Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Release of 2012: DONE!

Hey, I just sent over what will be the first release of 2012 to Mark Cathro. Cityscapes will expand on the settlement construction rules in the Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide. Originally, I had started writing out settlement qualities for the towns and cities of my Endara campaign setting; the Game Mastery Guide settlement qualities just didn't cut it!

I knew I would need more options, more depth to make Endara work like Eternia worked in the classic Filmation cartoons. The GMG rules worked well, but they were too basic. So I set about trying to expand 'em, and about 500 words into the thing, realized this would make a better stand alone release than a part of Endara. Expect Cityscapes to be referenced LOTS in my 2012 Pathfinder Products- elements of this will show up in Black Tokyo Legends as well as World of Endara and whatever other fantasy stuff I put out this year.

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