Sunday, July 5, 2009

Black Tokyo II In the Works

Right now, I'm gathering research and putting the initial outline for Outcast America together, but since I know it's going to be a big, lengthy project, I've been working on shorter, easier to put together mini-splats and short PDFs. I want to have a good release cushion while I work on Outcast America, especially since the Pathfinder release is imminent, and I want to have some products to release this August.

So amid some other projects, I've finally dug out the manuscript for Black Tokyo II and have begun working on it in earnest. Black Tokyo has been my best seller by a wide, wide margin, so it deserves some support, plus, it's just a fun thing to work on.

So let me just say this: Black Tokyo II is coming soon!



Alzrius said...

I look forward to seeing Black Tokyo II. That said, PLEASE have an editor look it over before you release it publicly. At the risk of sound self-promoting, I'd be willing to do it (I have editorial experience on d20 products) if finding one is too much trouble otherwise. But please get someone to edit the book; an extra pair of eyes checking for mistakes never hurt anyone.

Chris Field said...

Hell yeah.
We definitely won't have INTERIR ART by.... in huge 40 pt font on the first page this time.