Saturday, January 24, 2009

Otherverse America is coming together!

Late Wednesday night, I finished the layout for the Otherverse America campaign setting. Epic undertaking does not begin to describe this. I used the layout and design lessons from Mil-Tech 09, which is my best looking project to date, and produced a very, very slick looking project.

The core sourcebook is around 320 pages, and covers ALOT of ground. In addition to the regular edition, I put together a no-art, printer friendly edition, which will be bundled with every purchase. The no-frills edition is around 200 pages of 12 pt, double column goodness.

I'm going to take a second look at everything this weekend, make sure the release is legible and than send it off for Mark to put up for sale. Look for this big, beautiful badass in a couple of weeks.

Oh, if you're interested, there's some new free material at our sales site.... follow this lovely little link:

I'll start working on the APEX and Federal Government sourcebook for Otherverse America soon enough. however, after the sheer effort of putting a 320 page core worldbook out singlehanded, I am a bit hungry for some quick, easy, punchy fun little products. I'll probally put together some fantasy releases and maybe another Free20 release, because those are always a good mental vacation for me... a perfect palate cleanser after a big project like Otherverse America.

Anyway, have a good one,


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