look like in my hands? I've always always enjoyed scifi....

Otherverse America is pretty cyberpunk, and owes alot of its genesis to my love of anime and comics, filtered through my political views and pagan beliefs. Still, it might be fun to do a cyberpunk setting without those signature elements, something more anime-inspired and generic (without being cheesily generic, if you know what I mean). I'd have to work pretty hard to top the old Fusion-engine Bubble Gum Crisis rpg, that's one of my favorite old RPGs, and I constantly reference it for inspiration.

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