Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Creativity Cycle

Right now, I'm putting the finishing touches on the post-apoc magic that Reality Deviant comissioned. I'm tentatively titling the setting "Slaughterhouse Earth", which has a cool, brutal feel to it. I'm having alot of fun, because Post Apoc stuff can be as ridiciulous as you want to make it, I can include really brutal, biting social satire, and vent my spleen at the world by basically blowing it up.

My writing process goes something like this. Right now, I'm working for Whataburger asa graveyard maintence guy- making better money than I was at a 'real job' ironically enough. I get off work between 7 and 9 am and go home and write till around 3 pm, when I finally crash. On my days off, I spend usually around 10-12 hours writing. It's funny. Even when I wasn't getting paid for it, I wrote just as much. There have only been a handful of days in the last few years when I haven't wrote, at least for a few hours.

The only time I'm not writing is when I'm up in Dallas/Denton with some friends for the Wizard World Texas con, which is the only time I see my best friend and his wife these days. Even when I'm on vacation, I feel sorta uncomfortable not writing- I try to get all my freelance assignments caught up before leaving. The only time I'm not writing hardcore is if I get a new videogame.... but that's pretty rare. the last game I bought was Final Fantasy X2, when my computer was down last month.

Anyway, I usually pop on a DVD to listen to I write or turn on the local hard rock station, C-101. I've been listening to a bunch of post apoc movies while I work on Slaughterhouse Earth: I just bought Grindhouse: Planet Terror (I'd already found a cheap copy of Death Proof- great flick) and Resident Evil: Extinction, I added that to Cyborg, Land of the Dead and, the Devil's Rejects and Colors... not post apoc, really, but tribal, distopian and violent, which fits the theme sorta. The whole project is about violence and terror, so I pop on some good, gory, ANGRY movies.

Anyway, while working on S.E. I've been picking up some of Louis Porter's stock art- some of the early superhero stuff he's put out- to decorate Psi Watch. I really like the art, which has a VERY strong early Image vibe, which is exactly what I'm going for in a cost effective way. I've been working on the color myself, a really garish, slick, metallic style which mimicks the early Image style of coloring. I've been having alot of fun with, I've lined up some more art from Anthony and Amanda, and I might end up putting out an open call for peices on I'd also like to liscense some existing peices from Deviant Art, but I haven't heard back from those cats n' kids yet, unfortunately.

Finally, I'm looking forward to my next projects. The first Otherverse Release, focuing on the Neo-Witch Covenant, a collection of cybernetically enhanced, neo-pagan pro-choice activists is in the design stages, and I want Amanda, with her intricate, feminine, detailed style to take a stab at some of my designs.

Guide to the Known Galaxy will be coming soon. As soon as Slaughter House Earth is done, I'll do some more art and start buying stuff for it. Look for it in a month or so.

After that, I've just started researching another D20 Decade book: The Sixties. I like D20 Decade because it's a fast, easy project to put together, and I can do most of the image work with public domain and historical images,and I should be able to find a bunch of cool art for this one. Plus, this puppy will definately be a tribute to my mom and the stories she told me about the decade....

Talk to you later, I'll be going back to writing now....

And I'll sleep eventually.


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