Friday, April 18, 2008

Old Comic Book Day

It's been a pair of weeks since I last posted. Right now, I'm working on a post apocalyptic magic soucebook for Reality Deviant Publishing. So far, we've got 3-4 new player races, a half dozen new advanced classes (Here's a preview of some of their names, because a cool character class name is the most evocative part of the concept: Slatewiper, Romero's Legionnaire.) I'm including a bunch of new mutations, new feats, spells and gear as well as location details about two or three major regions on this one particular post-apoc Earth.

I'm waiting to get some $$$ together so I can start buying art for Psi-Watch, and once I get my wacom tablet set back up to start doing some more art of my own for Psi-Watch and Guide to the Known Galaxy. I realized how much I enjoyed doing D20 Decade: The 80s, slamming together a quick product in less than a month, with no financial outlay, and getting it out there to be enjoyed by the consumers.

Right now, since alot of the blogs I'm reading are doing comics articles, I thought I'd join the mix. I'm going to post some cool comic book covers: the covers so good I just had to pick up the comic. SOme of the comics beneath the pages may have sucked, but man, oh man, these are some of my favorite images.

Here goes:

This is the image that attracted me to Milestone Comics, a late and lamented imprint of DC which did some of the best superhero stuff of the mid-90s. I'd never heard of the team, or even of Milestone itself at the time, but this image slapped me upside the head from its place on the spinner rack. It didn't look like superhero comics: the only thing I had in my vocabulary to describe this was cyberpunk. Not the Gibson style of cyberpunk, but the wild and crazy, magic and mutants style of Shadowrun cyberpunk. I picked this issue up contents unseen, just on the strength of this awesome image.

this image of Daredevil came out when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I must have spent days tracing the image, putting my own superheroes into this pose, trying to capture the sheer power of the image. The story beneath combined genetic engineering, feminism, and 3rd string Marvel heroes. Basically Ann Nocenti brought together a Daredevil, Ultron, the Inhumans and a genetically altered sex-b0t into a story together, and it worked. How it worked, I don't know but I did really enjoy this arc.

You know how I mentioned sometimes the cover would be awesome, but what inside would suck. Here's an example of that. Storywise, I couldn't give two shits about Harbinger, or anything else Valiant put out, but this is such an evocative, cool image.

It's hard to narrow down the Lee and Silvestri era of X-Men comics to a single issue, but I've always really like this cover. The reavers never looked better than they do here.

Anyway, that's all I have time for today. I'll have to be skulking off to work. I'll be slaving away at my crappy real job, and than head home to do some work on the Apocalypse, and mabe some projects of my own. (I'm going through a serious release slump: I need to do some more quickie products like Advanced Classes or equipment books to get some more products with my name on 'em up on Rpgnow's front page. I'm not sure if I should do 'em as work for hire, and make some quick cash, or release 'em through Otherverse Games and build up my little company's catalouge. Not sure which would benefit me the most. Anyway, talk to you soon. )


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