Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Been a While....

It's been about a month since I've updated the blog, so just a quick note.....

With the release of 4th Edition, everything is currently in limbo for me....not to mention that the company I release most of my stuff with is currently on hiatus. Mark from Skortched Urf is in the process of moving, so alot of my Skortched Urf releases are on hold till that's finished. Hopefully things will pick up soon. I'm looking forward to the Wizard of Shadowfall and another couple of cool projects, including the badass looking Fantasy Firearms II.

I can sympathize. This month, I helped my mother move up to her retirement house in Kerrville TX, as well as helping my brother move in (temporarily) into my efficiency. He's moving up to San Antonio at the end of the month, but since his lease on his old place ended this month, he needs a place to crash in the interim.

I've finished up Guide to the Known Galaxy completely, and I'll probaly just coble it together and release it myself, using purely my art, since I'm a bit too broke to afford to commission more art. I've been shopping around Psi-Watch, and if you guys want to see it, drop Louis or Mark a line on their blogs and add some encouragement. I'm also doing alot of 3.5 fantasy stuff- with Wizards out of the 3.5 D&D game, I feel it's a stronger time than ever before for small companies like Otherverse, LPJ Designs and Skortched Urf to push their fantasy products. We're not competing with the big guys anymore- WOTC is off the board, and so are alot of first tier PDF producers who are now concentrating on 4th Edition.

I've got a line of 'race books', each focusing on about a dozen or so different thematically linked player races, which I'm shopping around. I've got two manuscripts, each about 15K words completed, one larger manuscript, focusing heavily on Half Orcs and other Monstrous Humanoids about 80% done, and a couple of more still in various design stages. One book focuses on the core fantasy races- Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings, while a second book focuses solely on humanity and human subraces.

Also, for various reasons, all of which are annoying, it looks like Slaughterhouse Earth might not happen, at least not with Reality Deviants. So game publishers and small press gaming companies: if you want to take a look at a 55K word magic/apocalyptic setting for d20 Modern, drop me an email. I'd be glad to unload this big ol' sourcebook for a reasonable price.

Anyway, I'll try to keep the blogging up to date, and look for some releases from me in a few days.
Talk to you later,

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