Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shiftsteel Symbiont Artwork

Pretty, pretty pretty. Over to the left is the Shifsteel Symbiont racial illustration from the upcoming Psi-Watch.

Just a quick update:

I've added about 10K words to Black Tokyo II and will be sending the revised manuscript off to Mark. I've got a few more pieces from Amanda coming, as well as some really neat artwork already in the can.

I went back and added about 3K additional words to the Neverborn sourcebook, some last minute ideas that pick up some themes I'd placed earlier in the text. I've got the artwork in and I'll be laying out in a day or two. Expect this one in a couple of days.

Finally, artwork for Psi-Watch is trickling in gradually. I'll have everything in a few more weeks. Just today, I saw rough sketches for the Blooded Ghost player race and the Fuji-analogue race, as well as a sketch of one of the setting's major villians. He's a Blooded Ghost overlord, analogous to Helspont in the comics. I'll be using him as the center piece of a 'monster manual' supplement which I'll release shortly after Psi-Watch itself.

Anyway, enjoy your fertility rituals tonight,

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