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Lifer Anthro: Pronghorn

One of my fans, Kodyax, has been asking me if I ever plan to include an anthro-specific version of Otherverse America, run using the Fursona system and a kind of military sci-fi version of all anthro fiction like Omaha the Cat Dancer or Usagi Yojimbo.

It's just such a bizarre idea it sorta appeals to me- you've got this super-grim setting about abortion, terrorism and religious warfare but the protagonists are cute fuzzy river otters or something.  I've actually got an idea in the back of my mind how to run a setting like that (plus keep it true to the themes driving OA) and one day I might release it as Otherverse America: Lions & Lambs. However, it is such a radical departure from the other stuff I've done, and somewhat a distraction from larger projects like Black Tokyo Unlimited, Endara and future Otherverse releases I want to get to first, like a San Francisco citybook (including the Taker of the Unborn adventure I previewed a few blog posts ago), a comprehensive cyborg book and a Boston citybook.

That said, my upcoming Lifer Army Book will include new statblocks using all sorts of content, including stuff not originally built specifically for Otherverse America. I've included at least one Lifer Modern Spellcaster and may include more, and I'm including a few Lifer anthros, built using Fursona. When I eventually do the corresponding Choicer Army Book, expect a few pagan anthros there too. I'm treating Anthros in OA as basically another breed of genetically enhanced supersoldier, just one more powerful and cool thing the players can be if they want. Most of 'em have their origins in Sanger Genomics, Kodiak Island or the Patriot Medical center at Atlanta.

So here you go, a Lifer supersoldier built as an Anthro: Pronghorn.

Lifer Combat Anthro: Pronghorn (CR 10)
Medium Humanoid (Anthro- Order: Capricornis)
Fast Hero 3, Powered Hero 7

Init +3 Senses lowlight vision
Languages English

AC 25 (+3 DEX, +6 class +6 equipment)
HP 72 hp (3d8 +7d10 + 20 hp)
FORT +8 REF +7 WILL +2
Resist Cold 1
Weaknesses -4 racial penalty on FORT saves against thirst or environmental heat ; -6 racial penalty on Disguise checks

Spd 40 ft
Melee +11 horns (1d6+2 slashing, 20/x2)
            +14 unarmed strike (1d6+5 bludgeoning, crit 20/x2, automatic crit when inflicting non-lethal damage)

Ranged +12 Mossberg shotgun (2d8 ballistic, crit 20/x2, 30 ft range increment, single shot, 6 round internal mag)

            +13 Farrar 5.7 mm SMG (2d8+1 ballistic, crit 20/x2, 40 ft range increment, full auto, 60 round box mag)

            +12 frag grenade (5d6 slashing, 20 ft burst radius, 10 ft range increment, DC 15 REF half)

Special Actions Hoof Stamp (30 ft radius, all targets must succeed at DC 16 REF Save or be knocked prone and suffer 1d6 points of subdual damage)

Str 18 Dex 17 Con 15  Int 12 Wis 9 Cha 11
Base Atk +9 CMB +13 CMD 27
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Combat Martial Arts, Brawl, Knockout Punch, Powered Hero Plus, Run
Feats Acquired via Gunslinger I Talent: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Burst Fire,  Double Tap, Point Blank Shot, Strafe and Two Weapon Fighting
Starting Occupation CFL Kid
Starting Talents Ultra-Specialized (receives competence bonus on Stealth checks equal to total number of Powered Hero talents, currently +6)

Talents Increased Speed I-II, Gunslinger I-II, Peak Human I-III, Healing Surge
Skills Climb +14, Drive +5,  Jump +12, Knowledge (tactics) +11, Perception +9, Stealth +13, Tumble +13
Gear Farrar 5.7mm and 4x spare magazines, Mossberg shotgun and 24x shells, 2x frag grenades, rations, survival gear (bedroll, canteen, 1-2 days rations)        

            “Soldiers are born, not made! Please join our geneticists and military foster families in welcoming a beautiful new baby rescuer to our ranks! Baby boy “Pronghorn” was born yesterday at 0001- you can watch him take his first steps on the Helix73 Mesh Channel and soon you’ll be able to follow his training, along with his brothers and sisters in the rescue at the Babies Savin’ Babies Mesh Channel. Pronghorn is an absolutely adorable sheep-baby, one of our “Lambs of the Pre-Born” series of hybrid warriors.”
            -Birth Announcement promulgated throughout Kodiak Island’s mesh, Summer 2090.  

