Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Email Address

My email account got hacked last week, and I'm abandoning

In the future, if you need to get in touch with me, go to I've sent a mass email to everyone I work with, if you get it, please send me a reply so I know I've got you in contacts.

In happier news, "The Wiccae" just hit at RPGnow, and I'm curious how it'll be received. Amanda, Felipe and Alex Garcia should have the last of the Otherverse America artwork in soon, and my biggest and coolest release of the year should be out soon! Finally, I'm working hard on the revised draft of Pirates of the Bronze Sky- I've already added a few new factions- a sky-spanning prostitute's guild and something like the Boxer Rebellion going on in the setting's Fu Manchu flavored China-analogue, as well as a bunch of new gear. I'll post some previews and design notes on PotBS pretty soon.

Blessed Be,

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