Saturday, May 14, 2011

Art is trickling in....

Some of the last art for Otherverse America is slowly trickling in. I should have the book out within a few weeks! Anyway, as I'm waiting on art I've stayed busy. As you've seen over at RPGnow, I've put up several smaller PDFs- 10-15 pagers- for Psi-Watch, detailing various bits of cool equipment, I've also got a new advanced class on deck, and recently released "The Ancient's Armory" which is a nice collection of Pathfinder RPG equipment inspired by He-Man, one of my all-time favorite fantasy cartoons.

I've got some new Otherverse America material coming soon. I think I mentioned the Wiccae which are a pulp sci-fi version of Gerald Gardner's witch-cult theory. they'll be up soon and should be alot of fun. Right now, I'm working on a follow up to Coven of Bast entitled "The Techno-Magic of Bast". I'm only about 2k words into it, as I just started late last night, but this will be a fun tech book for Bastian characters. I might go back and re-tweak the Black Osiris Supersoldiers described in Coven of Bast a bit, expand their culture and give some roleplaying hints for the race.

I've also got another new player race for the setting. These guys are basically time travellers from the utopia that the year 3107- exactly one thousand years after the campaign began- gone back in time to 2107, to the worst of the war, to make sure their future gets built. I might release these guys first as a Free20 Product and later fold them into a follow up or revision of Guide to the Known Galaxy.

Both the Techno-Magic of Bast and the "Temporal Angels" will come out sometime after the core book does.

On the Pathfinder front, expect a short PDF of new familiar abilities, entitled Unfamiliar. It's going to be a fun, short PDF that'll be a nice companion to Fursona. Speaking of Fursona, I might end up doing a sequel or supplement. If you're interested, drop me a line in the comments here letting me know anything you'd like to see.

Finally, I'm sorta letting Pirates of the Bronze Sky simmer until Otherverse America comes out. However, I've already had a few ideas for the setting. I might add a couple of additional races to the campaign and add some more content to give it both more of a 'piratey' or 'early Industrial Revolution feel'. I'm also considering making it the ultimate in high-magic / magic as technology settings..... how would you feel either as a GM or a player about a setting where we cut the last digit off the price of all or some magic items? Instead of a magic sword costing 1000 GP, it'd cost 100? Nothing else changes, but magic of all kinds becomes WAY more common? Even the middle class can afford 'utility' magic items?

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