            Pronghorn was force-grown in a Kodiak Island womb tank, bred to be the ultimate Lifer supersoldier. His augmented genome was liberally laced with goat, antelope and sheep DNA, making him visibly inhuman from the moment he was decanted. Cloaked in a wooly white and tan pelt, the muscular Pronghorn stands well over seven foot tall, and weighs twice as much as a big human. A pair of thick, gnarled horns rise from his forehead- these black spikes can dent ballistic armor, as more than one overconfident Choicer has realized to their chagrin.

            Pronghorn’s eyes are strikingly blue against his white fur, and his reverse articulated legs can deliver a punishing, super-human kick. In battle, he wears a production line set of tactical body armor; his back dominated by an airbrushed portrait of a little human girl hugging a lamb and the slogan “All Animals Have a Right to Life”; Pronghorn is a dedicated vegan. He carries a shotgun and a Choicer-built submachine gun, taken as a battle trophy and beloved above all other guns. He is a superhumanly adept shot with either weapon.

Campaign Use

Pronghorn is often assigned to Moonshot’s squad, and the sheep-human hybrid has blossomed under Moonshot’s leadership. Despite his genetic aptitude for gun violence, Pronghorn is surprisingly mellow, and has mastered multiple ‘less-lethal’ fighting styles. In battle, Pronghorn is an efficient and merciless gunslinger against armed and armored Choicer military targets, but prefers to headbutt mouthy Choicer civilians or local Covenant cops into unconsciousness rather than going for his guns.

            Knowing little other than the rescue, Pronghorn is none the less fairly level headed and non-confrontational. His great size gives him the enormous confidence that enables him to turn his back on cruelty. He’s proud of his augmented strength and superhuman anthro physique, but is nowhere the bully or psychopath that Comstock is. Moonshot and the other moderate rescuers like and trust Pronghorn, and he’s one of the few CFL Kids on base trusted with solo missions. The young anthro has done black ops missions across Russia and Northern Europe- it was on one of these missions the young man acquired a Chocier-built Farrar SMG from a KOed Ásatrú, and the unconventional weapon has quickly become his favorite gun.

Special Abilties

Ability Push (EX)
Four times per day, as a full round action, Pronghorn can increase his DEX score by +2 and his STR score by +1 for up to one hour. Pronghorn’s peak human talents allow him to use his ability push ability more often and to greater effect.

In addition, if Pronghorn is suffering temporary ability score damage, he can expend a daily use of Ability Push to immediately restore the temporary ability score loss. While Pronghorn’s Ability Push is active, anytime he fails a saving throw or skill check that would result in his death or serious injury, Pronghorn may choose to may end the Ability Push as a free action. Doing so allows you to succeed at the saving throw or skill check, assuming success was ever possible in the first place.  

Cold Climate Adaptation (EX)
            Pronghorn is comfortable even in the coldest temperatures. He receives a +8 racial bonus on FORT Saves made to resist environmental cold.

            Gunslinger (EX)
            Pronghorn is genetically programmed to be a superhumanly excellent gunfighter, with an instinctive awareness of fields of fire. In any battle where firearms are used, either by Pronghorn, his allies or his adversaries, Pronghorn adds his WIS modifier as an insight bonus to his Armor Class/Defense score.

            This bonus is lost if Pronghorn is flat footed, helpless or otherwise unable to add his DEX bonus to Defense.

            Healing Surge (EX)
            Any time Pronghorn expends an action point for any reason, he also recovers 1d6 HP in addition to the normal effects of the action point. This healing effect cannot raise his HP above their normal maximum total.

Horned (EX)
            Pronghorn’s combat nickname is an obvious one. When attacking at the end of a charge with his natural weapons, his horns inflict double damage, or triple damage on a critical hit.

            Hoof Stamp (SU)      
            As a standard action, Pronghorn may slam one of his massive, cloven hooves down onto the ground, causing a localized earthquake, which affects all creatures within a 30 ft radius. Creatures in the tremor zone must make a DC 16 REF Save or be knocked prone, suffering 1d6 points of subdual damage in the process.

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