Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Upcoming Projects: Fursona III and Races of the Tatakama

I'm getting some art trickling in for some products that will either be the last Otherverse Games releases for 2011, or among the first of 2012's crop.

Shown here are the cover illustration for Fursona III, by Amanda Webb. This book will focus on using Fursona-built characters, and including Furry heroes in modern and sci-fi settings. There's going to be a HEAVY, HEAVY emphasis on porting Furries to Otherverse America, as that wonderfully pro-choice tigress can attest.

Next, we've got a bunch of black and white images of some of the races described in Races of the Tatakama, by Anthony Cournoyer. This kick-ass sourcebook will convert some of the coolest races from the perverse, hentai-inspired Black Tokyo campaign world to the Pathfinder RPG.

I'm also waiting on some character and location artwork for Ghosts & Promises, an Otherverse America sourcebook focusing on the secret Lifer city out in the Alaskan wilderness.

Later on in the year or early 2013,
I want to release a full Pathfinder campaign setting inspired by the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. So far, every artist I've talked to about it has been excited, so it should be a fun project. More on that later, but expect a world book as big and comprehensive as Otherverse America was.

With that last project in mind, go here:

You can see for yourself why I want to do a MOTU-style world, and why my artists are so excited. Earl Norem's art (and the art of other freelancers working on MOTU) is simply beyond belief.

Also, I got a kick out of this story today.

Note that the Southern Baptist Church isn't talking about changing its behavior, or correcting some of the loathsome injustices that give people a (justifiably) unfavorable view of them. They just want to change their name and rebrand. Sorta makes me laugh, a sad, bitter little laugh.

Anyway, enjoy the art.
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